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Sirius -ly in Love by chewbaccasolo
Chapter 16 : A Letter?
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~*Nats POV*~ You tried to sneak in to your dorm without waking up Kara or Lily. It was 5 am. You were almost to your bed when a pillow hit you on the back of the head, followed by two bodies tackling you to the ground.

“You spent the night with Remus!” Kara exclaimed.

“Did you sleep with him?” Lily asked.

“Get off guys!” You pushed them off of you and sat on your bed. So did they.

“What happened?”

“Yeah. Were gonna find out anyway!”

“Come on Nat! Tell us!”

“Please?” You shot them a look and they were silenced. For a minute.

“Did you sleep with him Nat?” Lily asked quietly. You smiled.

“Yes.” Kara and Lily screamed.

“How was it?” You didn’t answer but you couldn’t stop smiling. Your night had been amazing. You laid back on your pillow and closed your eyes. Your two best friends lay down on either side of you, and you all fell asleep. A perfect conclusion to a Merry Christmas.

~*Kara’s POV*~ You woke up on Natalie’s bed around lunchtime. Rolling off the bed you saw that Nat and Lily were still asleep. As quietly as possible you exited the dorm. All was quiet for a few minutes, and you stared out the window, looking upon the sparkling Hogwarts grounds.

Then there was a loud BANG! Echoing from below you, and the Marauders entered the common room looking very pleased. You smiled.

“What was that?” you asked.

“Lets just say Filch will be doing some extra repairs today” James explained. You noticed that Remus looked tired, but he was smiling bigger than any of them. You smiled knowingly back at him, and he blushed. Nat and Lily stumbled down the staircase at that moment.

“What was that?” Natalie asked.

“That was us!” Sirius stated proudly.

“Like we hadn’t guessed.” Lily replied sarcastically.

“Well we might have snuck into the girls bathroom on the fourth floor and dropped some, or a whole bagful, of Filibusters Fireworks in the toilets. And blew them up. But its just a guess.” Peter clarified. You laughed. You hated Filch as much as the rest of the Hogwarts students.

“I’m hungry.” You announced suddenly.

“Did you just get up?”

“Yeah, well Lily and I had to wait up all night for-“ Lily elbowed you in the ribs.

“For what?” James asked.

“For umm a letter! Yeah. A letter.” Oh, good one, Kara. Great cover. A letter. Oh, honestly. A letter?

“From who?” Sirius asked suspiciously.

“It doesn’t matter.” You said quickly. “It never came anyway.” Just then there was a tapping on the window, and you saw your brother Mikes owl, Chocolate, waiting to be let in. You did so, took the letter from her leg, and read it as she perched on your shoulder.

Hey Kara! I hope you like my Christmas present. I miss you so much, you should come home over Easter so I can see you! I’ve got you some Quidditch tickets in case you agree. Bring a couple of friends! Please say you’ll come. I’m going CRAZY without you! Love, Mike

You smiled. Mike was your favorite brother. You missed him too. You grabbed a piece of parchment and scrawled a reply.

Dear Mikey, Id love to come! See you at Eastertime! Ill get back to you about the friends, and you tell me about arrangements closer to April! Oh yeah, I wanted to point out that you’ve always been crazy, and the fact that I’m so far away cant be causing it! I miss you more than you miss me! I love you! Kara

Sirius was reading over your shoulder as you wrote. You noticed that funny look on his face again, like he wanted to rip your letter up. You fed Chocolate, tied your response to her leg, and closed the window behind her.

“Lets go to breakfast!” You said, walking out of the common room. Everyone followed you, except for Sirius and Lily.

~*Sirius POV*~

Kara got a letter from that Mike guy. Who was he? You decided to ask Lily again, although she hadn’t known yesterday.

“Lily, you’re sure you don’t know who he is?” you asked once everyone else had left for the Great Hall.

“No. Maybe she met him this summer in the states?”

“Can you find out?”

“I can try. But I don’t know why shed be dating anyone else Sirius. She likes you.”

“I blew it. She must’ve written to this guy after the dance! I’ve ruined everything.”

“Don’t worry, Sir. You’ll fix things. Eventually.”

“I hope so.”

“Me, too.” With that you and Lily went to join the others for lunch.

~*Kara’s POV*~ Lily and Sirius walked into the Great Hall, laughing. What was going on? Did Sirius like Lily? I ruined it when I said I wouldn’t date him in the Hospital Wing! But what about his Christmas card? You were so confused. Lily sat down next to you.

“Lily, what’s going on with you two?” you whispered.

“Who? Me and Sirius?”

“Yes you and Sirius! Who else?”

“Its nothing Kara. Its just-“

“WHAT!?!” Lily was interrupted by James yelling loudly. Everyone in the Great Hall (about 20 people or so) stopped what they were doing to turn and look at James. He sat down, unfazed with the attention. “You had sex Moony? And you didn’t tell us?” Remus and Nat were very red, but both grinning like idiots.

“Guys, do you have to talk about this now?” you tried to help.

“Yes!” James, Peter, and Sirius all shouted at once.

“Ok, well then do it elsewhere.” Surprisingly, they listened. Remus threw an apologetic look at Nat as his friends dragged him away.

“This is insane!” Nat complained to you and Lily. “Its our business, not theirs!” You snorted into your milk, and Lily laughed.

“Of course they’re going to make it their business! They’re guys, and Remus is the only one of them who isn’t a virgin!”

“True.” Nat relaxed.

“Who’d have thought that? The famous, admired Potter and Black asking their bookworm, Prefect friend what sex is like.” You mused. Nat smiled. The three of you continued to talk for a few minutes and then you went back to the common room to do homework. (Lily’s idea. Just because we CAN wait until the last day doesn’t mean were going to!)

~*Sirius POV*~

”So Moony, tell us about your night!” James was still trying to get details out of Remus by surprising it out of him and asking how his night was every two minutes. Remus acted like he hadn’t heard James and continued talking to Peter.

“Guys, do any of you know who this Mike guy is? The one that’s been writing to Kara?” Your friends considered.

”Nope. I don’t think she’s mentioned anything to me.”

“Me either. Ask Lily.” James suggested.

“I did. She doesn’t know either.”

“Wow. Someone Lily doesn’t know about. You may have some competition, Padfoot!”

“Thanks, James. I’ve really messed things up.” You knew there was no way you could have left James to deal with Remus by himself, though. And you’d been getting along well since then. Hadn’t you?

“No, I messed things up. You wouldn’t have had to break your date if it wasn’t for me.” Remus said dejectedly.

“No, Moony. I did the right thing on Halloween. You guys needed me.”

“You’ll fix things eventually,” Peter said encouragingly. He sounded like Lily.

“There is a way.” Remus said. “You can tell her where you were.” You looked at him. There was a determined look on his face.

“Remus I-“

“You can, Padfoot. I can trust Kara. Right? Tell her after Wednesday.” Wednesday was the next full moon.

“You sure, Moony?” You weren’t. It was his secret. Such a big sacrifice to make so you could make things right with Kara.

“I’m sure.” Would this work? Would Kara ditch her boyfriend when you explained yourself? You didn’t think so. She really seemed to like him. Laughing at his letters, signing hers with Love. At least one of you was happy.

“Hi, Sirius!” you heard. It was the voice of Kristin Anderson, a Hufflepuff in your year.

“Hi,” you replied. What does she want? Kristin was pretty, but not like Kara. Kara was beautiful. And smart. Funny. Anyway Kristin was tall, with dark skin and even darker eyes. She had on a mini skirt, a sweater, and a pair of those high heels Kara hated so much. You hadn’t even noticed that the Marauders had left. You began to walk away but Kristin grabbed your arm.

“Oh! Sirius! I was just wondering if you’d like to go on a walk with me!” She giggled. You debated. Not like you had anything better to do. Kara was probably writing to Mike…

“Sure.” She giggled again. That was going to get annoying. You let her lead you around the castle as she talked a lot and giggled even more. You replied uh-huh or yeah every few minutes. Your thoughts were still on Kara.

So when she kissed you, you didn’t see it coming. She pushed you against a wall and began feeling your chest and arms. You kissed back feebly, thinking about how much it had hurt when she pushed you, and then about what you would do if this was Kara.

Kristin pulled away and giggled. Of course. Kara wouldn’t have giggled. Kara would have-

“Sirius?” Kristin said.


“Do you want to go somewhere more private?” Giggle.

“Oh. No thanks. I have to go and-write a letter. Bye!” Ok. So Kara’s excuse this morning didn’t work any better now. But it was something. You left Kristin standing in the hallway alone. She wasn’t giggling NOW! You thought happily.

But it bothered you that you’d kissed another girl. You felt like you’d betrayed Kara somehow. Well, she was probably doing the same thing with Mike, you thought bitterly. You needed to think.

So you headed for the perfect room to do that. Or anything else. The Room of Requirement. I just need someplace to think. You thought, and opened the door to find a cozy room with a fireplace and a butterbeer sitting on the mahogany coffee table. You sat on the cushy sofa and thought about the mess that was your love life, and how you’d ever sort it out.

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