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Going Under by Erica
Chapter 7 : Come Back
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I'm dying again

Dumbledore's head drooped as a tear fell into his beard.Madme Pomfrey had tears in her eyes.Ron was crying silently.Hermione was sobbing very hard.Ginny was screaming and tugging at Harry and telling him to come Back.

I'm going under
Drowning in you
I'm falling forever
I've got to break through

It was a horrible moment.The boy who lived had just become the boy who saved the world and died.
Five minutes went by.Fawkes had come and cried on Harry's wounds,but it was too late.He was already dead.

I'm going under
Going under
I'm going under

Everyone,even Ginny,quieted down after a while until everyone was just crying silently.Harry opened his mouth.

"Excuse me,are you done crying yet? Cause if you are,I'd like to get up now"

Everyone stopped crying.

"H-Harry?" Ginny asked.

"You still didn't answer me" Harry said.

"Harry? Is that y-you?" Ron asked.

Harry opened both his eyes.

"Well you still didn't answer my question" He said smiling.

"Harry!" Hermione shouted.

"Harry! Oh Harry!" Ginny threw her arms around him.

"But,how?" Ron asked.

"All your tears brought me back" He said poniting to all of them. "There was love in those tears.And nothing but love brought be back"

Everyone smiled.Harry took out a ring.

"Ginny,I know you have one more year of school left,but I can't wait any longer.Will you marry me?"

"Yes! Yes!" She said throwing her arms around him.

Harry looked at Ron as he smiled.

"Hermione,I may not have much" Ron started taking out a ring. "But I hope that love is enough.Will you marry me?"

"Yes Ron! Of course!"

"Oh Albus" Pomfrey said. "Young love"

"Yes,the love that those four have for each other will last forever" Dumbledore said.


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Going Under: Come Back


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