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The Mischief Makers and the Quest for Self by Gomer
Chapter 62 : Noble To A Fault: Future Foretold
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Noble To A Fault: Future Foretold

The hospital wing was crowded as Madam Pomphrey and Stella entered the main ward from the office. James, Lily, Cassie, Remus, Peter and Mary Jane watched as the nurse carefully carried a goblet of steaming red potion and waited watching the door to the private room patiently. When the door opened a moment later, an angry Sirius emerged with Dumbledore and Professor Obsidian flanking him on either side.

“Ah Mr. Black,” said Madam Pomphrey happily as she moved towards him with the goblet, “Time to drink up.”

Sirius took the goblet and examined the potion contained within and snapped, “I’m not drinking this poison” and threw it against the wall, causing the goblet to shatter and making the stone wall appear as if it were bleeding.

Everyone watched Sirius cautiously as they knew his condition had deteriorated over the past twelve hours and he was virtually unbearable to be around. Where overnight he had moments of calm, now the following evening rage consumed him.

“Sirius my boy,” said Dumbledore gently as he motioned Stella and the nurse towards the office. “You need to drink the potion or you will only get worse.”

Sirius glared at the head master and seethed, “You’re trying to poison me old man. It’ll be a warm day at Durmstang before I put any liquid down my throat brewed by the Potions Shrew.”

Professor Obsidian laughed and said, “Always charming Mr. Black” as Sirius glared at her. “Now be a good little boy and take the potion, or I’ll have to send you home to visit your mother.”

“Are you sure you aren’t her in disguise? You’re just as vile and loathsome as she is,” snapped Sirius hatefully.

Professor Obsidian grabbed Sirius by the collar, pulling him down face to face with him and said, “If only I were as tall as your mother, then it would be much easier for me to look you in the eye when I taunt you. But choking you until you are almost unconscious will have to do. Now, Sirius, you will drink the next goblet of potion these fine ladies hand you,” she said motioning to Stella and Madam Pomphrey as they returned with another goblet of steaming potion, “or I will have James, Remus and Peter hold you down and I’ll administer it through the orifice of my choice. Do I make myself clear?”

The look of shock on Sirius’ face was matched by everyone in the room, except Professors Dumbledore and Obsidian, who were both looking at each other mischievously.

“My word,” said Madam Pomphrey in shock as her hands shook holding the goblet.

Professor Obsidian took the goblet from the nurse’s hand and gave it to Sirius, but before she removed her hand from the glass stem she looked into Sirius’ eyes and said, “I will make good on my threat, so I suggest you just suck it up, and suck it down.”

Sirius looked at the glass of steaming potion now in his hand, then looked once again into Professor Obsidian’s eyes and began bringing the goblet to his lips. He watched as the professor smiled victoriously, then as the goblet was about to touch his lips he proceeded to swiftly break it over her head and laughing.

Professor Obsidian looked like she was bleeding profusely from her head, but with a wave of her wand the potion was gone and her long, light brown hair was once again clean and dry.

“Fine,” she said quietly as she glanced at Dumbledore who turned away with a smile on his face. “We’ll do it my way. Stella, bring the last batch of potion if you please.”

Stella nodded and went into the office and returned moments later with yet another goblet of potion. Professor Obsidian looked at the horrified faces of the three marauders and their friends, and then motioned for the boys to step forward.

“Let me try,” said Stella apprehensively. She turned to Sirius and moved towards him with the goblet in hand and said, “How about it Sirius, drink the potion. I promise you it will help.”

“Its poison,” he snapped as he moved towards her aggressively. James and the others moved to position themselves between but Stella waved them off as Sirius towered over her in an attempt to intimidate.

“One last chance Sirius, then Professor Obsidian will do this her way, and it will not be pleasant,” said Stella glancing up at him casually.

She allowed Sirius to grab her arm causing the potion to spill to the ground; and he said, “Well that ends it, no more potion” as he grinned triumphantly.

It was at this moment that Stella chose to strike and with a swift knee to the groin, Sirius found himself on his knees clutching himself as he struggled to breathe. A moment later he felt the small witches knee strike his chin and in an instant he was flat on the ground on his back and she was straddling his chest, with her legs pinning his arms to the ground. Everyone watched as she pulled a corked vial of the hot red potion from a pouch hanging on her belt and pulled the cork out with her teeth and let it fall to the ground.

“Stella no,” said Dumbledore half-heartedly as he grinned from ear-to-ear. “Oh who am I kidding, fifty points for Slytherin if you can get that potion into him.”

Stella grinned as Sirius struggled through his knee induced dazed and she grabbed the Gryffindor by the hair roughly, causing his mouth to open and she poured the potion into it and quickly dropped the vial and held his nose closed, as she placed her other hand over his mouth so he couldn’t spit it out.

“Two choices Sirius, swallow and breathe, or pass out, swallow and breathe,” she told him jubilantly. “Frankly my house could use the points.”

Even Madam Pomphrey was smiling as they watched five foot four Stella control the six foot one Sirius. It became a battle of wills, and they watched as Sirius’ eyes began to glaze over from lack of oxygen and his struggle lessen as he finally swallowed the potion.

Stella moved her hands from his face, and as she smiled down at him said, “Fifty points for Slytherin!”

Sirius threw Stella off him and she landed sprawled on her back on the ground near him as he sat up. He looked at Stella oddly, then breathlessly said, “Thank you, nothing like taking potions with dignity” as he hugged her.

“You are welcome,” said Stella happily. “It was fun. I’ve wanted to kick your bloody backside for a very long time. I welcomed the opportunity.”

“Some pacifist you turned out to be,” said James smiling as he extended a hand and helped Stella to her feet.

“You should feel slightly better immediately,” said Professor Obsidian happily, “Although it will take twelve hours or so before you get the full effect of the potion.”

“But certain delicate parts are going to be sore for a month,” he said almost bitterly as he sat on the ground leaning against the wall with his eyes closed.

Dumbledore looked down at Sirius and gently said, “Welcome back.”

“It’s been like living in a nightmare,” muttered Sirius in annoyed frustration. “I’m not sure what really happened and what didn’t.”

“Unfortunately my boy,” said Dumbledore sadly, “if it was dreadful, you probably did it.”

Sirius looked at his hands and in his mind all he could see is himself striking Isabelle and blaming her for Gareth Lonigan’s death. They watched as the impact of what he had done under the influence of the potion hit him like a bludger during quidditch practice and looked at Stella and muttered, “I have to see Isabelle. I have to tell her how sorry I am.”

Stella looked to the head master for guidance and Dumbledore pulled up a chair and sat across from Sirius and explained, “You cannot see her for the next twelve to twenty-four hours, as we need to ensure the potion has reached the maximum effect. Your reaction was most aggressive towards her.”

“Where is she?” he asked quietly.

They saw the intense guilt on his face and Dumbledore continued, “She is most likely in the library. She spent the better portion of the day hidden at the small table concealed by the restricted section.”

“Is she alright?” he asked concerned.

“She appears a bit somber,” said Dumbledore quietly, “but I’m sure she will be fine. Right now, you need to rest because in a few minutes the potion is going to make you feel quite relaxed.”

Sirius looked into Dumbledore’s blue eyes and knew there was more that the head master wasn’t saying. He got up from the floor, nodded to the others and returned to the private room without uttering another word.

When the door closed behind him, James looked at Dumbledore and asked, “When will he be allowed out of the hospital wing?”

Dumbledore was still staring at the closed door to the private room and said, “Some time tomorrow if all goes well.” He then turned to Stella and said, “If only Isabelle could have seen you in action my dear; if she had I’m sure she would listen to you in the future.”

Stella laughed and said, “I have to admit, it felt good.”

“You have a wonderful bedside manner,” said Dumbledore smiling at her mischievously.

“Severus never complains,” she said grinning as she left the hospital wing, leaving everyone standing there in shock.

Sirius opened his eyes hours later to find himself in the hospital wing. He rolled over and buried his face in a pillow and muttered, “I was hoping it was just a nightmare. Isa I’m sorry.”

After a few minutes of laying there in the darkness, he got up and glanced out the window longingly in the direction of the Forbidden Forest, wishing he were there at Los Moros with Isabelle right now. He couldn’t help but wonder if she would forgive him for his dreadful behavior towards her over the past few days. He felt jealous when he thought of the photographs of her with Regulus dancing, and he wanted to pound his brother into a fine powder when he thought of how he looked at the woman he loved.

He felt insecurity consume him as he thought about Regulus. He never felt insecure when it came to a girl before, but this was different. He knew his brother had always treated Isabelle differently than he had other girls; he loved her and the thought of Isabelle in his arms as he saw in the Daily Prophet article left him wondering if he wasn’t standing in the way of her happiness with the Slytherin. Regulus had never hurt her the way he did over the past few days, and looking back at the experience with a fairly clear head convinced him to apologize to them, then step back and allow the two fifth years to be together, because it was now obvious to him that they were meant for each other.

He stood at the window quietly for a while, watching the whomping willow sway distantly in the breeze as he accepted the end of his relationship with Isabelle. He saw a small cloaked figure heading from the castle into the woods, and he knew it was Isabelle going off to sit on the ledges alone, and he watched her unhappily, as he imagined that before long Regulus would be the one joining her there, not him.

Sirius stepped away from the window and quietly entered the main hospital ward, knowing that if he looked out that window, that he would be looking out in the opposite direction and maybe he could get his mind off her.

“Knutt for your thoughts Mr. Black,” said Professor Obsidian gently as she came out from behind the privacy dividers that hid her from the empty ward.

Sirius turned to her and quietly said, “There’s not much to tell that probably isn’t obvious.”

Professor Obsidian looked from Sirius to the window and said, “I’m sure your view of Isabelle would be much better from your window than mine.”

Sirius looked at her surprised that she had read him so well and quietly replied, “I’m trying to avoid looking at her if you wouldn’t mind.”

“Why are you avoiding looking at her?” she asked watching him closely.

“Guilt,” he said staring at his feet anxiously.

“Guilt makes people do stupid things,” she told him gently, “As does nobility; and you suffer from a tremendous amount of both.”

Sirius looked at her in disbelief and said, “You can never have too much nobility.”

The professor smiled at him and said, “Too much of anything is a bad thing Sirius, even nobility. Haven’t you ever heard the expression ‘being noble to a fault’?”

He nodded but said nothing as he watched her absentmindedly rub her protruding stomach.

“You and Isabelle are a great deal alike; noble to a fault,” she told him without taking her eyes from his. “You belong together.”

“She belongs with Regulus,” he snapped before turning back to the window.

“She doesn’t love Regulus, she loves you,” the professor told him. “She has since your first night alone out on the ledges at Los Moros.”

Sirius swiftly turned and looked at the professor in shock; he couldn’t fathom how the professor knew about their first time alone together. “Who are you and how do you know about Los Moros?”

Professor Obisidian smiled up at him and said, “I know a great deal about your friendship with Isabelle; and her partnership with Regulus.”

“Partnership?” he asked in disbelief. “Deep down she loves him; that much is obvious.”

Professor Obsidian laughed and said, “Yes she loves him, but to her Regulus is like a twin brother, not a lover, of that much I am certain.”

Sirius looked at her and suspiciously asked, “Who are you?”

“A messenger,” she told him quietly. “I was sent to this time in order to protect the future as it should be.”

She could see the confusion on his face as she continued, “Time travel is not something to be taken lightly and is strictly controlled by the Ministry of Magic in my time. Unfortunately, a dark wizard managed to get his hands on a powerful time turner from the Department of Mysteries and they turn came back here to modify the future in such a way that the future downfall of Voldemort would be avoided.”

Sirius looked at her in disbelief and said, “April fools day isn’t for another few weeks.”

“I wish I were kidding Sirius,” she told him sadly. “But you and Isabelle being broken apart is what this wizard was attempting to change. The potion given to you originally wasn’t as nasty as the draught you were given this time, and you managed to get passed the large bump in the road with Isabelle once. This time it is different and if you do not fight for her, the future will change and the wizarding world will be consumed by darkness.”

Sirius wasn’t sure how to react to the Professors words and said, “And that makes you whom?”

Professor Obsidian smiled, took his hand and led him to the private room, closing the door behind them. She then sealed it with a charm and turned to Sirius and said, “Rule number one of time travel is never been seen, or at least not in your natural form.”

“Hence the Professor Obsidian gig?” asked Sirius somewhat confused.

“Well I couldn’t set foot on the school grounds when I’m here as a student, now could I?” asked the professor smiling at him.

Sirius stared at her fixedly now, then said, “You’re here as a student?”

“Yes,” she said grinning. “Greater wizards than I have killed their future selves when they surprised them during time travel; I prefer not to suffer the same fate.”

Sirius smiled at her and said, “So do I know you?”

“Most definitely,” said Professor Obsidian, “and I am here to encourage you to fight for Isabelle because you are the one she truly loves, not Regulus. I’ve made this journey numerous times and have found that this event is the proverbial fork in the road; if you win her back, the future will be as it was and the masterless death eater’s task will have failed; if you two part ways, she will slowly fall to darkness and become what her namesakes were before her.”

Sirius paled at the professors words and after a moment his voice was full of agitation as he said, “How can this all hinge around her and I? It makes no sense. She belongs with Regulus.”

“Her future is with you,” said Professor Obsidian firmly.

“It can’t be,” said Sirius anxiously. “Look at her with Regulus; everyone sees they are perfect together.”

“This insecurity isn’t like you Sirius,” she told him gently as she stood before him. “I need you to trust me on this; she needs you, not Regulus.”

“So she is going to survive judgment at Stonehenge,” deduced Sirius, “so how dark can she go?”

He saw sadness fill the professor’s face as she realized that she was failing at her mission and might have to take more drastic measures. “The charm upon the Loare’s was flawed. Rowena Ravenclaw and Godric Gryffindor never anticipated a pure Loare stepping up to be judged; rather than her being destroyed by the charm, it was the charm that was destroyed with significant damage to everyone within fifty meters of the henge; including Isabelle.”

Sirius looked as if he were about to be sick and said, “How many people died that day?”

“It depends on which future happens; if she begins her journey into darkness only a handful die at Stonehenge, but they include Professor Dumbledore, the entire Potter line, Remus, Cassie, Peter, Stella and many others,” the professor told him sadly.

Sirius sat down on the bed in shock as he whispered, “And if she doesn’t journey into darkness?”

“A number of ministry aurors and quite a few death eaters,” she told him quietly. “Either way, Isabelle is critically injured and never the same as she was before.”

“What happens if neither happens?” asked Sirius quietly.

“What do you mean?” asked the professor apprehensively.

“What if she’s still conflicted and unsure about our future when she is judged?” asked Sirius staring at the professor who paled at his words. “What if in her mind it’s not black or white, but a shade of grey?”

It was the professors turn to look like she was going to be sick as she whispered, “I have no idea.”

Sirius looked at her and said, “So are you really pregnant?”

“Quite,” she replied deep in thought. “And I need to get home to ensure my children are born in their time; if they are born at all.”

“Run me through this again please,” said Sirius emotionally.

“The events of the past two days are the most important ones in both of your lives. If Isabelle chooses her continued isolationism, she will be lost to darkness in the future. In the past twenty-four hours she has pushed everyone away, including Regulus, Dev, Mac and Dumbledore. Her nobility will be her downfall, and her downfall will allow Voldemort to survive what should have been his demise in the future, followed by the wizarding world falling to him not long afterward.”

“Did you come on your own?” he asked quietly.

“I was sent here by Dumbledore in the future, to ensure that you go into the Forbidden Forest tonight after Isabelle, because if you do not, she will unknowingly take the first steps towards darkness” she said. She must not face Stonehenge without resolution to the conflict between you. The henge calls to her and in the final weeks before judgment she will experience a surge in dark power to tempt her; it is part of the test. The charm theory was that she must renounce the darkness at the henge in order to pass the test, but as I said before, the charm is flawed.”

She watched as his mind processed the information for a moment before she continued, “I also have reason to believe that Voldemort is very much aware of flaw and will look to exploit it for his gain and the death eater who journeyed back in time was quite loyal to him, so I would assume he sought out the Dark Lord and offered enough information for Voldemort to possibly stage a power play at Stonehenge and attempt to transfer the Loare magic to himself.”

“Is that possible?” asked Sirius intently.

“I hope not, but I believe so,” she said quietly.

“I just don’t understand how all of this can come down to my actions tonight? It just seems surreal,” he muttered.

“If I can prove to you that my intentions are noble will you go after her?” she asked nervously.

“Yes,” he said staring at her. “Somehow I get the feeling I already know too much about the future and I have a memory charm coming my way in the near future.”

Professor Obsidian smiled and said, “Well your brother had one in January, so it’ll be your turn next, but don’t worry, I’ll make sure I leave you with a few special thoughts.”

Sirius stared at her apprehensively and she added, “Here goes.”

He watched as the professor brought both hands together before her almost reverently as she touched her index fingers to her lips. He was shocked as he watched the professor begin to transform.

She got much thinner but remained the same height and remained quite pregnant, if anything her stomach appeared much larger than it had been moments before; then her eyes turned a familiar dark brown from their previous grey-green; her skin slowly tanned slightly and her long straight light brown hair got considerably wavier and was now cut just above the shoulder and was beginning to darken in streaks until every hair on her head was dark brown. And finally her facial features changed, her chin shrunk, while her cheekbones grew a bit more pronounced and higher; and finally her nose slimmed and Sirius realized he was looking at Isabelle as she would be in almost thirty-five years.

She said nothing as Sirius looked at her in disbelief. He was surprised that at fifty she still only looked like she was in her thirties, and she was beautiful. He could see the differences in her; gone was the insecure girl, replaced by a confident, powerful woman who was smiling mischievously at him now. He looked at her from head to the tips of her bare toes and his eye quickly returned to the tattoos on her bare ankles of a small black puppy surrounded by a ring of black roses.

“Please tell me I’m Ron,” he muttered desperately still in shock.

Isabelle laughed and said, “Actually Ron is Remus. I married Remus.”

Sirius looked thoroughly disappointed and Isabelle grinned as she told him, “Of course you are Ron. Remus married Cassie, but it bloody well took them long enough.”

Sirius grinned and asked, “Is there any special symbolism to your tattoos?”

“Yes,” she said smiling mischievously at him, but didn’t elaborate.

Sirius gave her a charming smile and asked, “Not going to share?”

“It’s you,” she said quietly, “I got them when we were going through a hard time that I caused a few years after we left school.”

“By the looks of you, we worked through it; so do we really have eight kids and two on the way?” he said staring at her large stomach.

Isabelle nodded as she took his hand and gently placed it on her stomach and he looked at her like he’d been hit with a bludger as he felt the babies move in her womb.

“I can’t believe it,” he said astounded as he continued to rub her stomach. “It just seems so strange.”

“How do you think I feel?” said Isabelle. “I’m fifty years old and I’m standing here swollen as if I ate a quaffle or two, and looking at my husband as a teenager. Suddenly I feel old. I always knew you looked like Jay, or should I say Jay looked like you, but the resemblance is uncanny” she said staring at him fixedly.

“Jay?” asked Sirius curiously.

Isabelle laughed and said, “I’ll show you” as she pulled a small photo album from her robe pocket and waved it at him. Together they sat down as she opened the book to the first photograph. In it was a man in his late twenties standing with a beautiful redheaded woman about the same age.

“This is our oldest son Jay, or should I say: Sirius James Black, and his wife Chrissy Prewett-Black” said Isabelle happily as together they watched as Chrissy laughed as she whispered something in his ear. She watched Sirius stare at the photograph of his son, who was clearly a carbon copy of himself, and she enjoyed watching the look of awe on his young face.

“I can’t believe it,” said a stunned Sirius. “What about the others?”

She turned the page and there was a photograph of three teenage girls with Isabelle, all resembling each other except the girls were all taller than their mother. He laughed as they were all bombed with water balloons and a set of identical twins ran into the picture and knocked them all down.

Isabelle laughed and as she pointed at each child identified them, “This is Stella Marie Black, she is sixteen; then Marie Claire Black age fifteen; and Katherine Elisa Black age fourteen; followed by the trouble twins, Gareth Lonigan Black and Regulus Sean Black, age ten.”

She turned the page and there were two more boys and she watched his reaction as she said, “Albus Brian Black, age seven and finally Severus Alberforth Black.”

“Severus? As in Snivellus, er… Snape?” he snapped in disbelief.

Isabelle laughed and said, “You know, you reacted that way in the future when I suggested we name him Severus. Actually his name is Devlin McCoy Black.”

She watched as Sirius let out a sigh of relief and she laughed at him as he glared at her.

“You almost gave me a coronary,” said Sirius. “Have we had any discussions of what we are naming these two little bundles of joy?”

“Not yet,” she said as she watched him turn the page. He was now looking at a photograph of himself in the future with Isabelle celebrating their thirty-third wedding anniversary, surrounded by their friends. He looked at himself and realized that while he looked older and his hair was short and graying, he looked truly content with his arm around her and the kids pranking each other all around them. Also in the picture was James and a redhead that wasn’t Lily, but then he did a double take and pointed to the man and asked, “Who’s this?”

Isabelle looked at him and quietly said, “That is James and Lily’s son Harry, and the redhead is his wife of fourteen years Ginny; and these are their children, James, Lily and Sirius naturally; and standing next to them are Remus and Cassie’s children, James, Lily, John and Ari.” She then pointed to two more adults, a tall, thin redheaded man and his wife and said, “They are Ron and Hermione Weasley; they went to Hogwarts with Harry, and these are their children. And if you wait a second, Remus and Cassie will be running into the photograph in a minute, as she is always running late due to her work.”

“What is her work?” he asked curiously.

Isabelle smiled and said, “She became Mistress of Magic the two years before Voldemort fell.”

Sirius watched as Remus and Cassie entered the photograph, both age fifty one and they looked truly happy and at ease with each other. He never thought he would see Remus so relaxed and comfortable with himself.

“Where are James, Lily, Peter, Stella, Dev, and the others?” he asked suddenly apprehensive.

Isabelle ran her fingers through her hair nervously and quietly said, “We don’t have time for me to tell you all about the future Sirius. You need to get into the forest and track me down before it’s too late.”

He looked at the photograph of himself with Isabelle from the future and he felt as if he couldn’t pull his eyes from it. Both of them looked like they finally had found peace, which was more than he ever thought he would find. She saw that his young eyes were glued to her photograph and he said, “Why do you look so young when compared to me? I feel like I robbed the cradle.”

She took his young face in her hands and gazed into his eyes and nervously whispered, “You were framed for murders that you did not commit and spent almost thirteen years in Azkaban.”

“Murders?” he asked in shock.

“You were the first to escape Azkaban getting passed the dementors,” she told him, “but it took years before you fully recovered physically. After Voldemort fell on the grounds of Hogwarts, we got back together after being apart for almost sixteen years. It was during that time, when you spent months nursing me back to health, that you also finally began to recover from your ordeal in Azkaban.”

Sirius didn’t know what to say; he felt as if his head was spinning from all of the information being passed on to him.

“Our life wasn’t easy Sirius,” she whispered as she put her small hand on his. “We had many difficult years at the beginning, but once Voldemort fell there was nothing that could keep us apart.”

“Is that why there are so many years between Jay and Stella?” he asked watching her reaction carefully.

“Yes,” she said quietly and he could see an almost haunted look in her eyes. “Our lives were torn apart, as were those of our loved ones. The darkness you see now is nothing compared to what is to come. The death of Gareth was only the beginning of the dark years. We loved, we lost, there was so much death; we were ripped apart. But in the final years of Voldemort’s time the Order of the Phoenix rose from the ashes and together with the Ministry of Magic under Cassie’s rule was he finally put down for good and for the first time we found what we desired our entire lives, normalcy.”

He looked into her familiar dark eyes and saw her inner pain, but also saw that she truly was happy now. He knew what they had achieved, he desperately wanted that future and he knew what he had to do; his only question was will I remember this later

He turned to her and quietly asked, “Please tell me what is going through your mind out there in the forest tonight.”

“I’m terrified that you will be killed by Voldemort when he is trying to get at me,” she told him quietly. “So I’ve convinced myself to take the noble, martyr route and when you apologize to me for the past few days I planned on stepping back from our relationship. If it’s not obvious yet, I don’t handle loss well and I’ve lost plenty in my lifetime,” she whispered at the end. “And before you ask, I’ve always loved you, and not Regulus; although I will admit to being ready to run away with Regulus just a few days ago and start a new hidden life, but I never intended on sleeping with him.”

“So, how long did we date before we finally … well… you know,” he asked embarrassed.

Isabelle laughed as she blushed, and said, “After the third away game during your professional quidditch career. Let’s just say Majorca will always be special.”

Sirius laughed at the blushing fifty year old before him and said, “I can’t believe after eight kids you still blush.”

“Between you and Dev I’ve blushed a great deal in my lifetime,” she said still crimson.

“What is Dev up to in the future?” asked Sirius.

“I can’t tell you that,” she said quietly. “We’re getting off topic.”

“Is there any other advice you can give me before I go to the forest?” he asked more relaxed now.

“Don’t let me emotionally shut down,” she said earnestly, “Push me if I clam up, even if all you can do is make me angry; you need to trigger some type of emotional reaction in me. And lastly, if you feel I’m not really listening and you can’t get through to me, be blunt I respond to blunt.”

He nodded and she reached for her wand and said, “It’s time to erase your memories of the future, but I promise to leave you with the essence of enough for you to go out into the forest and do what you need to do.”

Sirius looked at her as she lifted her wand, but he grabbed her hand and said, “One more question; how did you get past the time paradox? I mean, how can you come back and teach yourself?”

Isabelle laughed at her own cleverness and said, “Liane Obsidian taught potions here for almost two years; this year and next year. She then went on to work at the Department of Mysteries and is almost single-handedly responsible for the development of Wolfsbane potion. She was my teacher and she is my friend. She also married Remus’ father five years after his wife, Remus’ mother died and she was familiar with the concepts of time travel. She allowed me to take her place and actually came back in time with me and with the help of Dumbledore convinced her younger self to allow me to take her place. Complicated but it appears to have worked.”

“So where is she now?” asked Sirius.

“Doing research at a private laboratory,” said Isabelle. “She will be teaching next term.”

“How did you transform without polyjuice?” he asked as curiosity consumed him and his mind filled with questions. “Or is it a Loare thing?”

“Human-to-human transfiguration is a Loare thing,” said Isabelle as she slowly transformed back into Professor Obsidian before his eyes. “Jay can do it, so beware as he likes to play jokes on you and the other children are beginning to show signs of the Loare gift for transfiguration, so I’m sure they won’t be far behind Jay.”

Sirius smiled and asked, “Are you sure you have to perform the memory charm?”

He watched nervously as Professor Obsidian nodded and pointed her wand at him and whispered, “Obliviate” as she probed his mind.

When he opened his eyes again he was laying on the floor with Professor Obsidian kneeling next to him as she said, “Mr. Black are you alright?”

Sirius looked up at her slightly dazed and asked, “What happened Professor?”

“You said, “I have to get to the forest to talk to Isabelle” and tripped over my foot.

“The forest?” he asked confused.

“Yes, you saw Isabelle head to the forest and you wanted to go put things right,” she told him.

He looked at her and she could see that he was going to argue with her, but she interrupted him snapping, “Quit being thick, Isabelle told me herself that she loves you and not Regulus; so go get her and don’t take no for an answer.”


“GO!” yelled the professor as she shoved him through the private room doors, then pushed him clear across the ward and through the main doors leading out of the hospital wing, slamming them shut behind them.

She leaned on the door shaking her head and muttered, “I love you but you are so thick sometimes” as a knock came on the door behind her.

“Who is it?” asked Professor Obsidian.

“Can I have my shoes?” asked Sirius, “It’s quite cold out, and bare feet in this weather isn’t really a good thing.”

“Accio slippers,” said Professor Obsidian and the slippers flew from the other room into her hand. She then cracked the hospital wing door opened and threw them at Sirius, hitting him in the head as he heard the doors once again slam closed.

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