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Innocence for Candy by Mistress
Chapter 1 : Innocence for Candy
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Innocence for Candy

"Well, there you are, Lily dear. All dressed up to look like a princess!"

Lily looked up. Her mother was standing over her, a gorgeous woman with dark curly hair and emerald eyes. She was beaming, so Lily smiled too.

She was only seven, but Lily Evans looked like an angel. Her beautiful red hair fell down over her pink princess costume and her shoes clicked on the tiled kitchen floor. It was cold outside, so she wore a small coat over it and had a warm hat on under her pointed princess hat.

"You look so beautiful!" Mrs. Evans chimed. "My little angel! Oh! Sorry, baby, I meant princess. Are you coming Petunia?"

Lily looked over to see her younger sister, Petunia, stumble out of the hall. She was dressed up to be an evil looking witch with warts on her nose and a black pointed hat. Petunia looked the part of a witch every day, so Lily didn't see the point of dressing up like one for Halloween.

"You know, Tunia, I bet there are good witches," Lily said lightly to her sister.

"And I bet the good witches get beat up by the bad witches!" sneered Petunia. She stuck up her nose and looked over at Mrs. Evans. "I'm ready, Mummy!"

Mrs. Evans smiled. "Well, good witches or not, you both look darling! Lets do some serious Trick-or-Treating!"

The girls cheered and their mother led them outside to the crowded street. There were children of all ages walking around with their parents and friends, wandering up to houses and getting candy.

"Mum!" cried Petunia. "Can I go with Vernon and his family?"

"What? That geek?" snickered Lily, looking over at the chubby boy. "Tunia and Dursley sittin' in a tree, k-i-s-s-"

"That's enough, Lily," replied Mrs. Evans. "You may, Petunia. Just be careful, all right?"

"Sure, Mum!" Petunia stuck her tongue out at Lily and skipped off with Vernon Dursley.

"He's a prat, Mum. Why do you let Tunia hang out with him?"

Mrs. Evans shrugged. "She was never much for making friends, was she? Now you-you're first class in that!"

Lily almost blushed. "Well, you know! Oh, look! A house!" The little girl dashed up the sidewalk and waited for the kids in front of her to move, then looked up at the woman by the door innocently. "T-trick or treat?"

The woman grinned. "Aww, aren't you cute!? You're a little princess, huh?"

Lily nodded.

"Here," she said and shoved two handfuls of candy in Lily's pillow case. "You get two because you're so cute and shy."

"Thanks!" Lily cried and dashed back to her mother. "See, Mum? I'm cute and shy!"

"Oh, yeah, I bet," Mrs. Evans muttered, retreating back down the sidewalk. Lily smirked devilishly.

An hour passed and, because of her innocent tecniques, Lily's pillow case was nearly full. She ended up plopping down next to a tree while her mother talked to some pretty lady with black hair.

"Wow, you've got a lot of candy!"

Lily looked up and saw a boy around her age with messy black hair. He was dressed as an elf and had fake ears that were a few sizes too big. His green pillow case was barely half full.

"Yeah, well, I've got talent," Lily said with a smirk. "It's called being cute."

"Hey! I'm cute!" he retorted, folding his arms and dropping his pillow case.

"Oh, sure!" Lily sniggered. "I'm Lily, by the way."

"Oh-James! James Potter!" the boy replied, bowing low. "My mum is talking to your mum."

"I get it," Lily nodded. " you have any brothers or sisters?"

"Nope," said James with a broad grin. "Only child!"

"I have a snotty little sister," scowled Lily. "Petunia."

"She sounds like frog spawn," muttered James. "My sympathy."

"You sound like you're a grown-up!"

"My dad taught me how to be polite to strangers."

"My mum taught me never to talk to strangers," said Lily with a cocky smile. "But you're not a stranger, are you? Our mums know each other."

"Say, what do you think about ditchin' this scene and going trick-or-treating alone?"

Lily bit her lip. "I don't know...What if Mummy gets mad?"

"What's the worst that could happen?" said James. "Come on, I do it all the time!" He grabbed her arm and the pair dashed off toward another house. Neither mother noticed.

"TRICK-OR-TREAT!" cried James, thrusting out his bag. The man gave him a few suckers. "Lets see you top that," he whispered to Lily as he meandered back down the porch steps.

Lily stumbled up to the door, not looking up to meet the man's eyes. Then she stuttered, "T-t-trick or t-t-treat?"

"Aren't you just the little angel?" the man said with a chuckle. "Here ya go, sweetie!" He then tossed in a handful of candy.

Lily's eyes lit up. "Thanks!" she cried and dashed away. "Ha!" she shouted at James. "I totally just beat that! BOO YAH!"

"Come on, Princess, lets keep going," sulked James, walking away toward another house.

"Hey! Wait up!"

The little boy stopped dead. "You sure are slow, Lily..."

"Am not! You're just too fast!"

"Yeah, well, I'm real good at runnin' and flyin'!"

"Flyin'?" Lily asked, puzzled.

"OH!" cried James, covering his mouth. "Nothin'!"

That was when another boy joined them. He had dark hair as well, though a little thinner than James'. "Did you say flyin'?" asked the boy.


"Cuz I bet I'm better than you!" the boy chortled.

James raised a brow. "I could beat you any day!"

"Wanna go?"

"What's your name anyway?" James said suspiciously, folding his arms. He hid his candy by his leg and surveyed the boy with interest.

"Sirius Black," said the boy. "I live down in number twelve Grimmauld Place."

"Holy Cricket! I live a few streets down from there!" James shouted. "I heard Grimmauld houses are wretched!"

"Yeah, well, my Mum is wretched," Sirius replied dully. "The house is too, now that you mention it."

James smiled. "So you fly, huh? Got a good broom?"

Lily just stood still, watching the two boys talk about broomsticks and flying. She was rather confused. Who ever heard of flying on broomsticks? Just then she realized -- Petunia had been talking about bad witches using brooms to get around. What if these boys were bad witches?

Sirius looked over at Lily with a cocked brow. "Who's she?" he asked James.

"Oh, that's Lily! I've just met her and we ditched the parentals to go trick-or-treating by ourselves!"

Sirius beamed. "Good plan! I always go by myself, though, so it won't be much of a change... Lookie, you've already got enough candy, Lily! How did ya manage it?"

"She's cute," muttered James bitterly.

"Is she a muggle?" asked Sirius.

"Yeah, seeing that she's all confused lookin' about brooms," James replied with a shrug. "You a muggle, Lily?"

"What's a muggle?" she said, puzzled.

"Yeah, she is," nodded Sirius. "It's all right, Lily, we'll still hang out with you! Well, that is until we get our letters....then there won't be much time except in the summer."

"Your what?"

"Nevermind," James said. "Hey, Lily, d'you wanna be my girlfriend?"

"What?" she stuttered.

"Sure! We could play together and all sorts of cool stuff! My mum says having a girlfriend is good. Except the kissing part. We're not gunna kiss, Lily."

Lily looked dumbfounded. "I'm not gunna be your girlfriend, James. I've only known you for like a half of an hour!"

"Darn! Another one lost," sighed James. "Say, Sirius, wanna come over to my house to sort candy?"

"Yeah I will!" Sirius cried, jumping up and down. "Bad luck about the girl, mate."

"I'm still right here," snapped Lily, swinging her pillow case over her shoulder.

"I know," shrugged Sirius. "One day you'll wanna date my best mate!"

"I'm your best mate?" James asked.

"Sure! You like flyin', don't you! And you invited me over, didn't ya? Until I know any further details, you're my best mate!"


Lily almost snorted. "You two are hopeless! I'm going home. You can have fun with your fictional flying or whatever you two are talking about. And I'm not a Muggle! Whatever that is..." With that, Lily stomped away to find her mother still talking to James' mother.

"Mummy!" cried Lily, tugging at her mother's sleeve. "I'm ready to go home...I've got enough candy!"

"All right," snickered Mrs. Evans. "I'll see you around then, Naomi. Nice chatting with you!"

"Oh, you too! Have a good one!" the lady said. She waved, then looked down to where James sat down. "Say, have you seen James?"

"He was with Sirius over there and they were talkin' about flying and Muggles," Lily shrugged, pointing to where James and Sirius were almost concealed behind a bush several feet away. "You might wanna have them see a doctor! James was talkin' about me bein' his girlfriend or something."

"That boy is nuts," muttered his mum. She ambled away and Mrs. Evans ushered Lily back down the street.

"Mum, do you think I should be friends with James?" asked Lily politely.

"Of course, but if he's talking about flying and muggles, I don't know."

"What does Vernon Dursley talk about?"

Mrs. Evans smiled. "Cars, trucks, beating kids up....he's normal. If you ask me, Lily, I think you ought to go for the not-so-normal ones in life. You're my little shining star, but don't tell your sister."

"Tunia's just normal," replied Lily. "But I still don't wanna talk to that weirdo James. What's his last name, anyway?"

"Potter. James Potter."

"Nasty, if you ask me!"

"Now Lily, people don't make fun of your last name."

Lily shrugged. "That's because it's not nasty."

"Hush," Mrs. Evans said. "Lets just go home."

"Come to think of it, Mummy, I don't much care for that boy! He's kind of weird, you know? Not like "kid weird", I mean really out there! I think he's a bad witch!"

"Boys are wizards, dear."

"Whatever-wait, what? How do you know?"

"Because I'm older than you."

Lily scowled. "Whatever, Mum. I'm goin' to bed."

"Don't you want to sort your candy?"

"I'm not doing anything that James and Sirius are doing!" Lily shouted and stomped up the stairs.

Mrs. Evans shrugged and helped herself to a piece of candy. "That girl is so blind to the outside world....I think it's cute. I also think her and James would be cute, but it's her life..."

The End. Yo dizzle.

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