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To Love the One You Can not Have by MadisonFelton
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3:The So Called Misery of Mel
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Chapter 3: The So Called Misery of Mel

“Please! No! Please!” Melissa was heard screaming and running down the hall.

James said to Sirius, “You shouldn’t have given him that note to read.”

“I know,” Sirius said guiltily looking at his quill.

“I’m gonna ring your neck, rip out your teeth, and string them on a necklace, mutilate your body, put it in a blender and laugh psychotically,” Monica said, an evil flare in her eyes.

“No-you-you don’t wanna do that!”

“And why not?”

“‘Cos I’m so so so so so so so sorry and I’m just so darn lovable!”

“Hm... I have a better idea. You hafta profess your undying love for Sirius,” Monica said smiling evilly.

“Uh... any other options?”

“Death, by what I described previously.”

“So all I hafta do is profess my undying love for Sirius?”


“Great. As if it wasn’t bad enough,” mumbled Melissa.

“Kiss him."

“You’re evil! Vile! Detestable!”

Melissa trudged behind Monica back into the room. They were all shocked by how extremely upset Melissa looked.

"What did you do to her?" Sirius whispered to Monica.
"Oh, You'll see..." Monica smiled evilly. "Um...OK..."Sirius replied confusedly. Melissa was dreading the end of class. Because- she knew that she had to do something that she never in a million years would have usually done.

Finally, much to Melissa's displeasure, class ended. It had to be the only time she had ever not wanted a class to end. "Um...Sirius?" Melissa grumbled as the class began to disperse and Sirius was still gathering his stuff. "Oh-Hey! What was it that Monica did to you?"
Sirius asked, trademark smile in place. "You'll see..." she sighed. "Monica said that too, I have a feeling that this is not good," Sirius muttered.

"Mind coming up to the common room lunch?" Melissa asked. "OK, sure...Am I gonna find out then?" Sirius asked. "Oh Yeah..." Melissa sighed.


Lunch came, and Melissa was pacing the common room waiting for Sirius to come down from his dorm.
"OK- So...Where's Monica? Isn't she gonna do something?" Sirius asked as he decended the stairs. "Nope- I am" Melissa said. Sirius tilted his head in confusion.

"Sirius-I-I really like you..." she said. Sirius didn't get it. "Um... I like you too... that's a good reason we're friends...that's your punishment?"
"No, Sirius. Look at me." Melissa said seriously forcing him to look her at her, by pushing his chin gently up, tilting his head. He looked her in the eyes, not joking for once in his life.

"I mean... that I-I like you more than a friend..." Melissa told him. He was about to open his mouth to say something, but Melissa kissed him. A few seconds later, Sirius stared at her confused, and dazed. "Wait- are you serious? This is Monica's revenge?" Sirius said finally. Melissa slumped, "I had to tell you how I feel about you and kiss you. Do you know how difficult that was for me?"

"Truth is...I've liked you for a really long time and it was my mistake to tell Monica."
"I don't think so..." Sirius said. "Why?" asked Melissa. "Because- I feel the same way." Sirius said wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her again...


"Monica! Will you stop trying to avoid me? We're going to have to talk about it sometime." Remus told Monica while walking out of the Great Hall, uncharacteristically forcefull for him. "I'm sorry, Remus." Monica sighed, "I- just don't know what to do...I'm so sorry about that happening..." "Yeah, but...Monica. I like you too." Remus said.

"Really?" Monica asked. "I feel kinda bad though..."
"Why is that?" Remus asled. "I feel bad's just that we can't do anything about it." Monica said.
"Why?" Remus asked once again a little more upset this time. "Well...I don' t think it's a good idea, because if we get involved, and break-up or something, I just don't want to lose a great friendship." Monica replied flatly. "Oh..." Remus said looking saddened yet. "Well, I guess so..." They came upon their common room and entered open-mouthed, seeing Sirius and Melissa.

"Whoa!" Remus said startling them. "Oh- Hi..." Melissa
blushed. "Maybe- We should go..." Monica grinned. "Revenge is supposed to be oh so sweet...but you guys ruined it for me!" Monica glared playfully. "Oops, my mistake!" Melissa said laughing.
"Now, go AWAY!" Sirius laughed.

A/N: YES I COMPLETELY RE-WROTE THAT IF YOU HAVEN'T GUESSED! I really thought what I had before was stupid beyond belief...
Anyways! PLEASE REVIEW! and, if it seems that all is too won't be.

Something shocking happens to Monica that changes all of their lives.

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