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Stay With Me by XxJinxxedxX
Chapter 2 : Chapter One
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                                                               Chapter One

                                                               Kaily’s POV

    “Kaily! Kaily, wake up, it’s almost time to go!” I heard my mother yell from downstairs.


    I sprang out of bed and ran downstairs. Could it really already be almost time to for the train station? According to my mother it was. I quickly gathered my few straggling belongings around my room and shoved them hastily into my trunk. During my rush down the steps I managed to trip over my younger brother Nick, and tumble down the rest of the stairs with my trunk following close behind.


   “Watch where you’re going Kaily!” the ten year old shouted at me, I rolled my eyes and pushed myself off of the carpet.

    “Kaily Hun, are you ready to go? We only have about ten minutes until the train leaves the station!” My mother asked as she frantically pulled on her jacket. I gave her a curt nod and grabbed her extended arm. She apperated us to the train station women’s lavatory.


    The two of us rushed through the wall leading into Platform 9 ¾. “Bye Mum, I’ll see you at Christmas,” I said as I gave her a quick hug.


    “Don’t forget to write!” Mum called after me.


    “I won’t, Mum, don’t worry!”


    I boarded the train and began my search for a compartment that would hold no or very few people. After a few minutes of having no luck I neared the end of the train, in the second to last compartment was a boy, who I believed to be in my year, sitting alone. Perfect.


    I quietly slid the door open and asked, “Is it alright if I sit here with you? Nearly everywhere else is full.”


    The boy just gave a grunt and nodded his head curtly. I smiled weakly at him. I recognized the boy to be in my year and Gryffindor with me, but I just couldn’t place his name. It wasn’t like I knew everyone, in fact there were even a few people I didn’t know in my own year and house, and the boy sitting across from me was included in that few people.


    “I’m sorry, but can you remind me of your name, it seems like I have forgotten it? I’m not very good with names,” I said in attempt to learn the blonde haired boy’s name.


    “Alastor, Alastor Moody,” he said quickly.


    I mumbled a small “oh” and then continued with, “My name is-“


    “I know who you are. You’re Kaily Roberts,” Alastor interrupted me.


    I’m nearly positive that I blushed, and blushed hard. Sure he was slightly rude and uninterested in anything I could say to him, but he was… well, he was cute and the fact that he was completely uninterested just made me want to talk to him more. Alastor had sandy blonde hair that reached just above his shoulders and deep brown eyes that I’m sure any girl could get lost in, including me. His name seemed to fit him too, Moody, yup, he sure was moody. I’m sure he would be a nice friend to have, if I could just get to warm up to me, even just a little.


    “So how was your summer, did you do anything exciting?” I asked, maybe if I could get him talking he would warm up a bit.


    “It was fine, and no, nothing exciting happened,” he replied. Well, that didn’t work.


    It was quite obvious that he wouldn’t be asking me about my summer, so I decided to take it upon myself to tell him, “Well, mine was wonderful! I went to California in the U.S to see my cousin Reagan and she taught me how to surf, it was just absolutely wonderful!”


    “I’m sure you had a lovely time, now please do me a favor and shut up,” Alastor drawled.


    Okay, maybe this would be harder than I thought it would be.


    “Oh,” I mumbled, I’m not even sure he heard me fully. Though, he must have heard something seeing as though he gave me grunt in reply, at least I think it was a reply, I sure took it as one.


    We sat in silence for most of the ride. When the train was about ten minutes away from the Hogsmead station I excused myself to go and change in lavatories. The robes we, as students, have to wear are some of the most unflattering clothes I have ever had the misfortune to have to wear.


    After I finally got into my robes and was pleased, at least as pleased as I could be in those nasty robes, with how I looked, I walked back into the compartment I had been sharing with Alastor.


    Alastor was now sitting in the corner and staring out the window. He, like me, was now dressed in his scarlet and gold school robes. I decided to try to spark up a conversation again, “Don’t you just hate these robes? They’re so… disgusting.”
    Alastor turned to me with an annoyed scowl, “They’re fine.” Well, that was another failure.


    I felt the train slowing down and realized that we must be almost to the station. I didn’t try to start another conversation with Alastor; instead I just sat quietly waiting for the train to stop so that I could get out of this death trap, because I really hate muggle transportation.


    The train came to a slow halt and I immediately stood up and began to gather up my belongings. I rushed outside to find a carriage to ride to the school in.


    I found an empty one and hopped in to it and sat down. I waited for the carriage to move, but before it did the door opened to reveal a very grumpy looking Alastor Moody climbing into the carriage.


    “Everywhere else is full,” he mumbled.


    I nodded and he sat down in front of me. The carriage jerked forward and a fell… strait into Alastor’s lap. He looked down at me with a questioning look. I blushed and slowly got bac
k into my seat, never making eye contact with the deep brown eyes that never left me.


    Neither of us said a word for the rest of the ride.


A/N: Hey, thanks for reading, I hope you liked it. Also thank you to my betas for editing this story, and bearing through my mistakes. Reviews are welcome. :D

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Stay With Me: Chapter One


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