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Sirius -ly in Love by chewbaccasolo
Chapter 17 : A Kiss
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It was Wednesday. The New Year would arrive in three days, and two days after that, the students who went home for the holidays would return. But tonight was the full moon. You wondered whether or not you should help the Marauders.

You spent the day finishing up your homework and talking with Lily and Natalie. The boys stayed in their dorm all day, you didn’t see them at all until they appeared just before twilight, only to make their exit. You made your decision.

“I’m going out.” You told your friends as you left the common room. You transformed once you were out of the castle, and entered the Forbidden Forest. When you saw that Remus was becoming difficult for James and Sirius, you intervened.

You jumped out from the cover of the trees and pushed Remus off of James, who was bloody and limping. Remus growled at you and you were tackled to the ground. He bit and scratched until Sirius bit him, causing his attention to be diverted. Together you and Sirius began to push him towards the Whomping Willow but he was too much to handle.

You fell down when Remus bit one of your hind legs. James came up behind him and rammed him in the back, so Remus flailed over you and towards the passageway. Sirius, limping as you were, lured him inside. He scratched you across the face and you yelped. You could feel the warm blood trickling down your fur.

Another hour of hard work and you finally reached the Shrieking Shack. Remus was safe and you were too tired to make your way back to the school as you had last month. You collapsed beside the also exhausted Sirius and James, and Peter joined you a few moments later.

You slept until you heard the boys stirring in the morning. You stretched and yawned, still in your Animagus form. You watched as the guys transformed back into humans. They looked just as bad as last month. Remus looked worse. You heard Sirius telling Remus about you, and how you’d helped the last couple of months. Remus pet you appreciatively, and you wagged your tail.

When the boys started back through the tunnel you followed. You heard them evaluating the previous nights damage, and when Remus mentioned getting to the Hospital Wing and into bed, you realized you’d need medical treatment as well.

You began to run as fast as you could towards the castle, not listening to the Marauders shouts for you to wait. You burst into the Hospital Wing, now in human form. Madame Pomfrey fussed over you, pushing you into a bed immediately.

A few minutes later, the infamous foursome walked in. They were in hospital beds as fast as you were. They didn’t notice you, although your bed was right next to Sirius. Madame Pomfrey paid special attention to Remus, and you realized she must’ve known about his being a werewolf.

You listened to them talk about that dog, meaning you, silently. They still hadn’t been alerted to your presence, until Madame Pomfrey came over to you, holding a potion.

“Here, Miss O’Connell, take this for your headache.”

“Thanks.” You replied quietly, and you took drank the potion. You acted as though you didn’t feel the eyes of the Marauders on you.

“Kara?” Sirius finally managed.

“Yeah?” you tried to act casual.

“What are you doing here?” you thought about this.

“I’m taking a nasty potion at the moment”.

“Yeah. I noticed that. But what happened to your face? And your leg?”

“Ummm…long story?” Madame Pomfrey came back in with another batch of potions. She handed one to each of you, instructed you to drink, and bustled back out.

“Cheers!” James lifted his glass. You all drank, and you all grimaced. This potion tasted worse than the last one, but you could feel your cuts and scrapes begin to heal almost immediately. You laid back on your bed.

“What happened, Kara?” Sirius asked again.

“You tell me first.” The Marauders looked at each other. Remus nodded.


“Wait, Padfoot. Maybe I should tell her.” Remus interjected. “Well, Kara, you know how I get sick every month? Well when I was younger-“

“I know, Remus.” You weren’t going to say anything, but it was too hard to see him looked so pained. You knew he didn’t want to speak about this.

“You- what?” you decided that showing them would be better than telling them, so you quickly transformed into a dog and back. The Marauders were speechless, perhaps because their jaws were touching the ground.

“So you’re the dog?” Remus asked.

“Yeah. I’m sorry I didn’t say anything but-“

“Thank you.” Remus cut you off.

“You’re welcome”. You smiled. You were silent for a while.

“You wont tell anyone, right?” Remus questioned.

“Of course not!”

“Ok. Thanks.” You smiled again, and slowly drifted off to sleep. When you woke up, all of the Marauders had left except for Sirius.

“Hey,” he said quietly.


“I’ve been meaning to ask you something.”

“Fire away!”

“This guy you’ve been writing to” he paused.


“Mike? Is he your boyfriend?” you laughed.

“What? He’s not my boyfriend, Sirius.”

“Do you want him to be?”

“I think that would be a little weird.” You continued grinning.


“He’s my brother”. Sirius looked confused, and took a minute to work this out in his head.

“Oh.” He said finally. He returned your smile. He was sitting in a chair beside your bed now; he was leaning in close, so you could smell his shampooed hair; your eyes locked; you leaned up to meet his lips…

“Sirius!” a female voice called. You jerked away from each other, and Kristin Anderson, a Hufflepuff you recognized from Herbology, walked in. She was a Barbie, superficial, giggled a lot. You disliked her with a passion. But when she came over and kissed Sirius, a kiss that should have been yours, and then led him away, telling him how absolutely *giggle* worried she was about him, you hated her.

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Sirius -ly in Love: A Kiss


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