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The Road to Your Door by PadfootsGirl
Chapter 6 : A certain energy
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That Saturday morning the girls were all up and about fairly early. They were very excited about the ball that evening and had far too much to do to be lying in bed. As they went down to breakfast they noticed how quiet it was at 7:30 in the morning and everything still seemed a bit like a dream since none of them had woken up properly yet. As Lily looked around the Great Hall she was relieved that she didn’t have to be part of the decorating that day, appreciating how large the room really was.

Lily and James had been to a few meetings with the staff about the ball but were mainly responsible for finding out how many people where actually going and giving suggestions. The teachers and house elves would be doing all the hard work throughout the day and so, Lily could just sit back and enjoy herself.

“Come on Lils, what’s it going to look like tonight? I’ve been dying to know for ages!” whined Abby and Izzy nodded in agreement with their eyes both wide with excitement.

“I already told you, I honestly don’t know. James and I gave a few ideas and things but they haven’t told us what they’ve decided on. It’s as much a mystery to me as it is to you.” Said Lily for the hundredth time that week.

At that point the boys entered the Hall all looking rather worse for wear. They always did in the morning and Lily often wondered why they didn’t just go to bed earlier. Sirius however, perked up a bit when he saw Isobelle and gave her a cheeky wink that made her giggle.

“Hey Petal,” said James taking the seat next to Lily, “we were all going to go flying later, maybe have a small game of quidditch, do you want to come along?” Lily didn’t usually play quidditch but she did like to watch it. Most girls did when they saw how gorgeous the boys all looked in their robes.

“Not likely!” said Abigail laughing, “we’re going to be busy bunnies today and we can’t afford to fall behind on our schedule.” She added in a matter of fact way. The girls both nodded in agreement and the boys looked slightly puzzled as to what they could be doing all day. “The ball?” Abigail replied to their unspoken question, “We have to get ready.”

The Marauders all burst out laughing. How could it possibly take them all day to get ready? It would take them no longer than 20 minutes and that was including having a shower! Sirius looked at Lily like she was mad. They may have expected this from the Ditzy Dickson twins, but not from her.

Lily just looked up at them and said, “I know none of you have noticed but I am actually a girl.” And she stuck her tongue out at Sirius when he gave a small snort of laughter. Feeling rather insulted, she turned to the twins who knew that that was their cue to leave, and the glided out of the hall and back to their dormitory.

The girls had a wonderful day. They started by searching through every item of clothing in their trunks since they were almost the same size they could all swap and share. They put on magical face masked that made a loud *ping* sound when they were set and then fell off, painted each others nails (about 5 times each since they kept changing their mind on the colour) and looked through magazines at how to do their hair. They were completely relaxed and happy until around 7 o’clock when they realised that only had an hour left and still needed to do their make up and actually get dressed.

It was around this time that the boys also dragged themselves back up to their dorm after a long and tiring game. They took turns in the shower and pulled out their dress robes from the bottom of their trunks. There wasn’t really much more to it, except for James.

“Why-wont-it-just-stay-down!” he yelled at the mirror through gritted teeth. The others had all started getting changed and were laughing at him as he desperately tried to flatten his hair.

“Go ask Lily for help,” suggested Remus “girl’s know about that sort of thing.”

Scowling as he walked out, James trudged down the steps and went to go up to the girls dorm when the stairs fell from beneath him and he landed in a heap on the floor of the common room. The three girls all jumped as they heard the clatter but knew instantly what it was. A boy had tried to get up the charmed staircase. As Lily was the most presentable at the time, she ran down to see what was happening. As she poked her head around to see who it was she couldn’t help but laugh at James looking perplexed on the floor.

She reached out her hand to help him up but he didn’t take it. He sat on the floor staring up at her. She was still in her dressing gown that was a deep green and came to just above her knees. Her hair was pinned loosely up on her head with a few strands pull out, framing her face. James had never seen her like this “If she looks this good now,” he thought, “what’s she going to be like when she’s in the ball.”

“James,” she called to him for the fifth time, “hellooooo? What did you want?” she said laughing at him as he stumbled to his feet.

“I was er…just wondering if you knew how to make my hair go down, you know, being a girl and all.” He blushed as the words came out of his mouth. He felt like an absolute idiot.

She smiled and agreed. She had always wondered if his hair could be tamed and now she would find out. She tried a straightening charm, a relaxing charm, even a lengthening charm to see if the weight would pull it down, but none of them helped. She went to plan B and tried all her muggle mousses, gels and sprays but still to no avail. James just looked up at her silently as she worked. She was concentrating very hard and stuck her tongue out slightly as she tried each new idea.

“No, its no use,” she said after 10 minutes, “we’ll have to go to the other extreme.” James looked up at her questioningly. “If we cant make it neat, we’ll make it look like it’s meant to be messy.” She said triumphantly. She took a blob of gel in her hand and began to run it roughly through his hair. It felt amazing. James closed his eyes, savouring the sensation that only her touch could bring.

Lily was enjoying playing with his hair, it always had the look that made you want to run your fingers through it and it was as satisfying as she had expected. She caught sight of her watch though and jumped as she saw what it said. Only 20 minutes to go! “There you go Jamie, I’ve got to run or I’ll never get done myself.” And she quickly bolted back up the stairs leaving James feeling slightly empty.
“Come on you lot!” Sirius shouted up the girls’ stairs. All of the boys were waiting so that they could go down together but were getting rather fed up at the time it was taking.

Upstairs the girls were running around adding their final touches to their hair and make-up, trying to find Abigail’s missing shoe and repairing a chip to Lily’s nail varnish. “That’s it, “Lily said finally, “if we don’t go now, we’ll never get there!” The other sulkily agreed and followed her down the stairs.

The Marauders’ jaws all dropped at the sight that met them. They had never seen Lily look so beautiful. She had on a long satin dress that was a pale gold, almost champagne colour which made her hair seem even brighter and her warm skin sparkle.

Remus walked up to her and offered her his arm. “You look great!” he said smiling down at her with complete sincerity. She blushed slightly as she saw all the boys watching her and was glad when the twins made their entrance and the attention was divided. All of the boys looked very handsome in their dress robes and Lily could see that they had shirts and ties on underneath them.

“Oh James, you’re hair looks wonderful,” she laughed, trying to hide how gorgeous she thought he looked in his robes with his hair all messed up “Do tell me, who is your fantastic stylist these days?” but she didn’t receive a laugh back as she usually would. James was, yet again transfixed by her. She looked so stunning. He realised how stupid he must look staring like that and managed to say “You look…you look really, erm…good.” And mentally slapped himself for being such a fool.

The boys all sniggered at him and the whole group walked down to the entrance hall so that James, Peter and Abigail could meet their dates from other houses. When they arrived, Remus, Lily, Sirius and Izzy went in ahead of the others and sat down at a table that had a small lantern in the centre. Lily looked around and was filled with a warm glow. The hall looked almost like a courtyard. It was warm and bright with twinkling lights hidden in large hedges that seemed to have been sculpted into statues around the room. Marble pillars with grape vines wrapped around them also stood tall at the edges of the room, which looked very grand. Lily could hardly believe that this was where she had eaten breakfast that very morning.

Once it appeared that everyone had entered, Professor Dumbledore made a quick speech congratulating his school and thanking the staff for all the effort that had gone into winning the award. Everyone clapped and cheered, this was something that the whole school could be very proud of.

When the dancing began, Remus took Lily’s arm and lead her to the dance floor followed my many jealous stares from the male population of the school which he laughed off. They had a great laugh dancing and talking and watching Sirius dance like a maniac. They even joined in with him for a while to see who could look the silliest, of course Sirius won hands down.

After a few songs though, Lily noticed a girl looking longingly at Remus from a nearby table. She smiled and pointed this out to him, quickly pushing him over in her direction. She could not help but laugh at the glare he gave her as she walked away to sit back at her table for a while. It was a beautiful evening and from what Lily could see everyone was having fun. Remus dancing with his new girl, Peter was talking to his date at one of the tables and Sirius and Isobelle seemed to be surgically joined at the mouth. She smiled to herself as she looked around to see the students having such fun and was greeted by many people walking past her who commented on how lovely she looked. Then she realised that someone wasn’t having a very good time at all, James looked completely bored. He was standing with a large group of girls, one being his date Madeline, who were all talking and giggling only acknowledging his presence every now and then by saying how gorgeous he looked.

Lily felt very sorry for him but her thoughts were interrupted as Sirius wandered over and sat next to her. “Where’s Izzy?” she asked him.

“She went over to talk to some friends so I thought I’d keep you company for a bit.” He said, but Lily could tell that that wasn’t quite the whole story and gave him a mock stern look that clearly said “Tell me the rest”

“Ok, well I was going to go with her but I kind of already ‘know’ some of her friends if you get my drift?” he said sheepishly.

Lily looked over to the group and laughed. Sirius must have been out with every single one of them. No doubt he would have been torn to pieces if he had gone over there. “Come on then Lily-pie, I want to dance with you, best looking guy and girl in school, its only right.” He laughed and dragged her to the dance floor as a slow song began to play.

Remus looked over at the two dancing and laughed at how odd it looked. Sirius was a very good dancer Lily noticed but he couldn’t help but draw attention to himself by dramatically twirling her around or lowering her into a dip every now and then. Lily didn’t mind though, she thought it was great fun and couldn’t stop laughing.

In the meantime however, James was glaring at them from the other side of the hall. He felt as though the world was ganging up on him. Now two of his best friends had danced with the girl of his dreams and he was left with the bimbo patrol.

As the night drew on, Sirius and Isobelle had become inseparable again, Remus seemed to be getting on very well with the girl Lily had introduced him to and Peter and his date seemed to be in their own little world. Lily was happily wandering around and talking to different people when the last song was announced. She went to sit down at her table so that the couples could all go and enjoy it while she watched the beautiful scene from afar. What she wasn’t expecting was James as he tapped her on the shoulder and asked her to dance.

“Where’s Madeline gone though? It’s the last dance of the night you know.” She told him, very confused as to why he would ask her now.

“She’s erm, left early. Let’s just leave it at that shall we?” he smiled his cheeky grin at her and took her hand to lead her to the dance floor. As she put her free hand on his shoulder and he held her around the waist, they didn’t say a word. Neither of them could have if they had wanted to as they were lost in thought. They both danced together, holding the other close, not wanting the other to know how much they enjoyed it or how much it meant to them. A certain energy had surged through their bodies, a force that neither had felt before but desperately wanted to cling on to. They wanted to stay dancing forever.

“Lily,” James whispered in her ear and she looked up into those deep chocolate eyes, “I didn’t say this before but I should have. You look…you look beautiful Petal.” And with that the torches around the hall ignited once again and the final song ended. Lily and James just stared into each others eyes for a moment longer when the Marauders and twins walked back over to them to go back to the common room and broke their gaze.

Lily and James didn’t say a word to each other on the walk back to Gryffindor Tower, Remus was thanking Lily for introducing him to the new girl and James was listening to Peter go on about his new girlfriend. They went their separate ways when they reached the spiral staircases to their dorms and Lily hugged all of the boys goodnight in turn and thanked them for the dances. When she turned to hug James lastly they held each other noticeably longer than usual and Lily whispered into his ear, “Thank you James” before walking back up the stairs to bed.

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