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Harry Potter and the Army of Decendants by Iced_Cherriez
Chapter 47 : Chapter 47 - Quidditch at its best!
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Harry Potter and the Army of Decendants

Chapter 47 - Quidditch at its best!

GUESS WHO"S BACK!! yes its me!! hehehe I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY!! i failed to mention to anyone that i was going away.. just aftet my writers block! but I have a surprise for you! while sitting on the couch listening to my brothers annoying noises and my sisters complaing and my mums 'forcing me to do this and that.. i wrote you a REALLY long chapter!! I really hope this explains alot! and it has a quidditch match in it!! yay!! :P I will not leave you guys again without warning! I promise!! :P love you all! keep those reviews coming.. and leave your pitchforks behind! because I am updating!! :P

lotsa love Iced_Cherriez


“Okay everyone, I think its getting late, you should all go back to your dorms and get some rest, there is a big day tomorrow!” Harry called out over the DA, smirking at the last remark. It was going to be a big day for him, not really much for everyone else.

“We’ll help” Hermione said in a happy tone. Harry was trying to hastily pack everything away, and Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville and Luna were waiting for him.

They pilled all the pillows on the ground, but after the doing so, they all collapsed into them, exhausted from their day.

“Harry...” Harry looked up to see Luna sitting next to him.

“Hmm?” He asked, not bothering to sit up from his laying down position.

“Is it true your parent’s were in the Order? And yours two Neville? And Ron?” She asked in a strangely non-dreamy voice.

“A yeah, they all were or are.” Harry answered, having no idea where this was going.

“You see... My mother was in the Order... before she got married... before... before she died.” Luna said quietly. Harry and the others had never seen this side of Luna before, and it was quite intriguing, but sad.

“Really? What was her name?” Ron asked.

“Denise... Denise Turner-Lovegood” She said, her voice going all dreamy again.

“I don't remember seeing her in the photo...” Harry started to say...

“She wasn’t there in that photo... She was on holiday with my dad... My dad was on a quest to find a Leaf -Tailed Chameleon...” Harry looked around to see Ginny and Hermione roll their eyes in unison.

“Sounds fun.” Neville said, as if it was the most boring thing in the world.

“That means that everyone here had parents that were in or are on the Order!” Hermione said, “Except me.” She added sulkily.

“Hermione, I... I think they are...” Ron said quietly.


“I overheard Dumbledore talking to them about joining and helping in the Muggle world.” He explained.

“So we are all Descendants... Descendants of the Order.” Ginny exclaimed, looking at them all. “That's what we should call our selves, The Army of Descendants!”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

“Ron, write down everyone’s names on this piece if parchment. I am going to charm it.” Hermione explained, suddenly in a happy, excited mood.

“What’s it going to do to us?” Neville asked, sounding a bit alarmed.

“Nothing, don't worry. When ever any of us are in danger, the others will know. That's how this charm works. The more danger they are in, the more the others will know and be able to help.” She touched the piece of parchment and it glowed suddenly, before going back to normal.

“Oh Ron! You spelt Descendants wrong!” Hermione said suddenly. “It has an ‘S’ in it, you wrote Decendants...” She swished her wand again and tried to change it. “It’s not working, must be the spell I put on it.”

Luna started to snort with laughter. “We are now the Army of Decendants!”

Everyone else laughed.

“Come on everyone, we should go to bed now.” Harry finally told them. They all got up and said their good byes to Harry, Ron and Hermione, who were going to stay for a while.

“Oh, and Harry. Good luck in the match against Hufflepuff tomorrow!” Luna said before exciting the door.

“Thankyou” he said quietly, but was not sure she heard him at all. “I think I am going to need it.”

“Harry, you will do great tomorrow! You always do!” Hermione encouraged him.

“Thanks Hermione.” He said as he ruffled his hair. It was becoming one of his many habits, which day after day, made him more like his father. “Hey guys, there was something I wanted to tell you...” He was yet to tell them about his conversation in Dumbledore’s office a few weeks beforehand.

Both of them looked up, Hermione had a strange, calculating look on her face, while Ron... Well Ron just looked like Ron.

“When we came back to school... I mean, when I came back to school. Professor Dumbledore wanted to see me... he told me something...” Harry didn’t know how to tell them.

“What did Dumbledore tell you Harry?” Hermione asked, as she brushed her frizzy hair out of her face.

“Well... he told me... he told me he was Gryffindor’s heir.”

Both Ron and Hermione were speechless, thought what Harry had expected, a jealous Ron, or a know-it-all Hermione, didn’t come. They just both smiled at Harry, knowingly.


“AND WELCOME! TO THE FIRST MATCH OF THE SCHOOL YEAR!” A familiar voice echoed over the stadium.

“What’s Lee doing back here?” Harry asked suddenly, leaning over to ask Ron.

“Fred said something about him being offered a job. I only over heard at Christmas.” He said, shrugging his shoulders.

“I can’t believe that cancelled the other matches.” Lavender said suddenly from the back.

Ron scowled and turned his back to her.

“I still can’t believe you let her on the team. She’s... she’s...” He said.

“She’s what Ron?” Katie asked from the side, raising an eyebrow.

“She’s... Lavender...”

“And your point would be?” Katie asked.

“Don’t worry...”

“- SMITH AND SUMMERBY.” Lee’s voice called over the stadium as he introduced the Hufflepuff players.

“Come on everyone, lets go kick ass!” Ginny screamed, causing Ron and Harry to burst out laughing. “What!?” She asked in an annoyingly whiny voice.

“Nothing... nothing.” Harry muttered. “Come on, lets go”

One by one they piled into the corridor, just outside the stadium.


“Lee, you are getting paid for this you know -”

“Yes, sorry professor... ON THE MUCH BETTER TEAM -” Professor McGonagall scowled, but didn’t stop him. She was very much proud of her own house’s team.


The whole school screamed in applause as the Gryffindor team flew onto the pitch and circled the towers that supported the different houses of spectators.

The whistle was blown and the game begun.


“AND HE MISSES... HUFFLEPUFF SCORES. IT’S 30 TO 70, EVERYONE, GRYFFINDOR IN THE LEAD!” Lee screamed over the audience. Ron punched the air and looked furious.

“Ron! Watch out-” Ron ducked and swerved in a fast action. He narrowly missed a bludger aimed straight for his head.

“Thanks Harry!”

The game had been going for quite sometime now, and even though Harry had seen the snitch a few times, he had not dared to catch it. Their team needed to be up many points so that they were sure to win the tournament.

Katie swerved another Bludger attack and threw the quaffle to Ginny, who magnificently dived through the Hufflepuff chasers and scored.

“AND GRYFFINDOR SCORE! THAT'S 80 TO 30, GRYFFINDOR IN THE LEAD” Harry did a sault on his broom on glee and went to look for the snitch, they were now 50 points in front of the other team.

Harry quickly swerved out of the way of one of their own team’s beaters, who was heading for the other side.

He watched as his own team mates played so nicely. He had taught many of them their flying tactics, which made the whole match atmosphere, feel more special to Harry.

A flash of lighting and a crash of thunder caused Harry to jump and swerve down lower to the pitch. The storm was just nearing the stadium and sprinkles of rain had already made their way down to the players.

Harry turned to see who had almost hit him. Summerby, the Hufflepuff seeker was on his tail, following his every move. Harry ducked down closer to the pitch and Summerby followed.

“Stupid fool! You won’t get anywhere following me right now!” Harry screamed, but he knew that the boy would not hear him over the huge noises.

Harry chuckled as Summerby was almost hit by a bludger and took his eyes off the pitch for a few seconds. For a bit too long.

Suddenly Harry was hit in the arm. He felt excruciating pain as his arm snapped, and was thrown off his broom.

“Harry!” Harry could hear screams from behind him. But he couldn't see anything; everything was going dark, too dark.

Then he saw it. Out of the corner of his eye. A small glint of gold. He reached out his arm and felt the small wings brush against the inside of his palm as his fingers closed in on it.

Now that fact that he was falling hundreds of feet was another thing.

“If I really have the power of Merlin, you have to work now!” Harry whispered and as if he had used his wand, Harry’s eyes suddenly glowed a brilliant yellow. And he stopped. Inches from the ground. A gold fluttery snitch, snug, in his hand.

But there was not cheer. In fact there was really no noise at all. Harry could almost make out the stunned faces of the audience.

He lowered himself to the ground, and as if he had been doing it all his life, he willed his arm to heal. His eyes glowed their white colour and the bone slowly healed from its disturbing position.

Then the applause happened. Harry lowered himself to the ground and summoned for his broom, which seemed to have a mind of it’s on in the ghastly weather. The whole school burst out, cheering, as if it was the most spectacular thing they had ever seen.

Harry smiled to himself and knew otherwise. He grabbed his broom and walked off the pitch, to get changed, leaving the rest of the team to have all the glory.



“Harry, well done in the match against Ravenclaw, on Saturday!” Harry smiled and thanked the person without glancing up from his work in the library. Three weeks had passed and Gryffindor had also one their match against Ravenclaw. Everyone turned to the match in hopes of another show like the one against Hufflepuff, but nothing out of the ordinary really happened.

The team had been in the lead ever since the beginning and Harry just caught the snitch out of the air. Some could say it was a disappointing match, because Ravenclaw didn’t even try. But Harry still thought that going up against Cho was challenging.

“Harry, its time for Charms.” Harry finally glanced up from his Defence Essay and saw Hermione leaning onto the table in front of him. “When are you going to finish working on that Essay? I know I like to make things perfect, but you started before I did, and I finished mine last night.

“Hermione I want the mark, you know. It’s important I learn.” Harry told her as he packed away his loose pieces of paper and placed his satchel on his arm. “And it’s not hard for you to write essays in less time than Me.” he added.

“Well, Harry, if this makes you feel any better; you’re the smartest Defence student, in the school! You are learning seventh year things out of class. What ever are you going to do next year? You’re at least a year higher in Defence than I am, and I am not trying to brag, but that's saying something.” Harry smiled at this comment.

“Yes it is Hermione, yes it is.” he chuckled and picked up a book off the table and started muttering spells to himself as they walked to their next class room.

As Filius Flitwick entered the class room, not matter how small he was, he looked around and observed everything the students were doing. Everyone, even Hermione Granger was talking or playing with some spell. The only person who didn’t seem content with the outside world, sitting down, reading some library book, was Harry Potter.

The small professor had noticed a high amount of change in the sixteen year old boy. It was as if, suddenly, someone had pressed a button, labelled ‘Mature’, on his back. Harry was hardly seen out of the library these days. He was rarely seen at the dinner table as well, which made some of the teachers worry.

Later that evening, Flitwick entered the staff room and sat down at one of the tables, opposite McGonagall and Madam Pince. He slowly took out his sixth year essays and began to mark the first few, hoping for a rest that evening.

A smile touched his face as he read through Harry’s essay. It not only covered what they had been doing the lessons before, but built onto those spells and talked about the origins and equivalents to them. He grinned as his eyes left the page and he passed it over to Minervra.

“Read this, and guess who wrote it.” With a swish of his wand the name up the top had disappeared and she was left with a no clues.

She slowly read through the essay.

“Filius, what are you doing with an Auror trainee’s essay?” She asked with a smirk on her face. She wondered if Hermione Granger had written it, that girl was full of surprises.

“Who’s essay?” Tonks asked as she sat down at the table and grabbed the parchment out of Minerva’s hands and began to read.

“This sounds like something I would have written in my leaving year at the auror academy.” She commented as she passed it back a few minutes later.

“Can you guess who wrote it?

“Was is Miss Granger? Or one of the Ravenclaw seventh years?” McGonagall asked.

“Neither, it was Mr Potter.”

“I heard, today in the library, that he is studying seventh year work in his spare time. The boy hardly leaves the library nowadays.” Madame Pince said vaguely as she tried to charm and old library book back into good nick.

‘What spare time? He is already the head of the DA and the quidditch team. And what about the Occlumency he is taking, not to mention he is doing duelling classes.-” but Minervra was cut off.

“He’s not doing Occlumency anymore.” Tonks said harshly as she got up and left the room, starting for her office.

All the talk on Harry was too much for her. She needed to apologise. Now.

Both Minervra and Filius looked at each other and shrugged shoulders, before starting up their conversations again.

Tonks hurried down the corridor, into the Gryffindor tower. She stated the password and the portrait opened. But Harry was not inside.

“Is Harry up stairs?” She asked Neville, who jumped in surprise as she entered.

“No, Professor, I don’t know where he is.” Neville said, quite embarrassed to be singled out by a professor.

“Thankyou.” She cursed silently, and hurried out of the room.

“I wonder where what her hurry is.” Ron asked Hermione as he sat down in front of the fire.

“Aren’t hey having a fight or something?” Hermione stated, yawning as a form of lack of sleep.

“Ah- I think so.” Ron pulled out his Transfiguration homework and scribbled down some answers.


Tonks ran down to the great hall, to see if Harry was having a late supper. But he wasn't there either.

“Where can he be?” She asked her self quietly.

She hurried off to the library, remembering that she had heard Filius talking about him being in the library before. The floors were quite slippery as they had just been cleaned by Filch and Tonks skidded along the hallway.

“Get off my clean floor!” Filch yelled after her, as she left dirty footprints on the wet floor.

She turned and smirked at him and continued onto the library.

He wasn’t working on the first set of desks.

Or the second.

Nor the third.

In fact he wasn’t in any of the seats, anywhere. Tonks sighed as she reached the end bookshelves. And then she was met by a surprise. Sitting alone was a 16 year old boy, trying to keep himself awake so he could work out of one of the library books.

“Harry?” She whispered. Harry jumped and turned a shocked look on his face. He looked at her and frowned.

“What do you want?” he asked, propping his head up on his arm, resting it on the desk.

“Harry... I just... Well... I was listening to Professor and Flitwick and Professor McGonagall... Well... I just felt bad...” She had never felt so awkward in here life. “Harry, I just wanted to say sorry. I didn’t mean what I said-”

“It was very low Tonks, especially for you. And it sounded like you meant it when you said it.” He snapped. She cowed slightly, hoping he would forgive her.

“Harry, I don’t want us to fight. I love you like a mother would... Remus loves you two. You can’t keep hiding from everyone.” She sighed. Harry relaxed a small bit, taking in her every word.

“I forgive you” he said, finally, a slight note of reluctance within his voice. “But, can I just ask you something? Why was Remus upset the other day?”

Tonks seemed a small bit taken aback at this question, but answered anyway. “He came in an awkward time. He thought I was... lets just say cheating on him. But I wasn't! I would never do that! And now, he just wont understand.”

Harry nodded and sighed.

“I will talk to him on the tomorrow, in Hogsmeade. He asked me to meet him there.” Harry told her.

“Oh - thankyou Harry.” She said and pulled him into a hug.

“I should be going to bed now, its late.” Harry said as he yawned.

“Goodnight then!” Tonks said cheerfully, and watched his exit the library. She smiled to herself and sighed. She was very glad to get it over and done with. Harry was a very nice boy, when you weren’t having a fight with him. She turned to leave the library, but-

Silenco!” Someone cried from behind her.

She turned at the sudden sound to see who had cast the silencing spell. No one was there. She sighed again, realising it must have been a fragment of her imagination.

Then she turned back around - to see a black cloaked figure.

A Death Eater.

She tried to scream, but the silencing spell had been aimed for her.

Stupefy!” The Death Eater yelled. Its voice was strangely feminine; But Tonks didn’t have time to realise who it was, because her whole world had gone black.


That night Harry had felt very fidgety. He had no idea why he felt this way, only that he was glad that he wasn’t fighting with Tonks anymore. A strange buzzy feeling was situated in his head. His hands shook and his scar was faintly throbbing, but not enough to make his brows crease in pain.

Harry absentmindedly rubbed his forehead as he recalled the events of the previous evening, trying to work out why he had a very small amount of rest.

“Ouch” He cried as he could feel Voldemort’s happiness.

“What’s wrong Harry?” Hermione asked, as she looked up from her books, which were scattered across the table.

In the past couple of weeks, the trio had spent hardly any time together, even Ron and Hermione. Their school work had finally caught up on them, and they were spending most of their free time doing extra curriculum activities, such as the DA and Quidditch. It wasn’t as if they were growing apart, they all knew they needed their space to study, even if they were taking practically the same subjects.

“Ah- My scar - It keeps hurting. I think he’s happy, really happy...” Harry trailed off. “You coming to Hogsmeade?” He asked suddenly.

“Yes of course! I need some time to get out of studying... Ha - I know what you’re thinking, is this Hermione Granger we are talking about... But I am spending too much time inside at the moment...” Harry smiled; listening to Hermione babble was something he found funny at times.

“Well, we’d better go, there’s no use spending time on homework we have already finished.” Harry exclaimed. Hermione nodded and they went to look for Ron, who happened to be stuffing his face at the Gryffindor table.

“Ron, we’re going now...” Hermione started. “What happened to your face?” She asked.

“Ah- Malfoy” he said as he wiped his nose with the sleeve of his jumper. His face was covered in soot, and his eyebrows looked as if they had been burnt off. “A bit of help please!” He said in an aspirated voice.

“Oh sorry Ron.” Harry muttered and flicked his wand, causing all the soot to disappear and his eyebrows to regain their full red colour and length. “Why did he do that to you?” Harry asked him.

“I bumped into him in the hallway... when I was talking to his girlfriend...” Ron stumbled to find his words, as he watched someone over Harry’s shoulder, blushing.

“That ferret has a girlfriend?” Harry asked suddenly interested.

“Who in their right mind would go out with Malfoy? Well, other than Pansy Parkinson.” Hermione muttered angrily as the pug nosed girl strolled past, sticking her chest and nose in the air, which caused Hermione to burst out laughing.

“Guess who, Harry.” Ron muttered, still staring over Harry’s shoulder.

“How would I know...? Who are you looking at-” Harry turned around. “Cho? Malfoy’s going out with Cho?” Harry could feel his hate for the ferret growing inside him.

“It’s not as if she wants to be with him...” Ron started, trying to explain. “She was telling me before... He said something to her... threatening her...” He blushed again; though his face turned serious as he told the others what she had told him.

“Don’t tell me, Ron, that you have a crush on Cho Chang?” Harry asked suddenly.

“Oh-no, no why would I have a crush on her-I mean I wouldn’t betray you Harry, she was your girlfriend before...” Harry could tell he was lying.

“Ron, listen to me, I will be happy for you, what ever you chose.” He said a truth in his voice. Ron smiled and stood up from the table.

“Lets go to Hogsmeade then” He said and the three exited the hall, for the gates.

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Harry Potter and the Army of Decendants: Chapter 47 - Quidditch at its best!


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