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Samara Trinity: creature of the night by miss_x_1991
Chapter 1 : chapter one
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Rain pounded on the windows of the car. Thunder roared and lightning flashed in the sky. Samara Trinity sat in the back of the car with her four-year-old brother, Andrew. "Mooom! I have to go potty!" he whined.

"You should have gone before we left," Samara told him. Andrew stuck out his tounge at her. " We're almost there anyways, dweeb," The car turned a corner and the familiar neighborhood came into view. Lawns were flooded with water and cars were parked safely in their garages.

The lightning flashed above, lighting up the street. "Oh my," Samara's mother gasped. Samara looked up at her house, not noticing anything different about it.

" What's wrong?" she asked. Samara followed her mother's gaze up to the top of the house. She squinted in the dark, trying to see. Hovering above the house was a cloud of smoke in the shape of a skull."What is that?" she asked.

" Stay here," her mother comanded. Samara's mom opened the car door and without bothering to put up her hood, ran inside the house.

" Where's she going?" Andrew asked.

"I don't know," Samara replied. Everything was still and quiet apart from the soft tap of the rain. Samara took in shaky breaths as Andrew grabbed her hand. She kept her eyes on the house waiting for her mother to come out any second and say it was all alright. But it never happened. Instead, a blood curdling scream filled her ears. Samara gasped and pulled the door open. She ran inside, not caring about the rain that was soaking her clothes and hair. She burst into the house and into the living room, Andrew's footsteps were close behind her.

Her mother lay on her hands and knees crying, next to her father's lifeless body. "We've been waiting for you," said a chilling voice from the dark shadows.

"Samara... don't listen to him. Go. Get out of here!" cried her mother.
"SHUT UP!" the voice roared.

" I'm not leaving.," Samara stated. "Who are you? What do you want from me?"

A hooded figure stepped out from the corner. " The question is, Samara. Who are you?" he looked up at her, causing her to gasp. His eyes were not eyes, but red slits. " Do you know who you are? Do you know how powerful you are?" Voldemort smiled. " I didn't think so. You could be great. Join me and we will rule everything,"

" What are you talking about?" Samara spat.

" We could stop him, together. We could rule," he hissed.

" I don't know what you're talking about!" she yelled.

" SAMARA! Don't listen to him! Go run!" her mother screamed. Samara was frozen, her brain told her body to move, but her body wouldn't. Couldn't.
" I said SHUT UP! Crucio!" a light shot out from a stick Voldemort carried and hit her mother in the back. Her mom sreamed out in pain. Twitching on the ground.

"MOM! Leave her alone!" Samara shouted. She could feel her brother hidding behind her, scared.

"Join me and I may spare their lives," Voldemort pointed his wand towards her mother.

" NO! SAMARA GO NOW! DON'T! GET DUMBLEDORE,GO!" her mother's voice was hoarse and she was almost chocking on her tears.

"Very well. Avada kedavra!" a green light shot out of his wand and hit her mother. She crashed down on the floor in a heap next to her father. Samara screamed in anger at Voldemort as she ran over to her mother.

"Kill me! Please Kill me!" Samara pleaded.

" No, I need you. But I will make you suffer," He pointed his wand at Andrew.

" NO!" Samara tried to cover Andrew, but was too late. The green light hit Andrew in his chest, his expression scared and confused. An expression Samara would never forget. "Why?" she cried as she held Andrew's limp form in her arms.

" It didn't need to be this way, Samara. You could have spared their lives if you would have joined me. You killed them, not me," Voldemort walked over to her. " My offer will always be open," he said. With a pop, he disappeared. Samara sat there, holding Andrew in her arms.

" I'm sorry," she whispered. "I'm so sorry," She gently put Andrew down next to their mother. She kissed him on his forehead and folded his arms. She hugged her mother and pulled off her necklace. The one she had given her for mother's day." I'll get whoever that man was. I'll get him," she vowed. She walked towards the door and with one last glance at the house that had become her worst nightmare, she walked out into the rain.
"Dumbledore, there's been an attack!" said an elderly wizard as he burst through the kitchen doors of Grimmauld place. " It's the...Trinity's sir," he stuttered. Harry, Ron, Ginny and Hermione looked around confused. They were about to eat dinner as the old man came in. "I was on my way, sir, and their house was up in flames," he continued. Dumbledore stood up and tried to calm down the old wizard.
" Remus, Molly, Arthur, and Severus. Go," he pointed towards the door. Harry jumped up quickly.

" Remus, no, wait," he said. Remus turned around and stared at his new godson.

" Harry, I have to. I'll be fine, I promise," he turned and walked out the door with the rest of the Order members. Harry stood there, afraid that he might lose another person he cared about. He still hadn't gotten over Sirius, but Remus was always there for him.

" I'm sorry, Harry," came Dumbledore's calm voice from behind him.

" For what," Harry shrugged and pushed past him.
Samara ran through an unfamiliar forest. Tree branches were cutting her skin, blood running down her arms. She could hear footsteps behind her and knew they were still following her. When she walked outside her house, a light was sent towards her. She didn't think these people were good, so she ran. Ran as fast as she could, wherever her feet took her.

Her hair and clothes were soaked, sticking to her body. She just kept running, panting as she went. Curses were being thrown at her, she dodged all of them . She didn't know how, but she had great reflexes and seemed to be running faster than she ever had. She could also hear their breathing and panting from running such a long way. Samara had no idea where these senses came from, but she was glad they did.

Suddenly, a distant light came from in front of her. She fell to the ground as it missed her by inches. The light hit a hooded figure behind her. She got back up to her feet and started to run again. She looked over her shoulder and ran straight into a tree. She groaned as she tried to sit up. Her head was pounding and her vision was blurry. Don't pass out, she thought. She tried hard to keep her eyes open, she could hear the footsteps get closer. No, Please no. The footsteps came beside her and kneeled down. They pulled something out of their cloaks, a needle. Samara screamed and tried to fight them away. Another man stepped over her and held her hands down and covered her mouth. The first man held out her arm and stuck the needle in roughly. Samara screamed in pain as her arm burned. The burning sensation went all the way up her arm, going into her shoulders.

Samara started thrashing her head from side to side. Wishing for the pain to stop. She arched her back and looked down at her arm. Something was moving under her skin sickingly. Her stomach churned at the sight. The men stepped away from her as she was twitching. They watched her suffer and grinned about it. Damn them, she thought. They will pay for this. Samara screamed in anger. The men were suddenly thrown against a tree. Samara panted as she felt her body change. Her vision was no longer blurry, but perfect. She could smell the fear coming off of them. They sat there, covering eachother, trying to get away from the monster she was becoming. Samara stood up and slowly walked toward them. She hissed at them, licking her lips. Her tounge ran over her top teeth. The taste of blood lingered in her mouth, her own blood. Samara reached up and felt her teeth. Instead of two regular teeth at each side, were two fangs. Large, sharp fangs. The men cowered in fear, but that only made it more pleasant for Samara.

She had the need, the crave, for them. To have what they needed to have. Blood. She kneeled down next to them. Taking the first one's hair in her hand, she tilted his neck up. She glanced over at the other man. He watched in horror what was about to happen to him. Samara smiled at the thought and lowered her mouth to the man's neck. She bit into the flesh, blood squirting out as her teeth marked him. She drank until she heard the man next to them bend over and vomit. She dropped the man and wiped her mouth. She felt dizzy. She closed her eyes trying to stop the swirling colors. She felt tired, so tired.
Harry waited anxiously with the others. They all sat in the living room in a dead silence. Ron was pacing the room as Hermione cried silently. "Will you two stop it," Harry said. "You're making me more nervous," They sat down and Ron held Hermione in his arms. Harry was glad they had finally got together. it had only took them..what..forever. Harry smiled as he thought about this. His smile quickly faded as he heard a loud crash come from downstairs.

They ran down the stairs, hoping everyone was ok. Remus and the other Order members stood in the doorway. Tonks was sobbing into Molly's shoulder. Harry looked more closely at the members. Everyone moved out the way and let Severus pass...with a young girl covered in blood in his arms.

hey pplz! how was this chap? plz review! well ty, missx

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