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The Pain of Love by midnighter
Chapter 1 : Seeking Death
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Hemione walked the deserted halls of Hogwarts, with her head lowered and her wand in her pocket.


She was looking for him. The one that had done this to her. The one that had turned her heart cold and made her body just an empty shell.

She had been in love once; she had been truly alive once. When her heart was alive he was all that mattered to her. He was the one, the one for her, the one to conquer all, and the one to save her.

In the beginning she was about ready to die. Her parents had been killed and the final battle was looming over her head. She had thrown herself into work, ignored everyone left, trying to hide from her grief, she had become invisible. She thought no one noticed her any more. Until he came along, she had ignored him like everyone else thinking he didn’t care. Thinking no one cared, she had forgotten he knew what she was going through, he’d been through it himself.


But now he was gone and she wanted it all to end: the pain, the suffering, and the grief. This was the only way for it to end.

He had lifted her up from invisibleness, made her see she was still loved and they all still cared for her. He helped her through her grief and guilt and made her live again. She began to love him for everything he had done for her. Then one day they were sitting by the lake and he leaned over and kissed her. It was perfect! The way a first kiss is meant to be, she felt as if she had been lifted up into the clouds and taken all the way to heaven then set gently back on the ground. He gathered her up into his arms and she felt safe.


Safe wasn’t in her vocabulary any more. Safe didn’t mean anything but being invisible. If she became invisible again without him she would die a slow and painful death. She didn’t want that she wanted an end. A quick and painless end.

They had been together for at least 6 months when the final battle began. He begged her to stay away from the fighting but she refused saying that she had worked as hard as he had to prepare for this. She wanted to help, she wanted revenge on the people that had killed her family that had almost been responsible for killing her. They kissed one final time before the battle began and he told her he loved her.


She made her way to the headmaster’s room knowing he’d want to be in the room where the famous Dumbledore had once resided. Before he had killed him.

The battle raged on for days, the order had tried to kill the death eaters but they were too many of the bad guys and not enough good guys. People were dropping left, right, and centre. First Bill then Mad Eye and Professor McGonagall. It was too much death and Hermione could do nothing to save the ones she loved, and in the midst of it all she saw the one-person fall that could stop all the deaths that could save them all. Her love. Harry.

After his triumphs in the battle Lord Voldemort had taken over Hogwarts killing anyone who still remained behind.

She rushed to his side taking up his already cold hand in hers. She looked into the eyes of his killer. Her eyes said it all. Kill me! I can’t live without him. He just looked at her through his slits for eyes and said in a calm voice “I won’t kill you now, I want you to suffer the loss of everyone you’ve ever loved before I kill you.” Then he leaned in close and whispered in her ear “you’ll come to me when you’re desperate”. He stalked off leaving her crying into the hair of her fallen lover.


That was why she was here. She knew he offered death, a way out. Her only option. As she walked into the room of the Headmaster she had loved dearly, she thought of all who had lost their lives nobly in the act of battle, and how she had not been touched by one death eater while she sat there cradling Harry’s body to hers. They had not done the one thing she wished they’d do. Now she was walking to her death like a coward unable to face her grief. While Ginny, Ron, Harry and everyone she loved all lay in graves dead, from fighting for what they believed in.

She entered the room and the last thing she heard before the blackness enveloped her was “I knew you’d come eventually.”

She screamed,

and the world turned green.

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