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Harry Potter and the Fall of the Dark Side by Kim
Chapter 2 : Nebecka Malfoy
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Something in Harry's brain was telling him Malfoy couldn't have a sister. And then it hit him! The family tree in the Black house said Draco was an only child!

She seemed to know exactly what he was thinking because she went close to his ear and said, "I am a mysterous girl. I am here to help you, but you will have to trust me." She made a sharp turn and walked away.

For the rest of the train ride Harry ponnered about what she had said. Trust her? How could he tuurt a Malfoy? Finally the ride ended and he was still as confused as he was in the beggining. Ron, Hermione, and Harry silently got into a carrage. He looked out and saw the huge Hogwats castle as it became closer and closer.


Everyone clapped as the sorting hat finished its song. Then the sorting began.

Emily Aleeon......Ravenclaw

Nicole Banet......Hufflepuff


Nebecka Malfoy

Nebecka slowly got up and sat on the stool. She looked very calm, yet excited. Prefessor Mcgonagal was still about a foot from her when the hat yelled out Slytherin. She walked to the Slytherin table and sat next to her brother.


On the way out of the Great Hall, someone had pulled Harry into an empty class room. He turned to find Nebecka, arms crossed, lip curled and looking rather pouty. Theres was an akward silence for a couple of minutes before she broke it.

"You probally think I dispise you like my brother because you put my father in Azkaban, but I don't because I have to help you."

"You don't have to help me."

"Yes I do"

"Who said?"

"My Prophecy"

She got up and went to the shelf. When she got back she was holing a stone basin, a Pensieve. She put one of her memories in it. A voice started to come out of it.

"~You have but one purpose in life. You must help one side of the wizarding world. Good. Evil. You must choose. Niether can live while the other survives, you must pick one side and help it defeat the other. If you pick the right side you will live and be bonded with the person forever. But if you pick the wrong, you will die with him~"

The room suddenly became darker. Nebecka looked up.

"I choose you"

*Do you like it? Should I write more? Please r/r thanks!*

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