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7151 : thw war will be won by Tyrell     Short story
Rating: 15+   Chapters: 3   Reviews: 0

Harry potter the boy who lived must now take a stand against evil. It is time for Harry to face Voldemort. Harry knows that he must kill or be killed in this final battle Harry now has the professors and students of the DA and the ministry of magicís best Aurors on his side. But what Harry doesnít know is that there is doubt amongst the ranks professorís students and even Harryís best friends doubt that Harry will be able to stop Voldemort and put an end to evil.

Genres: Action, Humor, Mystery   Characters: Dumbledore, Harry, Hermione, OC, Remus Lupin, Ron, Snape, Voldemort
Advisory: Mild Language, Mild Violence
Published: 2004.04.04   Latest Chapter: 2004.04.07 Updated: 2004.04.07 Status: Abandoned (5722 words)

7152 : Unrequited Love by Anduril     
Rating: 12+   Chapters: 1   Reviews: 0

Harry gets a new defense against the dark arts professor. She has a strange and mysterious past and a dark secret. Harry is enchanted with the young new professor and falls in love with her. Basically, a typical older woman romance but with mystery and intrigue that involves a certain group called the marauders.

Genres: Mystery   Characters: Harry, Voldemort  Pairings: Others
Advisory: Mild Language
Published: 2004.04.05   Latest Chapter: 2004.04.05 Updated: 2004.04.05 Status: Abandoned (528 words)

7153 : From Enemy, to Nothing, to Friend, to Lover by m00nprincess     Short story
Rating: 15+   Chapters: 4   Reviews: 8

Hermione and Draco find out the answer to their loneliness is each other as a new extremely beautiful and mysterious DADA teacher makes everything and everyone change at Hogwarts.

Genres: Romance, Action, Angst, Fluff, Mystery   Characters: Draco, Hermione  Pairings: Draco/Hermione
Advisory: No Warnings
Published: 2004.04.02   Latest Chapter: 2004.04.04 Updated: 2004.08.08 Status: Abandoned (4109 words)

7154 : Harry's journal by MrsRemusLupin     Novella
Rating: Mature   Chapters: 9   Reviews: 29

After Sirius death Harry has way too many feeling to comptemplate. He buys this journal he is writing in. In this journal will be what is happening at hogwarts and out from Harry's view. PLZ R/R whether if you hate it or love it- no flames plz. Bad summary- mystery for a new year insured! You have been contacted by a staff member regarding this storyPlease check your e-mail immediately.If you did not recieve or cannot find an e-mai

Genres: Romance, General, Angst, Mystery, Drama   Characters: Draco, Dumbledore, Fred/George, Ginny, Harry, Hermione, Remus Lupin, Ron, Snape, Voldemort
Advisory: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse
Published: 2003.08.04   Latest Chapter: 2003.08.23 Updated: 2003.08.23 Status: Abandoned (4281 words)

7155 : The Heir by Remus     One-shot
Rating: 15+   Chapters: 1   Reviews: 24

Draco Malfoy has a perfect life, or does he? His fate has been sealed ever since the day he was born. Writen before OotP so therefore this is also an AU.

Genres: Mystery, Angst  Era: Hogwarts   Characters: Draco
Advisory: Mild Language, Mild Violence
Published: 2003.07.24   Latest Chapter: 2003.07.24 Updated: 2005.04.27 Status: COMPLETED (2517 words)
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