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Sirius -ly in Love by chewbaccasolo
Chapter 2 : Bloodhounds
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You entered the Great Hall among the wave of Hogwart-uniformed students, all flushed from excitement of starting a new school year. The Great Hall was a large, gorgeous room, with enchanted candles floating in the air, and the four long House tables. Your favorite part was the sky, bewitched to look like the outside. Tonight the ceiling depicted a clear, starry night, open straight to the heavens.

You took a seat towards the end of the Gryffindor House table, with Lily on your left, James across from you, Remus across from Lily, and, to your dismay, Sirius on your right. Peter Pettigrew, the last of the four infamous Marauders, and a friend of yours, sat down next to James.

"Hey Wormtail!" James greeted Peter, "Where were you on the Hogwarts Express today?" Peter looked down at the empty golden plate in front of him, and said nervously,


"That's Wormtail talk for spying on the girls' changing rooms," Sirius said knowingly. Remus and James snickered, and so did you. Lily, however, looked disgusted.

"Oh, Peter, you didn't, did you??" she said disapprovingly as Professor McGonagall quieted the students down, and led the first years to the front of the Hall.

When the Sorting was over, you returned to your earlier discussion with Sirius about Quidditch, this time with James involved. Lily and Remus were discussing a book about werewolves. Peter listened to your conversation with his mouth half open, drinking in every word. As James and Sirius began talking about which team had the hottest girls, your attentions moved to the conversation of three newly sorted Gryffindors.

"Do you see him??" one girl moaned longingly.

"Mmm hmmm," the second one replied. "Delicious."

"Look at his eyes! So gorgeous!" the third girl put in.

"I wonder what his name is?"

"I wonder if he's a good kisser," the second girl fantasized. The other two giggled. You laughed inside your head. Three more girls to add to the fan club. That second one would make a nice Barbie in a couple of years...You did have to agree with her though, his eyes were quite nice, you wondered if he was a good kisser... Why were you thinking this? Bad Kara, bad. Yes bad would be nice... STOP! This is Sirius Black! Conceited, womanizer...

"Kara? Kara??? Are you okay??" Sirius was looking at you with an almost concerned look.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Why?"

"I've been asking you to pass the butter for five minutes."

"Oh..." You grabbed the butter and gave it to him, hoping you were not blushing too much.

"Are you sure you're alright? You look a little red." Sirius was still looking at you. You blushed deeper.

"I'm fine." You said shortly. Why did he care anyway??

~*Sirius' POV*~

You looked over at Kara. She was staring into space, looking a little disoriented. You waved your hand in front her face.

"Hello?" Oh well. Nobody home. You continued to stare at her. She was quite pretty really. With her long blonde hair that curled slightly at the bottom, and her eyes, which were light brown and flecked with gold, giving you something to stare at while she wasn't looking... not that you were looking... much. Right?? Stop Sirius! It's Kara. You told yourself. So what if she was pretty, and smart, and nice, and funny, and can pull pranks as well as-or ALMOST as well as you and James, and was a spectacular Chaser. Why should you like a girl like that?? Because she's a challenge, you thought acrimoniously. God forbid a girl didn't throw herself at you. You liked that she wasn't a Barbie, as Kara called your fan club. You reached for a roll and realized you'd need the butter, which was on Kara's other side.

~*Kara's POV*~
Dinner was over. You headed to the common room with Lily, the Marauders not far behind, already discussing how to get Filch mad within the first 24 hours of the term.

"I'm tired," Lily said.

"Me too," James, Remus, and Peter said simultaneously. They all started for their dorms. You and Sirius stayed where you were, on the same couch. Why wasn't he going with James? However, you were interrupted by those first years from the Great Hall.

"Excuse me?" the leader, a brunette with a lot of makeup on (definite Barbie material, you thought), said.

"What's his name?" She pointed to Sirius. Sirius looked up, shook his head, and returned to his book. Book? You snap your head back around. You look at the cover. How to Prank a Prankster, Volume VI. Of course. Sirius looked up again and grinned at the enlightened look on your face, and nodded his head at you before returning to his sophisticated reading.

"Sirius Black," you answered the Barbie.

"Are you like dating him?" This got Sirius' attention. It was his turn to snap his head in your direction. You were already laughing.

"Me? Dating Black?" You collapsed on the ground. The first years look disgusted.

"Why's that funny?" she asked. "He's too good for you?" You stopped laughing abruptly.

"Excuse me? Excuse me? What? Not good enough- for him? Excuse me? Oh... that was cold... him too good- for ME? What?" Sirius observed, not completely unamused. "Listen, you overdone, airheaded, pompous, bigheaded..." You were fuming. "You're worse than him!" With that, you stormed off to your dorm.

"I guess that's a no, then," one of the other Barbies whispered to the Leader. They all shrugged and sat down next to Sirius.

~*Sirius' POV*~
Oh. No. Kara just left, and they were coming towards you. And closer. Closer. Closer still.

"Hey, Sirius. I'm Roxanne." The Leader said in an attempted sexy voice. It sounded like your Uncle Alphard to you.

"Hey." You said, scooching closer to the end of the couch. She followed. Oh, well. Nice try, you consoled yourself. "Sorry, ladies, but it's getting late." You yelled over your shoulder as you ran up the stairs to the boys' dormitories. I'd like to see them follow me here, you thought smugly. You heard footsteps behind you. Crap. You ran into James' bed, hoping to throw them off track. Predators, these girls.

"Lily", James murmured, eyes closed.

'Sorry to disappoint, Prongs" you replied dryly.

"Padfoot?" James nearly screamed.

"SHHHH!" you put your hand over his mouth. "They're coming. They're coming!" James looked confused. The door to your room opened, and Roxanne and her Barbie posse walked in. James sat up, and seeing the girls, understood.

"Do you mind, ladies," he said. "I'm kind of busy." He pointed at the lump in his bed that was you.

"Sorry," the girls said quickly, and left the dorm without another word.

"Thanks Prongs" you said, truly grateful.

"No problem, Padfoot, but never get in my bed again. Ever."

~*Kara's POV*~
You woke up the next morning and read the clock on your nightstand. It read 6:30. You were always an early riser. You took a shower, and when you went back into your dorm, the other girls were awake. Once Lily was ready, you two headed down to the Great Hall in your matching Gryffindor uniforms: white blouse, red and yellow tie, gray skirt, and red knee socks. You wore sneakers and Lily wore clogs. The Marauders were already there. You slid into a seat next to Sirius, with Lily on your other side. Once Lily and Remus picked up where they left off in their werewolf book conversation, Sirius turned to you.

"Kara?" he asked softly.


"Did you mean that last night?"

"Mean what?"

"You know, when you said those girls-"

"The Barbies?" you interrupted.

"No- not Barbies. Monsters. Bloodhounds."

"Okay... what about them?"

"When you said they were worse than me." You pause, trying to remember exactly what you'd told those girls- bloodhounds.

"No, I guess not." Sirius looked relieved.

"You're still worse." You joked. Sirius laughed with you. "I've heard you called many things, Sirius Black, but never a bloodhound. And never a Barbie." Sirius let a look of mock hurt take over his face.

"Are you saying I'm not pretty enough to be a Barbie?" You couldn't stand it. You burst into hysterics. You laughed so hard tears were running down your cheeks. When you could control yourself, you replied,

"Well, maybe we could fix you up. With a bit of makeup and some hair spray you wouldn't look half bad." It was his turn to laugh hysterically. Neither of you realized this was the longest civil conversation you'd ever had. The others did though.

"Ooh, what's going on with Sirius and Kara?" Lily asked out loud.

"They're just catching up to us babe." James replied.

"Potter, you little..." Remus and Peter shook their heads. Not even eight thirty and they were at it already. Just another typical morning at Hogwarts.

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Sirius -ly in Love: Bloodhounds


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