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1226 : Someone by Houlestar     Short story
Rating: Mature   Chapters: 2   Reviews: 21

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To save one life she must scafrice another, but she could never live knowing she caused the death of her friend. And no matter what she does, everything seems to end up screwed up. [DM/HG/RW, SS/LE, OC/NL]

Genres: Romance, Action/Adventure, AU   Era: Hogwarts   Characters: Draco, Hermione, James, Lily, Lucius, Neville, OC , Ron, Sirius, Snape  Pairings: Ron/Hermione, Draco/Hermione, Snape/Lily, Other Pairing
Advisory: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
Published: 2005.12.19   Latest Chapter: 2006.01.15 Updated: 2011.10.18 Status: Abandoned (5197 words)

1227 : Stepping in Time by Lily Severn     One-shot
Rating: 12+   Chapters: 1   Reviews: 19

She pressed her fingers into the crook of his left arm. In a movement borne of fear and surprise, he drew it back with a sharp intake of breath. Severus Snape’s black eyes burned into hers. Aggression melted into complacency, even hesitancy. “ Lily.” In response to Wickedwitch25’s challenge. Thank you!

Genres: Fluff, General, Romance  Era: Founders   Characters: James, Lily, Lupin, Sirius, Snape  Pairings: Snape/Lily
Advisory: No Warnings
Published: 2006.01.03   Latest Chapter: 2006.01.03 Updated: 2006.01.07 Status: COMPLETED (1399 words)

1228 : In Love with an Outcast by SlytherinandMalfoyGoddess     Short story
Rating: 12+   Chapters: 6   Reviews: 26

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PLEASE EXCUSE THE RUBBISH STORYLINE, SPELLING ETC FOR I WAS ONLY 13 WHEN I WROTE THIS.Thank you KimMalfoy for the fab banner!Lily and Snape both love each other. But what does Snape feel when they get together, does he really wnat Lily to go through the suffering of being with him? Will she really want to be in love with an outcast like him?

Genres: Romance  Era: Marauders   Characters: James, Lily, Lucius, Lupin, Narcissa, Pettigrew, Sirius, Snape  Pairings: Snape/Lily
Advisory: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Published: 2005.10.01   Latest Chapter: 2005.10.29 Updated: 2006.01.14 Status: COMPLETED (4801 words)

1229 : With Love, Lily by Aisu Hoshino     One-shot
Rating: 12+   Chapters: 1   Reviews: 25

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Lovely Banner by Anastasia!

Genres: General, Romance  Era: Marauders   Characters: Lily, Snape  Pairings: Snape/Lily
Advisory: Mild Violence
Published: 2005.09.18   Latest Chapter: 2005.09.18 Updated: 2006.02.18 Status: COMPLETED (805 words)

1230 : Captivated by PreTeenWriter     One-shot
Rating: 12+   Chapters: 1   Reviews: 19

Thank you, Serena, for the lovely banner!!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
“It’s beautiful out here tonight.” She said softly. “Not as beautiful as you.” He responded automatically. Snape and Lily meet unexpectedly in the forest, and discover many new things about each other and themselves, and their love for each other.

Genres: Fluff, Romance  Era: Marauders   Characters: Lily, Snape  Pairings: Snape/Lily
Advisory: Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Published: 2005.09.05   Latest Chapter: 2005.09.05 Updated: 2005.10.17 Status: COMPLETED (1080 words)

1231 : Confession by Lizzy     Short story
Rating: 15+   Chapters: 8   Reviews: 174

The smell of blood and death hung in the air like a thick fog. She woke up confused, ‘where was she…? and how did she get here…? but there was noting.’ It was pitch black, as if someone had flipped a switch and turned off the sun. Every part of her body ached; she tried to lift her head from the hard, freezing floor, but it required the use of too much energy and she slumped back down. The air was poisoned, and stung her lungs every time her chest rose.

Genres: Romance, Action/Adventure  Era: Marauders   Characters: Dumbledore, Harry, James, Lily, Lucius, Lupin, OC, Sirius, Snape, Voldemort  Pairings: James/Lily, Snape/Lily
Advisory: Strong Violence,
Published: 2005.02.19   Latest Chapter: 2005.04.15 Updated: 2006.04.26 Status: COMPLETED (10183 words)

1232 : Cold and Catatonic by squaredancer     One-shot
Rating: 15+   Chapters: 1   Reviews: 16

The man’s lissom fingers set to work, adjusting temperatures, cutting herbs and running over the defined grain covering his knife. This was his temple, and here he was a God. Alone and silent, he was unaided. He was secret, he was cold and he was catatonic. When he left, the sunlight was muted and the blue sky was masked by the dusky grey-brown of clouds. Clouds of smoke and destruction. Clouds that, too, were tinted green with the image of an enormous, hideous skull and a snake protruding from its mouth. This was Lord Voldemort’s world, not the one he had left behind.

Genres: Angst  Era: Marauders   Characters: Snape  Pairings: Snape/Lily
Advisory: Mild Language, Substance Use or Abuse
Published: 2005.03.20   Latest Chapter: 2005.03.20 Updated: 2005.03.20 Status: COMPLETED (1777 words)
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