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Come Closer by KawaiiAce2003
Chapter 10 : Leaving
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Bacon. And eggs. Damn that smelled good.

I opened my eyes slowly and noticed I was alone in the bed. Was Ron cooking? I got up and went into the bathroom. After I was done, I walked out of my room and into the kitchen. There was Ron, dressed in his usual clothes: no shirt and gray sweatpants. He was hovering over my stove and looked like he was cooking up a storm.

"'Morning," He said and I jumped up.

"How did you know I was up?"

He looked at me with his beautiful eyes and smiled, "I just know. Hungry?"


I bounced over the kitchen table, amazed that it was already set. He had put down the plates and silverware, and in the middle there was a bouquet of flowers. White flowers with red tips.

"Do you like the flowers?" He asked coming in with two plates full of bacon and eggs.

"Very much. Let me help..."

"No, I got it," he went back and brought some orange juice, strawberry pancakes, and buttery toast.

"Where did you learn to cook like this?" I asked marveled.

"My mom. She is wicked in the kitchen and I couldn't help but pick things up."

"Where are you parents?"

"Still in England, taking care of my older brother's kids. They love being grandparents."

We fell in silence as we ate. It was delicious; he could definitely make a living as a chef. And I told him that.

"Thanks," He said grinning. "Ginny said the same thing one time."

Suddenly his grin faltered and he put his head down. I had forgotten about his loss, but I couldn't help but ask about it.

"Talk to me."

He looked up at me and there were fresh tears in his eyes. He got up from the table and walked into the bedroom. Before I got up I stuffed my face with some bacon, eggs and pancakes.

I found him sitting on the bed. I noticed it always comes back to my bed. He had his head down but I didn't see any tears. I sat down beside him and put my hand on his back. He didn't look up as he started to talk.

"There is so much I want to tell you Kris. But I can't."

"Why not?"

"Because I don't want to put you in any danger."

Danger? What the hell is he talking about? Knowing about his sister would put me in danger?

"But all I want to know is about your sister. You don't need to tell me more than..."

"That's the thing, for me to tell you what happened to Ginny I would have to tell you everything."

"If it would be a danger to know about your past, isn't it a danger for me to know you now?"

Ron looked up at me with fear in his eyes. He turned to me and put his hands on my cheeks and bringing me close to him. He put his forehead on mine and closed his eyes.

"I would never put you in danger, Kris. I care about you so much, when I saw James hit you, I went crazy. There is nothing I wouldn't do for you and I never want anything to happen to you. I lov......"

"Ring Ring"

The ring from Ron's phone was so loud it made both of us jump. He moved away from me and answered it quickly. While he talked on the phone, I left the room to clean up the kitchen. I'm sure whatever he was talking about wasn't for me to hear.

He quickly walked in the room looking scared and upset at the same time.

"I have to go."

"Okay," I said not really thinking. Of course he needed to go and get some clothes. He didn't pack anything when he surprised me the other day.

"No, I mean..... I have to leave."

Then it clicked. He was going back to England. He was leaving me, for God only knows how long.

"Is everything okay?" I asked.


"When are you leaving?"


"WHAT?" I exclaimed. "You can't leave now!"

"I'm sorry," He said, his voice breaking. "But it's really important."

"More important than me?" I asked before I was thinking.

"No, nothing is more important than you," He walked up to me and held me tightly. "It's just that this is something that I have to do."

"How are you leaving now? You had to have planned this if you're taking a plane ticket to England."

"I didn't plan this! And we aren't taking a plane. We're... it's complicated."

I wasn't upset because he was leaving so suddenly, the way he looked when he told me said that he wasn't coming back for a long time.

If ever.

"Please don't leave me alone," I whispered, on the verge of tears.

Ron held onto me tighter as I started to breakdown. He wasn't going to come back and he knew it. He was leaving me forever with only memories of what could have been.

"Please Kris," He said looking at me. "Don't cry, I will be back for you."

"Why can't I come with you?" I was willing to leave everything behind for him.

"Not yet."

Tears fell down my cheeks as he kissed me deeply. I kissed him back, wanting to savor the flavor that was Ron and remember it always. I wanted to remember how he felt against my body, how he smelled, and how he made me feel.

Like I was loved.

"Now do me a favor," He said taking off a chain with an amber colored stone on it. Funny, I never noticed that before. "Wear this; it will protect you from any harm."

I nodded and let him place the necklace over my head. It was long so it nestled between my breasts. He smiled slightly, kissing me again and holding me close.

"Don't ask any questions. Just trust me."


He gently let me go and place his fingers over my eyes. I closed them and suddenly I heard a loud pop. I opened my eyes to nothing in front of me. He was gone.

I talked to Ron one time after he left America. After he left me. The conversation was brief and he didn't say anything about coming back. I didn't hear from him again after that.

It has been almost a month and no word from Ron. I couldn't believe he had forgotten about me like that. Didn't we have something special? Maybe I am jinxed when it came to boys. James tried to come back to see me but I just ignored him. I pretended I wasn't home or Tony would answer the door and shoo him away.

"Honey he will come back for you," Tony said chilling with me. He was keeping me company with Aiesha, who had come back from her vacation.

"I don't want to talk about it," I said.

"Well, on the bright side," Aiesha commented. "You got that promotion from your job."

I smiled slightly. I did do exceptional work on those drawings. But that was only because I got to spend time with Ron. My company was so pleased with my work they want me to do projects whenever needed from my house. I never have to go in an office until I present my work. I got my dream job with a ridiculous paycheck and I wasn't happy.

"Come on, let's go to the store, get some Ben and Jerry's, rent some movies, and enjoy being beautiful women," Tony said pulling me up out of my misery.

"Actually I'm really tired guys."

"In other words, you want to be by yourself," Aiesha stated. That's the reason she was my best friend, she could always read my mind.

"Alright child, but call us if you need us," Tony said giving me a hug and walking with Aiesha to her car.

I waved goodnight to them and closed the door. I knew exactly what was going to happen; take a bath, put on some Alicia Keys, and go to sleep. That sounded good.

The first two things worked, but the whole going to sleep thing was hard. It's been hard ever since Ron left. I only get about three hours of sleep a night now. Why had I let myself fall hard for him?? Especially after what I had gone through. In less than a month I had fallen in.....

The scratching at my door jerked me out of my thoughts. It sounded like someone was trying to break in. I quickly but quietly got up and threw on an oversized t-shirt and picked up my bat from under the bed. I remembered clearly putting on the chain but I could hear that being tampered with.

As I heard the door open, I stood behind my door and waited for the asshole to come into my room. I figured he would rummage through the living room first to see if there was anything valuable but he came straight to my room. And I was ready for him.

"OWWW! BLOODY HELL!" The man cried out as I slammed my bat against his back.

I quickly dropped the bat and went to the man's aid. I can't believe I didn't see that brilliant hair color when he came in.

"Ron! I'm sorry!"

He looked up at me and smiled. I threw my arms around him and knocked him to the ground. I couldn't believe it was him, he smelled the same, looked the same, and smiled the same. Nothing changed and I was grateful for that.

"Oh gods, I missed you too," He said holding me tighter than usual.

"What's wrong?" I said looking into his ocean gaze. I didn't yell at him for cutting me off for so long, I was just happy to see him.

"I have to get you out of here," He said quickly and helped me up. He went to my closet and took out my suitcase.

"Pack light but everything you need," He instructed.

"Ron...." I started but he kissed me softly.

"Please, Kris, just trust me."

I nodded my head and started to pack. I did trust him. With all of my heart. I packed up some clothes and all of my toiletries. I was done in less than thirty minutes since I could sense the urgency in his voice. When he saw that I was finished, he picked up my bags and made his way in the living room.

"Ron wait, why am I leaving?" I asked.

"It's not safe for you to be here."

"Is it because of you?"

Ron took hold of my hand and looked into my eyes. He held onto my bags and pulled me closer to him.

"Don't be afraid. Clear your thoughts."

"That's impossible. The brain registers too much of what we see everyday. No one can completely clear their thoughts."

"I feel in love with a genius," Ron said with a smile.

"Wha..." He silenced me with a kiss and then I heard a loud pop. The same one as before when he left the first time. I felt a slight jolting sensation and when I opened my eyes, I was not in my living room anymore.

"Holy shit," I said as I pushed away from Ron.

I was in a large living room, with many things scattered around, as if a large family lived there. I stepped back for a moment and collected myself. This had to be a trick. This couldn't be real.

"Kris, breathe," Ron said stepping towards me.

"No. You're not real. None of this is real," I said completely in denial.

"It's real Kris, I have a lot to tell you."

"Hell no! I don't want to hear it! Just take me back!"

"We can't go back."

"Why not?" I asked stepping away from him. There was something different about Ron just then, and I couldn't decide if it was good or bad.

"Because it's not safe for you to be there."

"I haven't been safe ever since I've know you!"

Ron stopped moving towards me and had the most hurtful look on his face. Suddenly there were footsteps filling up the walls around me and in rushed Hermione, Draco, Harry, and a couple of twins with red hair.

"Kris! You're safe!" Hermione said hugging me tightly. I hugged her back but didn't take my eyes off Ron.

"What the hell is going on?" I asked Hermione.

"Well.... um...."

"No point in keeping anything from me."

"Well, we all are wizards."

"Oh," I said simply. "Well, thanks a lot for trusting me enough NOT to tell me."

"We wanted to tell you," Draco said. "But it wouldn't have been safe for you to know."

"Obviously that didn't make a difference," Ron said sadly.

"Am I staying here?" I asked, not really wanting to hear about this sudden revelation.

"Well...." Harry said off guard. "We all have our own places so it's up to you where you want to stay."

"I'll stay with Ron."

"Oye! So our little brother has a gal huh?" One of the redheaded twins said. They both jumped over to me and gave me a hug. "Welcome to the family."

"Um.... it's not like that...." I said but they paid me no mind.

"We'll talk more later; right now you need to get some sleep," The other twin said and then they both disappeared with a 'pop.'

I stared at the place where they were at and couldn't believe my eyes.

"Shall we get going?" Ron asked holding out his hand.

I took his without argument and said goodbye to the others.

"We will be over there tomorrow," Hermione said and they disappeared as well.

Suddenly I felt the slight jolt again and I was in a different room. It had a large king sized bed and a dresser, the basics of a man's bedroom. I sat down on the bed and laid back, the comforter was soft and deep, lulling me into sleep already.

"Let's get you out of those clothes first," Ron said shaking me awake.

I groaned and started stripping until I was only wearing my bra and panties. I didn't care. Waking me up in the middle of the night and then laying it on me that I was a friend with wizards was too much for my brain to register in one night.

Ron quickly looked away as I climbed under his sheets and cover. He looked back to make sure I was decent and the sheets were up to my collarbone.

"Come on," I said sleepily.


"Come to bed."

"I can't. I....."

"Look!" I said yelling. "You left me for a month without any word. You come back randomly and took me away from my home. I come to find out that you're a wizard and you are saying that you can't come to bed? If you don't bring yourself in this bed right now I will magic my foot up your ass!"

Ron stared at me for only a few seconds and then he took off his clothes down to his boxers. He climbed in the bed and let me put my head on his chest. He wrapped his arms around me and soon I fell into the most peaceful sleep I had had in months.

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