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Deadly Obsession by Relena
Chapter 1 : Deadly Obsession
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Hermione sat on the train, staring out the window. So far, she couldnt face him. She wanted him. All summer, he was all she thought about, he was who she dreamed of. She knew she was being crazy, but she had become obsessed with a boy over the summer. Not just anyboy. He was Ron Weasley. She must have him. She opened a notebook, and took out her quill, and wrote:

Now I have a diary. It's that easy. A notebook, a quill, a big "PRIVATE" sign on the front, and viola! Instant diary. Well... Here I go. I love Ron. I must have him. I will find out what type of girl he likes, adjust myself to that, and I'll have him. I'll only have to follow him around a bit. Who cares? It's not like I'll stalk him or anything....

She closed her diary, and sighed. She couldn't wait to get to know Ron a little better than she did...

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Deadly Obsession: Deadly Obsession


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