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Saving A World by lilmisssweet
Chapter 4 : The Challenge
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A/N I don't know if I should really continue this since no one is reviewing...but I'm going to put up this chapter now, but if I don't get any reviews I don't know if I'm really going to continue...Please give me your opinion whether I should or not...I'd really appreciate it!!!

Chapter 4

Potions had been thoroughly entertaining, watching James and Sirius play tricks on all the Slytherins, but fortunatlely for me they hadn't done anything to Snape. Out of character it would seem, wouldn't it? But I had been paired with good ole Sevvie for the assignment, so they were doing it for my benefit, though I could tell it was taking all their will power to not make our potion explode. At first I was happy at the prospect of getting to know Snape, but my spirits soon fell when he turned out to be a bumbling idiot who couldn't string sentences together. The entire time he kept talking, becoming seemingly more incoherent each minute. I swear I heard him say "lemons only turn purple in the dark" followed by a strained "you can't cha cha without a flashlight". Finally the class was over and I ran out of the classroom for fear of losing what was left of my sanity. Not there was much left, but I had grown to love my chunk of 'Sane Trista' and I didn't want to lose it.

The rest of the day was uneventful, and I was finding myself enjoying leaning about magic, it was much more interesting than math and science. At dinner we all sat together and talked about our day, this was where I filled them in on Snape's lack of conversation skills. After everyone had calmed down the boys were convinced Snape couldn't talk to me because he had a crush on me. I thought they were crazy.

"Are you out of your mind? He hasn't even had a conversation with me, how can he like me? You're all nuts!"

James decided he would be the one to tackle this question. "Trista, you're hot, we all think it, and as much as I hate to admit this, Snivellus is human, and a male at that, making you a target on his radar."

I was floored, they all thought I was good looking? I silently shook myself, I'm here to help them, not get my ego inflated. "Guys I'm flattered and all, but you're wrong. I can tell when a guy likes me, and trust me he doesn't."

Sirius countered my thoughts. "So you don't think he'd go to the start of term dance with you, if you asked him?"

I laughed, "Yes, of course he would. I could get any guy in this hall to go to the dance with me if I wanted." I smiled inwardly, my ego had been let loose, who knows what would happen now, but was never good.

I saw a gleam in James' eye that I didn't like, seemed to mischievious to me. "Any guy huh? How bout a little challenge then"

Oh I couldn't resist that. "Name the game, the time, and the place." I replied smugly, I have yet to back down to a challenge, and yet to lose.

"Alright here it is. You get atleast one guy to ask you to the dance but tomorrow at lunch. And you can't tell them to ask you, they have to want to."

I was a bit worried, since I was hoping to go with Remus. "Do I have to say yes to the guy?"

"No, you only have to get him to ask you. Think you're up to it?"

I merely laughed and a replied "Of course."

I spent the rest of the night devising a plan, and once I was satisfied I went to bed, hearing the confident snickers from James and Sirius behind my back. They didn't know who they were messing with. The next morning I got up extra early to get ready. I let my hair curl naturally, then applied dark purple eyeliner, mascara, and shimmer eye shadow, put on a light purple halter top, a pair of tight low riding flares, and added some sheer strawberry gloss to my lips to plump them up. I smiled to myself, if I was going to take part in the challenge, I was going to do it right! The girls and guys had already gone down before me, so I headed down alone, this was soon to be an advantage to me though. As I walked into the great hall, I already had 5 guys surrounding me, 3 from Ravenclaw and 2 from Hufflepuff, and all extremely good looking. I listened intently to what they were all saying as I made my way over to James and Sirius. When I reached to the two, obviously shocked, boys, I turned to my five follwers and told thim that this was my stop. They all proceeded to ask me to the dance, at the same time, I quieted them down and told that I was flattered, but had my hopes on going with someone else, then told them to owl me sometime and we could get together. On that note, they all ran away eagerly, in hopes of starting a relationship with me. I gigled, like the girl that I am, and took my seat.

"Now I was wondering James, you said something about a challenge last night, and I have yet to see one. I was told you were one of the greatest pranksters, and smartest in your year, yet you can't even come up with a decent challenge? I'm disappointed in you Potter." I then turned to Remus. "And as for you mister, who ya goin to the dance with?" I smiled shyly, as much as I really wanted to go with him, I didn't have the guts to ask him myself.

"I haven't, ummm, I didn't know, oh crap, well the thing is, uh yeah-" Remus began to blush "-I was kinda wondering if you would go with me, but I know you won't cause you said you were holding out for someone to ask you, and I don't want to stand in your way or anything."

My god he rambles, I couldn't get a word in edge wise. I tapped him and he stopped his babbling. I decided to make him suffer just a bit more, I like to be cruel on occasion.

"Why Remus Lupin, are you trying to ask me out on a date?" He looked like a deer caught in headlights, therefore did not answer my question. "I see you're again not very talkative, oh well doesn't really matter. Yes Remus I'd love to go to the dance as your date." I stood up, kissed him on the lips and strode out of the hall to go get ready for my classes.

***That's chapter 4...if you're nice people and you've gotten down to this point you'll review *smiles* I'll love you forever if you do!***

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