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The Road to Your Door by PadfootsGirl
Chapter 2 : Going home
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Disclaimer- I do not own any of the Harry Potter series at all.

A/N- wow reviews already, thank you! I thought since it was already written I'd put the second chapter up fairly quickly to get the ball rolling and stuff so read and keep reviewing please if you havent already!
Oh and i havent re-read my first chapter but if it doesnt say, theyre at the end of 6th year and theyre going into 7th year for the rest of the story (thanks for that kaydee!)

James and Sirius stood waiting at the bottom of the stone steps outside the main doors as Remus helped Lily down to the car. She was still very sore from her fall and tired from all the potions she had been forced to take before leaving. A great black limousine was parked there waiting for them, luggage already stowed away insides. Lily was very thankful to have been given a lift home but inwardly groaned at the thought of being stuck in a stuffy car for hours with three of the four Marauders.

When they saw her coming Sirius and James climbed into the car first. Remus held the door open for Lily to take her seat but she almost fell with shock. Once inside the car she could see that it wasn’t like a car at all. It was almost like a lounge, and actually very similar to the Gryffindor common room with 2 squishy couches, a deep red carpet, paintings on the dark green walls and even a large blazing fireplace. Lily wasn’t use to this, even though she had been part of the magical community for 6 years now she had never been in a wizards car. She had never needed to! Remus reached out and grabbed her before she fell and she smiled weakly at him in thanks.

She hobbled over to the couch on which James was seated, remembering that they were trying to be friends now, and Remus joined Sirius opposite. The boys simply smiled at her as she looked around, absorbing every inch of the cars interior in awe. When her attention turned to the couches on which they were sitting however, she realised that she was being watched and blushed furiously. It was very difficult being muggle-born in the wizarding world and was often a source of great embarrassment. “What?” she asked in a small timid voice that was quite unlike her usually. Remus smiled at her, allowing himself a small chuckle before saying “It’s just sweet to see you so amazed. You still seem so surprised at everything after all these years.” Lily didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at this, was it a compliment or an insult? She felt rather uncomfortable sitting in this amazing car between three best friends.

Remus and Sirius where then led into a conversation about the muggle world and how fascinated they always were at seeing the different ways people manage to live without magic. Lily was relieved; she took this as a sign that none of the boys cared about her being muggle-born and so easily impressed.

She didn’t know it but James had been staring at her for the last few minutes. When she looked up and saw him he didn’t look away, he just smiled at her with his head cocked slightly to one side. “You still seem tired,” he said to her, “why don’t you put your feet up? Make yourself comfortable.” She had to admit, she was exhausted so she lifted her feet up and curled into a ball facing James. They began talking about the previous day and what had happened after she blacked out. James had explained that Malfoy had stunned her before she had retrieved her wand but he had stopped him after receiving a few nasty curses himself, with a full-body bind. Snape had meanwhile, been attacked by Sirius who was throwing every curse, jinx and hex he had ever learned in his life at him. Lily laughed at this with an image in her mind of a very mangled and mutated Snape, while James went on explaining that Professor Dumbledore had given Snape 3 weeks detentions at the beginning of next year but had not been able to punish Malfoy as he was leaving school anyway. The conversation went on from there as both described what they would like to do to “Stinking Snivellus” when they got back next year and told each other of past pranks that they had pulled on him, laughing hysterically at the memories.

Talking to James was quite easy and Lily was certainly having more fun than she had expected, but all the laughter and excitement had taken its toll on her and she began to doze off. She was so close to sleep that she barely noticed James get up from beside her and walk across the room where a large cabinet stood. When he returned he had a large fluffy blanket with him and draped it over her, quietly whispering that she needed her rest. Lily quickly fell into a well-needed sleep, not noticing as she did so that her head had now drooped from the head of the couch to James shoulder.

Sirius and Remus had stopped talking to look over at the other couch. When they did they saw Lily curled up underneath a blanket twice the size of her, snuggling up to James’ side and James looking down on her, just happily watching her sleep. They both snorted with laughter and James snapped back to reality, “Shhhh!” he said as he glared at the two of them as they both pointed and laughed as quietly as they could, not wanting to wake Lily.

“You must be really upset about that, Prongs,” sniggered Sirius sarcastically as he watched Lily shuffling closer to James in her sleep.

“Shut up,” James snapped as he blushed. He had always fancied Lily from a distance and his friends knew it but he had never thought he had a chance before, as Lily seemed to hate him. A flash of hope had now been re-ignited in his stomach but he certainly didn’t want to admit that to his friends. If he had though, he would have found that all of his friends had, at one point liked Lily in that way, them and every other boy in school. Remus had asked her for help a few times on homework when he really didn’t need it, just to be alone with her but had slipped into a close friendship quickly that he found he was perfectly happy with. Sirius had been prepared to ask her on a date one night before she had a given him a white fluffy tail and rabbit ears in revenge for an earlier prank. He had decided that she would be a great friend to have instead, two pranksters like that on a date would just be dangerous! Peter also had liked Lily but never kept crushes for long and so, had moved on to his next victim within a week or so.

James however, had always admired her beauty but been annoyed and angered by her pranks on him so often, he was forced to ignore it. Now they were behaving civilly with one another, even friendly, he could once again just sit back and admire how lovely she was. Her fiery red hair tickled his cheek as she moved and he desperately wanted to reach out and stroke it, it looked so silky. Her skin was creamy and untainted which made her look pure and innocent. He wanted to kiss it to see if it was as soft as it appeared. Her most amazing feature though could not be seen right now, her amazing emerald eyes. They were dazzlingly bright and sparkly, so full of life and optimism. James had avoided these eyes for so long, knowing that if he stared into them for long enough, he would not be able to break free. They were hypnotic. But now he wanted to, he wanted to search them and find out everything he could from them, gaze deep into her soul.

Yet again, he was jolted back to the present by Sirius and Remus who couldn’t contain themselves any longer. They were in hysterics, rolling around almost hanging off the couch. Lily started to stir now, nobody would have been able to sleep through that racket, and opened her eyes to see James scowling at the others who were now on the floor. “What’s so funny?” she asked through a yawn, lifting her head from what she now realised was James shoulder, “Oh sorry James, I guess you make a comfy pillow” she giggled, though inwardly she was blushing scarlet. Every girl in school would have killed her if they had known she’d fallen asleep on James Potter’s shoulder!

Lily’s question was never answered though as the car slowed to a stop. This startled Lily for a second as she suddenly remembered that they were actually driving and not back in the common room. Sirius and Remus began to calm down and hold their laughter as the door swung open and they could all see through the dark, the door to Lily’s home at the end of a gravel pathway. Lily’s house was very small; it was in fact the smallest in the whole area which apart from her home, was rather posh. Lily had moved there when she was 8 years old with her father and elder sister Petunia who had been 11 at the time.

Her mother had just passed away they had decided to move to a smaller house as money was very tight. This one was a great find as it was in such a lovely wooded area and surrounded by large, beautiful houses. Lily often wondered why her house had been built at all in such a place. It was also useful to her father as it was located near his sister Violet’s home who had looked after Lily and Petunia almost every day when they were younger, and was not too far away from both his jobs. He had been forced to take on a second job after Lily’s mother had died and so, had never been able to spend much time with them. Lily wasn’t bitter though. She was proud of her father and very grateful to him, for she knew the sacrifices that he had made for her and her sister. After all, life could have been much worse, Aunt Violet was a lovely woman who adored Lily and was thrilled when she had received her Hogwarts letter. They didn’t spend as much time together now though as they didn’t need anyone to look after them when her father was out of the house. Lily was 16 years old and very independent, and Petunia was now 19 and avoided Lily like the plague for fear of being cursed. She despised everything magical or “abnormal” as she described it, and was quite taken at the moment with her new boyfriend Vernon who seemed to Lily to be just as horrible as she was.

Lily cringed inwardly though, glad that it was dark so that the others could not see her tiny little house. She had been to Remus’ house a few times over the past summers so that they could get school work out of the way and generally catch up on what they had been up to. His house was a large with five bedrooms and beautiful high ceilings, always being redecorated to his mother’s latest fancy. Whilst there she couldn’t help but notice James’ house as it was the largest in the area. She had never been inside it but from the outside it was easily 4 times larger than Lily’s home, probably more. She had always wanted a house like his, it looked so grand yet welcoming and homely at the same time.

Remus knew that Lily’s family didn’t have much money and seemed to read her mind as she stared out upon her home. “Come on then Lil’s, lets get you inside safe and sound.” He smiled warmly and reassuringly at her. She felt slightly more comfortable as she was reminded that at least Remus knew and still liked her, though the other two were what she was worried about but she climbed out of the car nonetheless and the others followed.

“I’ll get your trunk,” offered James, and he disappeared around the back of the limousine while Sirius and Remus helped her up the path. This was quite unnecessary now as she insisted that she was feeling much better, but they insisted and James followed behind happily levitating her luggage to the door as they were now of age and could do magic out of school. She smiled at the three of them, realising that none of them had paid the slightest bit of attention to her house or garden, but just to her. She hugged them all in turn and thanked them yet again for their help the previous day, which seemed like an age ago by now. Lastly though she turned to James. “Thank you for the ride home as well, and thank your father from me too. It was so kind of him to get a car for us!” James assured her he would pass on the message and hugged her goodnight. The 3 Marauders turned to go back to the car as Lily stood waving cheerily at them and as they got there Sirius leant out and yelled “Hey Lily! Don’t think you can get away with ignoring us this summer. We’ll see you tomorrow or else!” The other two nodded in a mock stern way and with that the car disapparated leaving Lily grinning broadly. Maybe this summer would turn out to be a lot more fun than the others.

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The Road to Your Door: Going home


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