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Love's Vengeance by AHarryTale
Chapter 2 : Confusion
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I paced around my demolished living room, teary eyed. I was waiting for my pregnancy test to show me an answer, I was getting awfully impatient. I waved it around in the air, knowing it wouldn't make any difference, but in a way letting out my anxiousness. I looked at the clock, my results should of been ready by now. I looked down at the pregnancy test, blinking fast, nervous. I was shaking so much that it was almost impossible to read the small writing on the test. I placed the test on the table. I tried to calm myself. Finally, I could read the writing clearly. Now, was I pregnant?


What had I done? How could I be so stupid? I can't believe I just accused Hermione of having an affair, even worse accusing her of being impregnated by the mystery man. I mean, there was no other reasonable explanation, was there? When I accused her she didn't deny it, so maybe it was true. But what was really getting to me, was not knowing who he was. Not knowing who Hermione really loved. It could of been someone I knew for all I know! It was crushing me.

I stayed at the Leaky Cauldron the night I left our flat. Hannah Abbott and Neville Longbottom lived there, happily married. Now Hannah Longbottom, was the Leaky Cauldron's land lady, she let me stay as a favour. Unfortunately Neville wasn't there, so I had no shoulder to cry on. The following day I went to visit Seamus Finnigan.

"Ron! Nice to see you mate, so... How did things go last night?"

I stood in silence, indicating that it hadn't gone too well. I looked at the floor and fiddled with my thumbs.

"Oh, you better come in, tell me what happened." Seamus insisted.

I walked in, as I did I saw Dean Thomas. He was sitting in the living room, in front of a moving photograph of him and Seamus, hung on the wall. Dean had his arms around Seamus' waist in the photograph... I stared at him, one eyebrow raised, he was reading and didn't seem to notice me enter.

Seamus coughed. Dean quickly jumped up startled, his book falling to the floor.

"Seamus! I've lost my page now!" Dean groaned. Seamus shifted his eyes in my direction, as Dean hadn't realised I was there.

"Ron! How've you been?" Dean greeted, arms open wide.

"Well, I just came over to see if you could give me any advice..." I replied.

Seamus and Dean sat down, Dean had his arm around Seamus. I then noticed something, well that explained a lot.

"Wait, are you two..."

"Married!" the pair announced simultaneously.

I stared at them in shock, my mouth wide open. I wondered why I hadn't hear about this wedding, and furthermore, been invited to it... But I forced myself to face reality, there was no time to dwell on that this, even though I still couldn't believe it. I knew they had been extremely close in Hogwarts, but never had I thought... Never did it once cross my mind.

I snapped out of my amazed state to see the couple waiting for the news, the news about Hermione.

"Well... Last night, when I got home, she heard Lavender say goodbye, she was only stood in the doorway. But as you can imagine, she was mortified... She flipped out! Then I told her she was no better and accused her of having an affair, I told her that I thought she was pregnant with another man's baby.... She didn't answer me, she didn't deny it. That could only mean it's true, right? She just burst into tears. I demanded an answer but she wouldn't speak. I demolished our home, I destroyed everything in sight. I was furious, I couldn't help it. Then I walked out on her." I spoke painfully slow, the hurt showing in my tone.

Seamus and Dean stared at me, stunned.

"Where's your little Hugo now then?" Seamus questioned, trying to drift away from the subject of Hermione after the dreadful story.

"Bloody hell! Neville still has him! He said he'd baby sit last night." Then it dawned on me.

"Wait... When I stayed at the Leaky Cauldron last night, he wasn't there!" I began to panic. I told Seamus and Dean that I'd keep them informed and update them on the whereabouts of Hugo, they seemed genuinely worried. I apparated to the Leaky Cauldron, palms and forehead dripping with sweat.

I ran up the Leaky Cauldron's staircases, breathing heavily. I finally found Hannah's room. I barged in rather rudely, but this was serious.

"Where's Neville? Have you seen him? Have you heard from him? Do you know where my son is?" I quickly blurted out, before noticing Hannah sobbing. I shut my mouth, I waited for her to answer me.

"I don't know! This has gone on for too long! Neville is never around, he never has any time for me. He never spends any time or effort on me. I never know where he is, he never tells me anything. I'm constantly worried sick about how how is, where he is. I can't keep living like this!" she roared.

My little boy, how could I of let this happen? I was distraught, I stood in silence for a moment as thoughts passed through my baffled brain. I finally began helping Hannah off her bed and on to her feet. We then apparated everywhere in search of Neville and Hugo. We finally found Neville at a local pub, after searching through all of the most unlikely of places. However... My little boy wasn't accompanying him.

"Where the bloody hell have you been?!" Hannah screeched, almost deafening the inhabitants of the pub.

"Hannah... I lost my job..." Neville admitted.

"So you thought you'd give babysitting a try?!" I spat.

"Oh yeah! Ron, I forgot to mention, Hugo's staying with Harry and your sister, is that okay?" Neville replied, trying to act innocent. No it was not okay. At all.

"I've been worried sick, searching high and low for my little boy. You could of told me, couldn't you you?!" I shouted, apparating out of the pub. Yes it was a rhetorical question, I blatantly didn't want to speak to him after what he had done. And not to mention, asking me 'is that okay?' Well it might have been if he had of asked me the question before he disappeared with my son! I apparated to Harry and Ginny's house, it was quite big, they must have been doing well. As you can expect I didn't bother knocking. I just burst in, but you couldn't blame me really. That's when I saw someone. Hermione, but why was she there?

I read the pregnancy test out loud.

"Pregnant..." I whispered, the single word echoing. I felt a warm tear down my cheek. I threw the test at the wall of my flat, screaming in anger. How could I of let this happen? How could I be so stupid?

But who was the father? I tensed up at the thought. It could be Ron, it could be Harry, it could be someone else for all I knew! No, that was impossible, I think I would have remembered... It could only be Ron or Harry, they were the only possible fathers.

I decided to visit Harry, he was the only person I could tell. I couldn't tell Ron, I couldn't give him the satisfaction. I couldn't tell him he was right, especially after my teary performance. But what if it was Ron's? I was already imagining the reaction pinned to his face, he'd be gob smacked! So maybe telling him was for the best. But wait, I didn't want it to be Ron's... Did I? I loved Harry, and only Harry. Even if a part of me wanted it to be Ron's, out of spite and revenge. So I could tell him he was wrong, put him to shame, put him in his place; whereas the rest of me wanted the baby to be Harry's. We could run away and start our own family. But the baby couldn't be Harry's, he couldn't be a father yet. Ginny still had no idea about our affair either, she had no suspicions whatsoever according to Harry. If she found out that her husband was the father to her sister in law's child, she would go crazy! I really didn't know what I wanted or what I would do above all. I guess only time would tell.

I walked up to Harry's door and took a deep breath. For some reason, I had a really bad feeling about this. I knew it was going to be hard, but I had to do it eventually. I clenched fist and brought it up to the door, I scrunched my nose and closed my eyes, tightly.

Nock, nock...

I'd actually summed up the courage to do it. Such a simple task, yet it was so difficult. My face turned pale and my body began to grow cold. I couldn't close my mouth and my eyelids protested against closing. I looked as though I'd just seen a ghost, and this was before the door had opened!

The door creaked openly slowly. My neck stiffened, as did all my limbs that had previously been unable to stay in a fixed position, shaking from the nerves. My eyes, which I had ceased to believe could widen any more, grew even wider.

There in front of me was Ginny, what bloody perfect timing!

I mentally placed my head into my palms. I felt an urge to throw my head against a wall, but Ginny smiled at me simply, unaware. I forced a smile. Ginny stood to the side of the door, signaling for me to enter. I bit the side of my mouth, anxious, pouting like a fish. Ginny closed the door calmly, I highly doubted that the door would be on it's hinges for long. I couldn't look at her, nevermind look her in the eye. She stared at me as I sat myself on the couch opposite her.

"Would you like a butterbeer Hermione?" she asked politely. I nodded, managing to smile truthfully. I watched as Ginny left the room, moving to the kitchen. I let out an enormous sigh of relief. It was barely possible, lying to someone's face, someone you love. Well not so much lying, but betraying.

Suddenly I heard a huge crash. I turned to face the hallway, where the sound had came from. Well I was right about the door. Ron was stood in the hallway, red faced. He stared at me, confused, hurt, angry, what else? His face showed a dozen emotions, I stared back at him, confused as he was. Yes his sister lived here, but was it every day that he broke the door down? Plus, he didn't appear to be looking for a friendly chat.

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Love's Vengeance: Confusion


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