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Going Under by Erica
Chapter 5 : Dying
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Harry found Ron and Hermione in the great hall.He now had to gashes in his right arm.His robes were soaking in his blood.

"Harry!" Hermione screamed.

Another gash formed across his body.
They took him to the hospital wing.Madme Pomfrey lyed him on a bed.Ron and Hermione sat in chairs on the left side of the bed.Hermione was crying.

"W-Whats happening to you?" She gasped through tears.

"Voldemort-" Harry started coughing.

Madme Pomfrey took a cloth and wiped the tricle of blood from his mouth.

"Voldemort,I killed him,but the curse didn't work as fast as it should have.So before-" He started coughing horribly. "Before he died,I don't know what spell he hit mw with,but he said I'd die a slow painful-" He started coughing again. "Death"

"Harry!" Hermione sobbed. "Oh Harry!"

"You can go if you like" Harry said before coughing again.

"No mate" Ron finally spoke. "We want t-to be with you" A tear ran down his face.

Harry smiled at his friends.

Madme Pomfrey wiped his mouth again.

"I'll fetch the Headmaster" She said.

She left and a few moments later,came back with Dumbledore.

"Ginny" Harry coughed. "Get Ginny,I need to tell her something"

Madme Pomfrey came back a few minutes later with non other than Ginny Weasley.

So go on and scream

She rushed to his side and tears poured out of her eyes.

"Oh Harry" She said taking his hand.

"Headmaster,isn't there something?" Madme Pomfrey asked.

"No Poppy" He said. "There is nothing"

"Ginny" Harry said. "I need to say some-" He started coughing horribly again. "Something.I should have told you long a-" He started coughing again. "Ago"

I'm so far away
I won't be broken again

Hermione started crying again while Ron held her in his arms.

"What Harry?" Ginny asked.

"I-I-I" A big gash formed across his chest.

"Harry!" Hermione cried.

Tears were sliding down Ron's face one by one.

It was getting harder for Harry to breath now.

I've got to breath
I can't keep going under

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Going Under: Dying


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