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Going Under by Erica
Chapter 2 : I Can Take Care Of Myself
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"Ginny,stay out of things you don't understand"

"And what if I do understand them Ron? Harry doesn't want to be bothered"

"I just realized,my sister will never shut up"

"And I just realized my brother is an asshole"

Ginny got up and ran outside.Hermione gave Ron a 'now look what you've done' look.


Ginny stopped and sat by the lake.

Don't want you hand this time I'll
Save myself
Maybe I'll wake up for once

She looked at who was sitting next to her.

"Sorry Harry,didn't know you'd be here"

"Don't go.Its nice having you around"

What did he just say? It was nice having me around? After all these years he's paid no attention to me and now I'm nice to have around?!


"Everything I do is for nothing.What do I get at the end of being the hero? Nothing.Nothing at all.Everyone exspects me to defeat Voldemort for them.The weight of the world is on my shoulders.But when I see you,the weight lifts"

"Hold on,after all these years you've ignored me and now I make you feel better! Do you exspect me to forgive you? Your a real asshole sometimes"

"Thats fair" He said shrugging.

He got up and went for a walk around the lake.Thats fair he said.He didn't get angry at her.He just said thats fair.Those words perierced her heart.

She got up and went for a little walk.But something grabbed her arm.It was a slytherin.

"Hello,whats a pretty little thing like you doing alone?" He asked.

"Let go,your hurting me" She said.

"I'll hurt you more then.I'm going to give you the time of your life"

"Get off!"

"Come on now girly"

"Stop it! Your hurting me!"

Not tormented daily deafeated by you
Just when I thought I've reached the bottom
I'm dying again

Suddenly,the slytherin let go and he was on the ground,nose bleeding.

"Stay out of this Potter" The slytherin said.

"You stay away from her you bastard" Harry said.

Harry lead Ginny back to the lake.

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