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somthing unusual by brevlen
Chapter 1 : somthing unusual
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Disclaimer: I do not own any of JK’s characters. I wish I did. I just own any characters you don’t recognize. There will be many new characters in this story and I don’t know who they will all be yet.

Harry Potter looked like any other normal 14…well almost 15 year old boy. But he was far from normal in almost every sense of the word. Except for the fact that he was a boy and he was almost 15 there was nothing normal about him. You see he happened to be a wizard for one. Also his parents had been killed by the most powerful wizard of their time and he had survived. He was the only survivor of an attack by He-Who-Shall-Not-be-Named. Harry Potter was known as the boy who lived. Some times this fame felt like more then he could carry on his shoulders and more often then not he wished he was a normal kid with a normal life.

On this day however he had managed to forget about his problems for a while. He was busy enjoying an extremely rare day to him self. His aunt and uncle had taken Dudley clothes shopping as a reward for losing 10lbs through the course of the last school year. Mrs. Figg had not been home and Dudley had absolutely refused to let Harry come along with them. So Mr. Dursley had threatened Harry about doing “any funny business” while they were out and had left, though not before handing Harry a list of chores to do while they were gone.

Ordinarily Harry would go through his chores slowly so as to be able to stay away from his family for as long as possible throughout the day but since they were gone he hurried through them and finished his chores by one. He knew that they were also going to dinner after shopping so he knew he would be home alone till around 7 that evening. He took the rare opportunity to watch some T.V. and get some of his homework started. Summer vacation had only started 3 days ago but he didn’t know when he would have the opportunity to do so again. Later on in the afternoon he would write his friends and see how they were doing and if they had any plans for the rest of the summer. He was hoping to spend some time at Ron’s and maybe even see Hermione.

As he sat doing his homework a noise came to his ears. It took him some moments to realize what it was. It was sleet and after a few minutes turned to hail then for a few brief and astonishing seconds it was snowing. The snow only lasted for about 30 seconds before going back to sleet. The sleet lasted for a good hour. Harry couldn’t think of why it would be sleeting (let alone snowing) on June 29th when earlier the news had reported the temperature to be in the 70’s. He quickly finished up some of his homework and went to write to Ron.

Dear Ron,

How is your vacation so far? Is the weather at the Burrow as crazy as the weather we are having here? It snowed for a few seconds here today and the temperature was 76 degrees! I wonder what in the world is going on. Write back if you find anything out. Maybe I will owl Hermione and ask her if anything like this has ever happened anywhere in history.

Your Friend,

Just as he was losing sight of Hedwig he spotted Pig approaching the house. Ron’s owl fluttered about his head and didn’t seem to want to hold still as he untied the letter. He opened the letter and read:

Dear Harry,

I hope your summer is going ok. Let me know if those awful muggles do anything mean. If they do we will come get you right away. Anyways you wouldn’t believe the weather we have been having here. It’s crazy snow, rain and everything, though I have to assume that you are having crazy weather as well cause I just got a letter from Hermione telling me that she can’t figure out what is going on with the weather and she wishes that she was at Hogwarts because then she would have access to a proper library and might be able to figure something out. I think that she is convinced that it is a magical problem but when I asked my dad he said he didn’t know any type of magic, even dark arts, that could change the weather of the entire country. I am sure I will hear from you soon in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if our owl’s crossed paths in the air.

Your Friend,

Harry had to smile at that last part. Only your best friend could anticipate you sending a letter before you sent it. Though the longer he thought the more concerned he became. What could possibly be causing all this crazy weather? Since he didn’t have the answers and since it for once didn’t have anything to do with him he decided to just forget about it, make himself a sandwich and do some more homework before the Dursley’s came back.

Later on as he sat in his room trying to come up with a way to explain the various uses of dragon blood for his practice owl questions, so that it didn’t sound as if he copied it from the text, he saw the headlights from his uncle’s car turn into the driveway. He quickly closed his books and rolled up his scroll while checking to make sure he didn’t get any ink on the covers. He then hurried to put everything under the loose floorboard before his aunt and uncle came upstairs to check on him.

Only a few moments later he heard what he knew to be his uncle thundering up the stairs. And then his uncle was standing in his room.

“Boy!” Said his uncle with a face as red as fire. “You ungrateful little worm. I told you absolutely NO funny business while we were gone and what do you go and do but make it snow! Well after pulling a stunt like this you won’t eat for a month. You better never do anything like this again or you will pay.”

“But…but I didn’t do it.” Harry tried to explain. No matter how hard he tried he just couldn’t make his uncle understand that he didn’t do it though after a couple of days his uncle calmed down enough and started giving him food again. Not that he had been in danger of starving no he had plenty of food saved up from what his friends sent him.

Harry had written Ron to tell him that his aunt and uncle thought that the weather change was all his fault. Ron had written back to say that after receiving there letter they had asked Dumbledore for permission to take Harry for the rest of the summer but he had told them to wait a couple days yet. Even Harry knew that Professor Dumbledore must have good reason for wanting him to stay there. He just hoped it didn’t mean that Voldermort was in town. That would be just what he didn’t need.

A few days later on the 1st of July Harry woke up to an owl perched on the top of his bed. It was an owl he didn’t recognize. He sat up, rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and put his glasses on. As he was untying the letter from the owl he noticed it had the Hogwarts crest stamped on it. This confused him slightly it wasn’t yet his birthday and it was also to early for his yearly letter as that came around the same time as his birthday. He gave the owl some treats and let it drink out of Hedwig’s dish before sending it back on its way and sitting down on his bed to read the letter.

Dear Mr. Potter,

I hope you are having a delightful summer. I am sure you have taken notice of the strange weather we have been having. While I can’t explain everything in this letter (that would take entirely to long) I will be explaining things to you and your friends very soon. On the day you get this letter you will be going to the Burrow. The Grangers have very kindly offered to pick you up on their way to the Weasley home. Hopefully this will go over much better with your relatives than someone trying to come through their fireplace. The Grangers shall arrive at 10 in the morning. You, Ron, and Hermione will stay at the Burrow for three days. Remus Lupin will then arrive to pick you up. He will bring you here to Hogwarts where everything will be explained. You will be staying at the school for one week and a day before going off. I hope that you will be willing to help in the matters presented to you though if you choose not to help no one will fault you or blame you. Just know you and your friends are our first choice. Now I know you don’t understand any of this. I didn’t mean to say so much here. I am sorry I started to ramble while trying to write almost three dozen letters at one time. I will see you in three days.

Albus Dumbledore Headmaster
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Harry turned and looked at his clock. It was 7:00, which meant that he had three hours before he would be leaving. He decided that he had a few minutes to sit and think about what the letter had said or didn’t say. He was fairly sure that what ever Dumbledore had in mind had to do with the weather but what about it he didn’t know. At least Ron and Hermione would be going along as well. “They did make a pretty good team after all.” He thought. Lupin would be coming to pick them up, maybe he would have Sirus with him. That would be great. Harry hadn’t seen his godfather since the end of the school year and that wasn’t under the best circumstances. They would be staying at the school for a while. That either meant that what ever had to be explained would take a very long time or that they were in grave danger. He hoped it was the prior. Help in matters presented to them. How could they help? They were just kids after all, underage wizards. Three dozen letters! Were they all the same? Who else would be there? Were they all going to be students? He had so many questions and no answers. “Well” he thought, “I might as well go downstairs and tell them that I am leaving soon. At least they will be happy to be rid of me.”

Harry entered the kitchen and started getting breakfast ready. It didn’t take long they were still eating grapefruits and toast, though at least since Dudley had been losing weight they were now at least using jam on the toast. As he sat down to eat he looked up at his uncle and said: “Um…excuse me uncle Vernon” he waited till his uncle looked up and acknowledged him “My friends are coming to pick me up today and I won’t be back for at least two weeks. Possibly the rest of the summer.” Then he thought to himself “the rest of the summer if I am lucky.”

His uncle turned beet red and looked like he was about to explode then thought the better of it. He was no doubt thinking about Harry’s godfather Sirus Black. “Oh, very well. So be it. I just hope you are gone for the whole summer. That way you won’t be a nuisance and a bother. Maybe the weather around here will go back to normal.” He paused for a moment before adding. “I just hope they don’t try to explode my living room again or so help me they will be sorry.”

Harry decided not to mention that the Grangers were picking him up and that they would no doubt be using a regular car because he didn’t think it would do any good. Seeing as it was now almost 9:00 he decided to shower, shave, and pack so he would be ready to leave when they got there.

At five after ten the doorbell rang. His uncle shouted up to him that the door was for him. He came down to see Mr. Granger and Hermione standing in the doorway. Mr. Granger helped Harry with his trunk while Hermione grabbed Hedwig’s cage. They left quickly and before Harry knew it they were at the Weasley’s.

A/N: I hope you like this chapter. This story is going to be a little different and quite short. It will probably end up being about 4 chapters. Please review and let me know how I am doing.

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