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To Be Loved Again by greenbeanz1289
Chapter 4 : The Hotel
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“Don’t worry Herms, I know how to handle cops,” bragged Harry as he reached inside his top pocket for his wallet. “Just leave it to me.” He pulled his driver’s license out of his wallet and laid it out on the dashboard.

“Harry I swear, if you cause us any trouble I’ll….”

“Shhh...relax, I’ve got this situation under control,” he whispered to her as Filch approached the car. “Is there a problem offi…Oh my God! Filch? Is that you?” Harry spat out surprisingly. “Damn, I’ve always wondered what happened to you after I got you kicked out of school. I didn’t think you would apply for another job where you still have to follow other people’s orders.” He said as he handed Filch his license.

Filch sneered at Harry and didn’t take a peek at his license. “You know, I would have gotten you expelled if you weren’t such a suck up to the headmaster. Too bad, those whips have always wanted to taste your filthy flesh.” Filch narrowed his eyes at Harry and tossed his license back into the car.
“You know, you sure have some narrow eyes for a cop,” Harry remarked while staring up in Filch’s face.

“A man can’t help the way his eyes were made,” he dryly responded.

Hermione tugged on Harry’s jacket and through gritted teeth whispered, “Shut up you idiot before he throws us in jail!”

Filch smirked inwardly as he watched Hermione on the other side of the car.
“So, the great Harry Potter has sunk even lower to be desperate enough to go out with mangy haired Granger. I never knew Granger would sink so low to go out with such a moron.”

Before Hermione could respond, Harry shouted, “Moron! Who are you calling a moron you scum bag cop! I know my rights! Just because you could never get me into trouble in school doesn’t mean you can go around harassing me! I’m a respectable citizen!”

Hermione’s face paled as she inwardly grumbled, “That idiot!”

“I didn’t know you had such bad taste in boyfriends,” Filch said as he pulled out one of his cigarettes and lite it. “The first one was bad, but this,” he exhaled the smoke near Harry’s face, “is a total prick.”

“He’s NOT my boyfriend,” she curtly replied.

“Hey, I’ll show you who the moron is around here,” scowled Harry as he reached for the car door handle.
Hermione yanked him back by the collar. “Sit down you dumb jerk!” She turned to Filch and faked a smile. “Don’t mind him Officer Filch. He’s a little delirious at the moment; he must have eaten something that made him sick.”

“If he ate your cooking, it’s no wonder he’s delirious,” he quipped.
Harry turned to Hermione bewildered. “Geez Herms, I knew your cooking was a crime, but….”

Hermione cut him off by punching him in the arm. “Shut up four eyes!” She then turned and glared daggers at Filch. “Just give us the damn speeding ticket and spare me the sarcasm!”

Harry jerked himself out of Hermione’s grasp and jumped out of the car. “I think it’s about time that someone taught this arrogant cop some manners,” he said threatenly while cracking his knuckles.
Filch stood on unfazed by Harry’s boastful threat. After taking another long drag of his cigarette, he parted his lips slightly to exhale the smoke. As he flicked the ashes on the ground, he narrowed his eyes at Harry who was taking a fighting stance.

“Listen Potter, this had better be worth my time. Nothing ticks me off more then to ground out a perfectly good cigarette for a worthless pansy like you,” he stated while grounding his cigarette into the dirt.

Hermione became nervous as she watched Harry and Filch. “I cannot believe that Harry would actually fight with a police officer. That dummy is already on a thin line with Filch, he could just get thrown in jail for the threat! I have to stop him.”

”Harry, wait…. Think about this for one minute. It doesn’t matter if he bothered us at school, even now he can get us into a whole mess of trouble! Just take the ticket and let’s get out of here,” she begged.

“Relax Herms,” he replied in a calm, civilized manner. He positioned his fists in front of his face, “I know what I’m doing. This little fight will be over with in just a hot second.”

Filch smirked at him again. “Indeed it shall Harry Potter or shall I say, ‘The boy who lived’”

Harry’s eyes widened at Filch. “How did you….”
“…know,” he finished. “It didn’t take long to get the information I needed on a trouble maker like you.” Harry glared daggers at him. Filch continued. “While you were racing down MY streets Potter, I entered your license plate number into my computer. It can be quite handy you see…. It even mentions how you meddled around in Voldemort’s gang a couple years back. Even that you barely survived when you tried to escape him and warn the police,” Filch wickedly grinned at him.

“Yes, yes I remember all that. That’s then this is now, let’s just get this over with….I’m already late getting Miss Granger to her class reunion.”

“Then let us begin. I would hate for the little raccoon to miss her first reunion,” he remarked with his back to Hermione.
Hermione scowled at him from behind and stuck her tongue out. “Jerk!”

“Here I come,” Harry yelled as he rushed toward Filch. Within two minutes, Harry lay wincing in pain on the ground, while Filch stepped over his body to hand Hermione a speeding ticket. “See you on Monday Raccoon,” he smirked as he turned to head back to his car to leave.

“Argh!!!!” She screamed while jumping out of the car and walked over to Harry lying on the ground. Harry clutched his side in pain and rocked back and forth on the ground. “Harry! I would think that you would quit it once Filch pulled out his club. You better be thankful he just bruised you and not broken any ribs.” She pulled Harry to his feet and dusted his jacket with her hand. “You’re such an idiot.”

“Hey Herms, I didn’t know you cared so much about me,” Harry grinned and pulled Hermione into his arms hugging her. “You’ll never change you know that…” his lips traced the outline of her neck. Hermione pushed him away and wiped her neck with her shawl. “Eww! Harry! What is your problem tonight?”

Harry put his hands up in a fake surrender, “Hey, calm down Herms. I’m just playing around.”
“Look, you wouldn’t be looking like this if you didn’t have a go at him! I told you not to pick a fight. But would you listen to me? No!” Hermione punched him in the arm and went back around to her side of the car and sat inside.
Harry did the same and went to sit in his seat. He did not start the car but leaned his head against the steering wheel.
“Herms, I’m sorry. But he was just asking for it an….” Hermione interrupted him and said, “Hey! Let’s get back to the issue here! Just look at yourself,” she exclaimed while pointed at his soiled clothing, “Your tux is ruined! And if you think I’m going to be walking into the reunion with you looking like that, think again!”

“Like I said, I’m sorry for screwing things up for you. But don’t worry, I swear I’ll make it up to you,” he promised. Hermione rolled her eyes and folded her arms across her chest ignoring him. Harry continued trying to speak to her.

“And uhm….As for my clothes, well we could go to this nice formal rental shop across town. I’m sure I can rent something to wear for the evening. I could even get you a nice evening dress too.” Hermione looked down at her gown and noticed some dirt on it. She shook her head in disgust. Harry quickly added, “Don’t worry about the stain; I can have them dry clean your gown while we are at the reunion. What do you say?”

Hermione thought for a moment, “I know I’m going to regret this later...But Ginny and the others are probably waiting for me.” She turned to him and answered roughly, “Okay! But this time, I’M driving!” she snatched the car keys out of his hand and exited out of her side of the car. Harry quickly jumped out of the car and raced to the passenger side.

Hermione started the car and began to drive down the empty road. They drove in silence for a while. Harry reached into the glove compartment and pulled out a toothpick and stuck it in his mouth.
Hermione quickly glanced over to him out of the corner of her eye. After seeing him stick a toothpick in his mouth she shook her head in disgust. “He keeps a glove compartment full of toothpick? God, he’s such a nerd.” She turned her attention back to the road and drove in silence.

Harry cast his eyes out the window then over to Hermione. “Herms seems kind of ticked off. She has every right to be. Why did I have to screw things up? I swear I’ll make it up to her. I just wish she said something. I hate it when women give me the cold shoulder. I rather have whacked me over the head and call me names. At least we would be on some speaking terms.”

Hermione came to a slow halt for a traffic signal. While waiting for the traffic light to turn green, she poked out her bottom lip and exhaled deeply causing the locks of hair framing her face to flutter. Harry smiled inwardly.

“Man, she looks awesome when she does that. Yep, she definitely grew into a beautiful woman. I can’t wait to see the look on Draco’s face tonight. Oh yeah, I forgot. Draco made me swear not to tell her that he’s in town and is going to be at the reunion. Ah, the hell with it, she’s going to find out anyway.”

Harry sat up in the car seat and cleared his throat. He then cast his eyes in Hermione’s direction. “Uhm…I bet you can’t ever guess who’s going to be at the reunion tonight.”
“Do I even want to know,” she answered dryly.

“Oh I’m sure you do. But you have to guess,” he insisted.
“Just tell me who’s in town already,” she answered frustratingly.

“Nope, you have to guess.” Harry had a smug look on his face and smiled inwardly.

“I don’t feel like guessing right now.”

“But if you don’t guess I can’t tell you,” he responded hoping she would mention a few names.

“I said….I don’t feel like guessing,” she stated through gritted teeth.

“If you knew who I was talking about, I’m sure you would desperately want to know,” he added grinning. “Come on Hermione, guess already.”

Hermione ignored him and kept driving.

“Geez, why does she have to be so God forsaken stubborn!” “Okay, I’ll give you a hint. Uhm….blue. Who would you think of when I say blue?”

“Jack Frost,” she asked mockingly. “That’s it! Jack Frost is in town, and in the middle of the summer!”

“No,” he fumed. “Not Jack Frost! Okay here is another hint. Blue and blonde. Now think hard this time

“Jack Frost with a really bad hair color,” she giggled.

“Come on Hermione! Be serious,” he hollered in exasperation. “Now guess damn it!”

“I already told you I’m not guessing,” she shouted in response. “So shut your mouth about it!”

“Fine! Be that way,” he yelled back in return while folding his arms across his chest. “See if I tell you that Draco Malfoy misses you and is really looking forward to seeing you tonight at the reunion.”

Hermione’s palms began to sweat suddenly upon hearing Draco’s name. “Draco Malfoy misses me,” she asked nervously while firmly gripping the steering wheel. “And he’s going to be at the reunion?”

“Yeah, but… uhm… I really shouldn’t have told you that, so let’s just drop it,” he said while closing his eyes and resting his head in the palms of his hands.

Hermione put her foot to the brakes hard causing the car to skid forward.

“Hey! What in God’s name are you trying to do? Kill me?” He braced himself against the dashboard.

Hermione grabbed hold of his collar and yelled in his ear, “You’re the one who brought it up and you’re going to finish it! Now tell me what you mean Draco misses me and he’s wanted to see me again!”

“Okay, okay… gasp, gasp… If… gasp, gasp… you let go… wheeze, wheeze… of my collar… cough, cough… I’ll tell you!”

“Oh, sorry,” she said blushing slightly.

Harry gasped deeply for air as he moved away from Hermione. “Geez Herms, you really could have made it as a pro wrestler.”

Hermione glared daggers at him. Harry feigned a smile at her as sweat drops formed on his brow. “Quit stalling and get on with it,” she ordered.

“Alright, alright,” he responded while putting his hands up for protection. “Well, Draco stopped by my place a few days ago. He told me that he flew in from the States for the class reunion. Apparently, someone on the committee called him and asked him to take some pictures. He’s a professional photographer and owns his own studio in America.”

Hermione sighed inwardly. “Draco…” She then refocused her attention back to Harry. “Okay, so get to the part where he said he misses me,” she demanded.

Harry smiled, “Hold on Herms I was just getting to that part. So, as I was saying, when he stopped by, we stayed up all night drinking and talking about old times. That’s when you came into the picture. Draco was totally wasted. He started whining about how much he missed you.”

“Really,” she asked surprisingly.

“Yeah really,” nodded Harry, “right before he passed out, he told me everything. How he felt about you then and how he still feels for you now.”

“What a romantic way to confess his love for me,” she remarked glumly as she started to drive again. “It probably was the alcohol talking not him.”

“No, it wasn’t the alcohol talking,” he answered knowingly. “Draco was never one for a lot of talking about his feelings, that is, until you get a few drinks in him. That was when he started talking freely. He could drink for an eternity and just pass out. He had a stomach of steal,” chuckled Harry. “Anyway, that night, we talked about a lot of stuff. We even talked about his relationship with Cho. I was so mad at him for taking the fox from me when we were in high school.”

“Correction,” she interjected, “the bitch Cho stole Draco from me!”

“Hey, the fox may be a lot of things, but she’s no bitch or thief,” he stated defensively.
“You don’t know her like I do.”

“Maybe not, but still it doesn’t explain why she took Draco from me.”

“Hey, don’t try to blame it all on Cho. Draco was already dating you. He should have been man enough to refuse her advances. But he didn’t!”

Hermione remained silent. She sighed inwardly over what Harry said. “He’s right. Draco should have resisted her. That idiot!”

“Listen that stuff is in the past now,” he stated after noting her sudden silence.
“Draco and I are back to being good friends again. So I think we should all just forget about everything that happened and have a great time tonight.”

“Yes, I agree,” she replied with a nod. After a few moments of silence she asked, “So… uhm… It’s not like I really care or anything, but did Draco say anything else about me?”

Harry smiled inwardly, “I knew she still loved him.” He then answered,

“Oh yeah, he also talked about the first time you ever kissed him. You remember the one that you sneezed all over his face when you tried to kiss his cheek. I told Draco that kiss didn’t count because you totally screwed it up with the sneeze and all, but…”

Hermione slammed her foot on the breaks again.

“Hey! Do you want to kill us or something,” he asked while clinging onto the door on the passenger side of the car.

Hermione paled as she put her face in the palms of her hands. “Oh Sweet Mother of Jesus! I can’t believe he still remembers that!”

“Yeah but don’t worry. I don’t think it was as funny as the time that he got his tongue caught in the wires of your braces.”

Hermione’s face turned from ghostly white to blood red in color. “Oh no! He told you that too?!”

“Yeah, that was funny,” Harry chuckled while holding his ribs. “I thought I was going to die when he told me….ha, ha, ha… that… ha! ha! ha… his tongue got stuck in your braces and then your tongue got caught in his braces, and….ha! ha! ha! ha!”

Hermione whacked him on the head. “Shut it moron! That was really humiliating! I can’t even believe that Draco still remembers that or that he even told you that! He’s such an idiot. All men are idiots,” she grumbled while starting the car again. Harry shook his head and chuckled as they continued on their way to the rental boutique.


After washing up and putting on a new tuxedo, Harry sat in a small waiting area for Hermione. The store owner, Gary, was in the waiting area with him.

“It sure is good to see you again Harr. Thanks for always using our rental boutique for your evening wear.”

Harry leaned against the sofa and removed his glasses to wipe them clean of dust. “No problem Gary. So… I heard your oldest got accepted into this prestigious law school in the States.”

“Yes, Nancy and I are so proud of her,” smiled Gary. “My son will be taking over her shift here at the boutique while she’s away. Nancy is missing her already…”

“Well, wish her all the happiness in the world for me,” Harry replied as he patted Gary on the back.

Hermione was still in the dressing room trying on various gowns. She and Nancy, co-owner of the boutique, chatted away happily about Hermione’s school days and Nancy’s younger days. Nancy then picked out an elaborate evening gown for Hermione. The gown was black velvet with a sheer bodice covered with black lace. The crepe side draped gracefully down her body showing off her womanly curves, and showed a small amount of cleavage. Hermione blushed when she saw herself in the mirror.

“Miss Nancy, the gown is lovely. But,” she blushed more, “I’m not used to wearing something that hugs my body so much, or something that shows my legs so much.”

Nancy smiled, “Come now sweetheart, where’s your sense of adventure? There’s nothing wrong to show off what you have got to give for one night. Come on, let’s show off your new look to the boys.”

When Hermione entered the waiting area, Harry’s mouth dropped open upon seeing Hermione in such attire. Hermione blushed deeply.

“So… what do you think silly?”

“I never knew you could look like a real woman Herms.”

Hermione clutched her fists so tight that her knuckles turned white. “Of all the stupid, inconsiderate…”

Gary abruptly cut her off by complimenting her. “You look absolutely stunning in that gown; I guess Nancy hasn’t lost her taste.” Nancy rolled her eyes at her husband.

“Hey, I was just going to say something like that,” he said as he pulled Hermione toward him. “I was just kidding earlier Herms.”

He then wrapped his arms around her slender waist and pulled her deep into his toned chest. “Baby, you look so hot that even a volcano would sizzle out next to you. Too bad Draco got to you first. Grrrowl!!”

Hermione pushed back from Harry bursting into uncontrollable laughter at his feeble pick up line. “That… ha! ha! ha!... was soooo ha! ha! ha… lame! ha! ha! ha!”

Gary and Nancy tried to stifle their snickers.

Harry became irritated. “Hey! I’ll have you know that is my best line!” He folded his arms across his chest.

Hermione went over to him and pulled his arms apart. “Come on Harry, don’t be such a big baby. Didn’t you tell me to relax and have fun? Well that’s what I intend to do. And see, I’m having so much fun that I can’t wait to get to the reunion.”

Harry poked his bottom lip out. Hermione shook her head and walked over to Nancy. “Thanks so much Nancy and Gary for keeping your story open late for us.”

“It was our pleasure,” smiled Gary. “Nancy will clean your gown for you and have it ready for when you come back. We’ll see you and Harry later,” they waved as Harry and Hermione left the boutique.


Hermione and Harry finally arrived at the hotel. She smiled as she stood on the outside of the hotel admiring the beautiful decorated welcome sign.

“Wow! This place is fabulous! I can’t believe I finally made it. Look at all the people out here! There has to be at least several hundred more people inside! I’m so nervous! I can feel my knees shaking. I just hope I don’t screw this night up.”

Harry noted her nervousness. He took her arm and looped it into his. “So, are you ready Herms?”

Hermione looked up at him and smiled widely, “You bet I am. Let’s do this.”

As Hermione and Harry stepped on the red velvet carpet leading into the hotel, someone on the rooftop was taking pictures as the couples entered the hotel for the reunion. Suddenly, a pair of glimmering blue eyes spotted them from the lens of his camera.

“Harry and…Hermione?”

Author’s Notes: Hey everyone! Chapter 4 is now here! It took me a while to actually write it out. I changed a few things every time. Well chapter 5 is now in progress and it will be out a.s.a.p! And thanks so much for all the great reviews you all send me.

Thanks again!
Katie B.

p.s. I'm sorry to inform you all, but I'm having a really hard time writing chapter 5. I've written some but very little. So I just want to let you all know that I will get chapter 5 out as soon as I can get a steady story line.

Thanks again!

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