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Review #1, by kingdom_hearts_2_rocks No Future

20th July 2006:
trying not to cry!!!! starting to cry!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Oh! Don't cry! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to make anyone cry!!

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Review #2, by hugs2muchgal No Future

19th March 2006: in shock sorta... how did she die? wasnt she already dead? poor remy! poor everyone! (i could care less about jess) was it tez who killed her? please say it was. wonderful story, absolutely amazing....probabaly the best angsty story i have read ive hated every other story with the girl as a vampire...but this one was probabaly the best told alittle unrealistic, but hey this whole harry potter world is fake so who am i to say it wasnt realistic?*shrugs* cant wait to read the sequel....hehe.. hopefully it is a little happier.... loved your story*hugs* ~lauren

Author's Response: ah thanks for the review! glad you liked my fic, though if i'm honets, i may have to go back and read it myself as i really can;'t remember much that happened in it!! lol thanks again for the review!!

Chihiro x

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Review #3, by Ollie Werewolves and Vampires

18th October 2005:
i thought...sirius was snuffles...heeeey!!

Author's Response: dunno, why would he want harry to call him snuffles? just thought it would be cute if his old girlfriend was called snuffles

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Review #4, by tAsOuLaKi No Future

3rd August 2005:
oh my god this is the best story ever!! How did you think of that !!!!!!! Seriously (lol) it was really deep but also funny at times and most of it was believable - sort of. Yeah so thanks so much for writing it!! i just read the whole thing in one sitting and it was soooooo worth it but know i have to go!. Anyway well done!

Author's Response: thank you!! it makes me feel so happy inside knowing that people appreciate my stories!!! : )

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Review #5, by very interested Set Aside Differences

28th June 2005:
Wow! amazing start to this story. I cant believe more people haven't reviewed this. It was awesome and so detailed! I love it! Keep writing!

Author's Response: thank you. i'm glad you like, it makes me feel a bit better about it!!!

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Review #6, by WeridPhyscoChik Set Aside Differences

6th April 2005:
YOUR STORY ROCKS MAN! KEEP WRITING!!!!!! Could you possibly chel out my story? I`m new to writng also. I think your story is really pretty good. My account has locked me out. Please keep wrting an dupdate often!

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