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Until death do us part by ginerva_molly_weasley
Chapter 1 : Until death do us part
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 I knew before Bellatrix had even said the spell that I was dead.

It all seemed to happen in slow motion, Remus falling to the floor after Dolohov’s attack, my scream ringing round in my ears as she raised her wand. I lunged towards my husband in an attempt to dodge the spell but I knew it would be futile.

Grasping my husband’s hand, I braced myself for the spell that would inevitably hit me and tried to summon the image of the beautiful child we had made into my mind.

Catching a glimpse of his bright blue hair, I felt ready, but then the darkness hit me. I heard the callous cackle of my Aunt as my body stiffened and my heart stoped. Then nothing. I could feel Remus’s hand in my palm but I couldn’t open my eyes. I couldn’t see. I couldn’t even muster the image of Teddy in my mind.

I was dead.

Someone screamed as I felt tears splash over my skin. I knew the voice but I couldn’t quite work out who it was. A young girl, a young beautiful girl, crying over my body: Ginny.  I felt her lift me up, tears still managing to graze the side of my cheek but I could feel my hand slipping from Remus’s. I wanted to yell, I wanted to scream. I needed him.

I had never quite realised the longing in my heart for the man I loved so much until the moment his hand was ripped away from mine. That moment when I rushed after him, I wanted to save him. To protect him. Now I just felt empty.

In our vows we said til death do us part. So now this is it. We’re both dead and apart. My life was destroyed and my son… well my son wasn’t going to have any parents. My tiny baby son. I wanted Remus back in my arms. To tell me everything’s okay or even just to kiss my hand one more time.

I could hear movement above me as the girl who’d been crying onto my cheek moved. I hoped they’d put me near Remus. I tried to reach out but my body was still. I felt blind and robbed. Just to see Remus’s face one more time. Just to spend one more day with him. One more hour.

The dependency I had on the man made me feel so alone. So lonely in this deep, dark ,blind world. I had a consciousness but I couldn’t see; I couldn’t touch. I wanted more than anything for Remus to be holding me in his arms, comforting me.

I tried to pull the images of our wedding day into my mind but I just couldn’t. I needed something, just something to hold on to to help me through it. I described what he was wearing in my mind. A white suit, with a pink t-shirt which went with my hair. I tried to remember his laughter, his smile but it just wouldn’t come to me

The commotion outside came to a halt and I heard a cheer. I didn’t know which side it was from but in that moment it didn’t matter. The heaviness on my eyes lifted and suddenly I could see. Everything was hazy but my eyes were focused on the silvery shadow in front of me.


I felt my soul leave my body, taking the tiny outline of my body with it. I glided over to him and he still looked completely perfect. The scars and grazes gone from his face and his beaming smile bearing down on me. He held out his arm and I reached for it, him feeling as solid as ever.

‘I thought I told you to stay home,’ he tutted, the smile never leaving him.

‘Since when have I ever listened?’ He gave a chuckle.

‘I should have known. Shall we?’ He gestured to the huge ball of light emerging in front of us. I took his hand and walked with him through it because now I wasn’t afraid. I knew I could do anything with him by my side.

‘What took you so long?’ I asked curiously.

‘Long story.’

‘We have forever.’ He gave me a nod of agreement and I knew I couldn’t have been happier.

Til death do us part… yeah right.

Hey guys! This is one of my shorter pieces which I wrote quite a while ago but never got round to posting! I would love to know what you think!

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