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Harry Potter and the Secret of Lord Seilftrist by Dreadnault
Chapter 5 : Chapter Five
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A/N: Just a quick note- my responses to all of your generous reviews may be viewed at the web site named in my profile.
As always, a great amount of thanks goes to LB Domingo for beta reading my chapters- also, one of you asked me a
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Harry Potter and the Secret of Lord Seilftrist


Lord Dreadnault

Chapter Five: Hogwarts

Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny were escorted to platform nine and three quarters by Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. They had
left Valahost Hall via the drawbridge and had portkeyed from the forest. It had taken Harry much longer to pack this year.
As normal, Mrs. Weasley had picked up all his supplies in Diagon Alley for him. Then there had been so many things that
he wanted to bring from the castle that it all wouldn't fit in his trunk. Dark detectors, numerous reference books, and some
rather curious magical artifacts.

Twinkle, the house elf, had solved the problem for him. She had shown Harry a storage room deep within the castle's
dungeons that had all sorts of odds and ends. There had been several trunks among all the junk. Harry had picked on that
was slightly bigger and more elegant than his old trunk. It appeared to be normal yet for some reason it could fit everything
with room to spare. If Harry had found enough time he would have tested to see if he could fit a lamp or another trunk
inside of it.

"This way!" Mrs. Weasley called. "Two at a time now, Ron, Hermione, you go first, Ginny, Harry you go second and we'll

Harry nodded and as soon as Ron and Hermione went through he and Ginny followed. They charged through the divider
and arrived on the platform next to the train. Harry noted that there was an unusual amount of Ministry officials around,
most likely due to Voldemort.

"We have to meet in the prefect's compartment quickly for instructions Harry," Hermione told him. "As soon as they're
finished we'll come and sit with you."

"Right," Harry replied, "I'll go and get us a compartment." Hermione, Ron, and Ginny walked off towards the front of the
train while Harry boarded and found an empty compartment. Hermione feels sorry for me, Harry noted as the train pulled
from the station. Well, wait until Dumbledore announces that I'm a member of the Hogwarts staff.

Several of the students that had been in D.A. last year stopped by and asked Harry what he knew about the new HADADA
class and whether or not he would be continuing D.A.. Harry managed to dodge their questions truthfully, and advised them
that they should just stick with HADADA.

Neville Longbottom had other reasons for stopping by Harry's compartment. "What can I do for you Neville?" Harry asked
cheerfully as Neville sat down.

"Hi Harry! Well, you know that since, You-Know-Who has come back to power I've been working very hard on my
Defense Against the Dark Arts skills and all that." Neville began.

Harry nodded, "You're doing great Neville."

"Only because you helped me the whole year last year. You're a very good teacher Harry. Anyway I wondered if you'd be
willing to sort of help me again this year even though we might not have D.A.." Neville continued.

"Did you apply for HADADA class?" Harry asked, already knowing full well the answer.

"Yes," Neville replied, "that's why I'm asking you to help me because I don't know if I'll be able to keep up with the class."

Harry smiled, "Don't worry Neville, I'll help you and you won't fall behind in the class at all."

Neville thanked Harry profusely and left. He was soon followed by the lady with the food trolley. Harry bought enough
sweets for Ron, Hermione, and Ginny who arrived at the compartment a few moments later.

Ron grabbed a chocolate frog and sat down. "Well mate, lots of instructions this year."

Hermione nodded. "They're increasing the security at Hogwarts. They want at least two prefects patrolling the halls during
the night."

"That shouldn't be any problem for you three, what with the Marauders Map and all." Harry said. "What's the penalty for
being caught out of bed?"

"Detention," Ginny answered, "and a heavy loss of house points."

"I didn't know prefects could give out detentions," Harry noted absently as he tried to pick a Bertie Bott bean that he was at
least familiar with.

"They don't," Hermione informed Harry. "That's why they've decided to have the youngest Hogwarts professor supervise the
prefects, assist them, and issue the detentions."

Harry choked on his jelly bean and began to cough rather violently. Just what he needed, more responsibility. "Did they tell
you which professor it was?"

Ginny shook her head. "No, they didn't say. I reckon that it's either the new DADA teacher, some other new teacher, or. . .

"Snape?" Ron groaned. "He would issue us a detention if we caught one of his precious Slytherins out of bed instead of the

"I don't think you'll have to worry about Snape," Harry said, trying to comfort Ron.

"What makes you think it isn't Snape?" Hermione asked.

Harry shrugged, "I don't know, intuition I suppose." He mentally snickered.

The train ride continued without further event and the Hogwarts Express arrived safely. Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Hermione
grabbed a Thestral pulled carriage and rode to the castle. When they arrived just outside the Great Hall they found
Professor McGonagall waiting for them.

"Come with me Potter, I need to advise you of a few things," McGonagall instructed.

"Save a seat for me would you?" Harry asked before turning and following McGonagall towards a deserted part of the hall
near the staircase.

"I would like to personally welcome you, Mr Potter, as a new staff member." McGonagall began. "I'll need to go over a
few things with you before you start. Your classroom is the same room you used last year for your  D.A. club. Your office
is just a little down the hall from your classroom. You'll find that the office is fully furnished with most, if not all of the
equipment you may be needing for your course.  You will also find a staff handbook, a reference of spells and
counter-spells, curses and counter-curses, hexes and other magical information and a guidebook of Hogwarts itself.  You
also probably know by now that the youngest staff member needs to supervise the prefects in their nightly patrols and that
will be your responsibility. I'll get you your teaching schedule tomorrow. Professor Dumbledore will want to see your list of
pending students tonight so that schedule changes can be made as quickly as possible. Dumbledore will also explain other
things necessary for you to know in order to assist you further.  Of course, the success or failure of your class will largely
depend on you.  I wish you well on your new appointment."

"Thank you professor," Harry said as she let him go and join the feast.

Harry arrived just as Professor Flitwick was removing the Sorting Hat and the stool which it sat on. He took the seat his
friends had saved for him. "What did I miss?"

"Just the song," Ron replied as Dumbledore stood up. "It was basically the same as last year's, just a little more urgent,
giving more warning. Nothing much."

Harry looked up at the staff table just as Dumbledore began his speech. He noted that Professor Lupin was sitting up next
to Dumbledore.  "Welcome to another year.  As usual, the Forbidden Forest, as the name implies, is forbidden.  After last
year's events, the Ministry of Magic has finally accepted the fact that Voldemort has indeed returned.  As a consequence,
everyone must be vigilant, albeit, Hogwarts is the safest place to be.  Hogsmeade visits will be carefully planned so that
you will be accompanied by members of staff.  You will have noticed  Aurors on the train and outside Hogwarts grounds. 
They are provided by the Ministry  and are trained wizards and witches.  They are there for your protection.  But, your
greatest protection of all is your love, care, loyalty, and friendship toward each other.  You all need to look out for each
other and know where your friends are at all times.  Report anybody you feel you have not seen for a reasonable period of
time.  I urge you to call Voldemort by name.  He feeds on your fear and fear will be your greatest enemy in these dark
times.  Finally, this year I will break tradition and make announcements before the feast."

Harry felt a nervous sensation spread throughout him. They were all about to find out.

"We have two new staff members this year," Dumbledore announced.

"Funny," Hermione whispered, "I only see one new one."

"Professor Lupin is rejoining us as our Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher," Dumbledore announced. This
announcement was followed by everyone clapping very loudly. "The next new staff member will be acting as a part-time
professor. He will teach the Highly Advanced Defense Against the Dark Arts class for which many of you have applied.
We welcome Harry Potter to the Hogwarts staff."

This announcement was followed with stunned silence as everyone turned to looked at Harry. Harry turned and looked at
Ron who's mouth had dropped open in shock, Hermione's was mouthing wordlessly, and Ginny's eyes were bulging in
surprise. Harry looked across the hall at Malfoy who seemed to be extremely shocked. After the shock wore off everyone
began to clap, (except of course the Slytherins) Gryffindors clapped the loudest of all.

Dumbledore finished the announcements. "Professor Potter will still be a student at Hogwarts yet I warn you to treat him as
a full professor since he does have the authority to give out detention, take points, and give them out."

The food appeared on the table and Ron turned to Harry. "Why didn't you tell us mate?"

"I would have," Harry explained, "but Dumbledore made me swear to keep it secret from everybody."

"Harry," Hermione said as she spooned some gravy on her potatoes, "you're the youngest professor! That means you're in
charge of the prefects."

"Yeah, that's why I was so surprised on the train about that. Dumbledore didn't bother to tell me about it." Harry responded.

"So is that why McGonagall pulled you aside?" Ginny asked as she cut up some chicken.

Harry nodded. "She just gave me a quick run down on everything. I'm supposed to read up on the rest. McGonagall says
that there's a book in my office that should tell me all I need to know."

"You got an office!" Ron exclaimed nearly spitting out a mouthful of pumpkin juice.

"That's what she said, I think it's by the classroom. The same one we met in last year. We can even go and check it out
before we go to bed." Harry said. "I'm still sleeping in Gryffindor tower though."

"Do you have any lessons planned?" Hermione asked.

"Yes," Harry replied as he set down his goblet of pumpkin juice, "I spent the whole summer writing them all."

"Good," Hermione said, "as a teacher you should always be prepared."

"Speaking of preparedness," Harry continued, "did you prefects have a schedule worked out for your patrols?"

"Yes," Ginny answered, "they already had it planned out. They have it so that each House has one prefect at least for every
two shifts."

"Good," Harry said. "tell them that they just have to make sure any people out of bed get back to bed and then they should
contact me later about giving the offender a detention. If it's serious they notify me immediately."

"We can tell them that tonight," Hermione said, "we have a meeting scheduled."

"Good," Harry said, "I have to give Dumbledore the list of people I accepted in the class and then we can meet by the D.A.
classroom and we can look at my office."

With that the feast ended and everyone headed to their dormitories. Harry ran and caught up with Dumbledore. "Here's the
list of students for the four classes," Harry said to Dumbledore.

Dumbledore smiled and took the list. "Thank you Harry. Would you be so kind to come to my office? There's a couple
more things we need to discuss."

"I'd be glad to," Harry said as they came to the gargoyle that guarded Dumbledore's office.

"Open it Harry," Dumbledore said as he gestured towards the entrance.

"I'm afraid that I don't know the password," Harry replied. "Am I supposed to know?"

Dumbledore smiled and shook his head. "I just wanted to show you how you can get to me whenever the need may arise."
He gestured to Harry's ring. "More than one headmaster of Hogwarts has worn that ring Harry, and hopefully more will.
Use the ring to open the way to my office."

Harry briefly concentrated on the ring as if he were asking it to do something in Valahost Hall. Suddenly the gargoyle
moved aside to reveal the moving staircase that led to Dumbledore's office. Harry followed Dumbledore up the staircase.
They entered the office and Dumbledore took a seat at his desk while motioning for Harry to sit down across.

"So some of my ancestors used to be Hogwarts headmasters?" Harry asked, being very curious about his family history."

Dumbledore nodded. "Yes Harry, many were. You come from a line of very powerful witches and wizards. Not necessarily
pure-bloods, but still carrying very much power."

"I thought that pure-bloods were always the most powerful," Harry noted.

"No Harry, that is a myth. It's possible for a pure-blood to be powerful. I've found that if you continually keep mixing pure
blood with pureblood you only have one special or the same magical trait and or traits.  Alternatively, very pure, undiluted
blood may produce offsprings who end up being squibs. That's why you and Voldemort are so powerful Harry. Both of you
had one parent that was pure blood and descended from power and then the other parent a Muggle." Dumbledore

"Who am I descended from that was powerful?" Harry inquired curiously.

"Godric Gryffindor for one," Dumbledore answered. He gestured towards the silver sword with rubies encrusted on the hilt.
"That's more than enough proof. Then of course there were others that came after him, Ministers of Magic, headmasters,
not necessarily famous but very powerful nevertheless." Dumbledore paused for a moment. "You're more powerful than all
those ancestors that we know about. Your power matches the power held by your family line long before Gryffindor was
ever born."

"You mean that my family line can't be traced any farther back than Godric Gryffindor?" Harry said.

Dumbledore shook his head. "All I know is that there was a great deal of power in your family line before Gryffindor."

"I see," Harry replied. "What was it you wanted to talk about?"

"Ah yes, we've gone astray haven't we? I just wanted to tell you that your evening class for HADADA will be the advanced
class. That makes it easier for you to promote people up from the intermediate level if there is the need.  If you have
students who are not up to the standard you have set for the 2 levels, then we have to be flexible and introduce a foundation
level." Dumbledore sighed.  "Afterall, the whole idea of your classes is to prepare all of us for the inevitable - facing the
dark side and Voldemort." There was a short pause.  Harry watched his mentor, teacher, friend, and headmaster closely. 
This powerful wizard before him whose blue eyes twinkle and who is feared by all, including Tom Riddle (the one and
only Voldemort), suddenly seemed to age before his very eyes.  Harry felt a lump in his throat. 

"I also wanted to tell you that you'll notice on your schedule tomorrow that one of your electives will be Occulmency. I'll be
teaching you that,"  Dumbledore finished with such conviction in his voice that Harry couldn't help but smile.

"Thank you Professor," Harry said. "I promised to meet Ron, Hermione, and Ginny so I must go now."

Dumbledore smiled and his eyes twinkled, "Going to explore your new office?"

Harry stood up with a startled expression. "How did you know that?"

"Just a good guess," Dumbledore replied. "You'll find that your ring can take you from one place to another, anywhere
within the castle walls.   You will find that this applies to the Grounds and the Forbidden Forest, Hogsmeade, Diagon
Alley.  Practically anywhere.  I would strongly advise you, however, to use the ring only to transport yourself when nobody,
and I mean, nobody is around.  If you wish Mr Ronald Weasley, Miss Ginny Weasley, Miss Hermione Granger and Mr
Neville Longbottom to know about this ring, then that is entirely your choice.

"Thank you again," Harry said. He turned and left the office heading up towards the new HADADA classroom which was
situated next to his office. He arrived outside the office door just as Ron and Hermione did.

"Ginny couldn't come, she had to go to another meeting for the new prefects," Hermione told Harry.

"So how did your prefect meeting go?" Harry asked.

"Malfoy wasn't very happy about what we had to say," Ron snickered. "This is another best day of my life. Malfoy cowered
by Professor Potter."

Harry grinned as he opened the door, "I haven't done anything to him yet."

They walked in the room to find a very large well-furnished office. In the center of the room stood an ornate desk with a
black leather chair behind it and  two in front of it.  One large window overlooked the Quidditch pitch.  Walls were lined
with bookshelves that contained every Defense Against the Dark Arts book imaginable. Beneath and against the
bookshelves ran a wooden counter with several Dark Arts detectors and other tools on it.

"Wow Harry!" Hermione exclaimed. "There must be more Dark Art reference books in here than in the library.

Harry shrugged, "Feel free to help yourself."

Hermione walked over and picked out a book titled, "The History of Dark Magic and Dark Lords," and sat down in one of
the chairs in front of Harry's desk.

Ron strolled over to the counter with all the Dark Art detectors. "What do you think this one does Harry?"

Harry followed him over. "Don't know, looks like maybe it's an advanced Sneakascope."

Ron picked up small mirror filled with a foggy mist. "I bet that this is a miniature Foe Glass."

Harry nodded. "It probably is." Just then the small carriage clock on Harry's desk rang the hour.

Hermione looked up from the book, "We need to get back or we'll be too tired for classes tomorrow. Harry, may I borrow
this book?"

"Sure, borrow whatever you like," Harry answered. "Why don't you two go on ahead? I'll see you in Gryffindor tower a little

"That sounds fine to me," Ron said as Hermione got up. They left closing the door behind them. Harry walked over to the
counter and picked up what resembled a silver lamp. He had read about instruments such as this over the summer from
books in his library. It was most often called a Myst Lamp. He walked over to his desk, sat down in the comfortable chair
and set the Myst Lamp on the desk in front of him.

Harry pulled his wand out from his robes and tapped the Myst Lamp holding Voldemort firmly in his thoughts. Slowly a
dense black and green steam began to issue forth from the spout of the lamp forming barely discernable pictures.

Malice, hatred, scheming, death. Worse, what Harry had overheard from the Order's meeting was more than true.
Voldemort was indeed seeking Seilftrist's power. It was as Harry feared. Unfortunately all the lamp could reveal was vague
impressions, nothing definite, if anything at all. Nothing useful but confirmations for Voldemort actions.

He waved his wand in a dismissive manner over the lamp. The black and green fog dispersed and disappeared. Next Harry
tapped the lamp with the name Seilftrist in mind. The only thing that the lamp would give was a colorless and light steam.
Harry sighed, he had not been able to read enough about Myst Lamps to understand what that meant. It was time to go to

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