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Review #1, by styne The Battle

31st January 2006: That was soo sad, I'm almost in tears. Very well written. I hope that's not what will happen, otherwise I won't be able to see clearly for a few days!!!! Well done, 10 points!! Thanks!

Author's Response: thanks bunches! I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #2, by Weasel_Bee The Battle

29th October 2005:
Thanks for reveiwing my story so I shall reveiw yours it was great I'll be adding this to my favorites

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

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Review #3, by Rozanne The Battle

8th October 2005:
SAAAD! Wahwahwah! Good though! Well done i like it lots!

Author's Response: Wow! This story is one of my older ones, I'm surprised I still have new reviewers! Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. It was sad, I was in a sad mood when I wrote it.

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Review #4, by shapoopie 09 The Battle

5th October 2005:
awwww. that was so sad but it was good. you should write another one. but make the next one more happy

Author's Response: Well, I do have two other stories out that I consider a lot happier. There is Reaching Beyond Fear, my first fic ever and I just updated Chapter 21 I think. And hen there is Summertime Tribulations which is a one-shot but I'm working on a sequel.

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Review #5, by hpfan113 The Battle

30th August 2005:
awesome. i shed a tear or two. now you shouldn't feel unloved. I thought that this was really cool.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I love not feeling unloved! I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #6, by Starfire Potter24 The Battle

25th August 2005:

Author's Response: Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I'll takeit as a good thing! I'm optimistic (most of the time). Thanks for reading and especially for reviewing!

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Review #7, by AshAnana The Battle

18th July 2005:
That was amazing! I love that song! It's so sad.

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! I love that song too which is waht drove me to write it. I know that it was sad but the song is sad so, well if you liked that please read my other two fics! (Soon to be three when I'm allowed to post again.) My other fics are All I Ask of You (one-shot) and Reaching Beyond Fear (umm novel like?) and as soon as I can get it on Summertime Tribulations (One-shot). Thanks!

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Review #8, by hick from the sticks chick The Battle

26th April 2005:
you killed hermione!!!!!! **crys histaricaly** she's like my fav charie and you k-killed her! just kidding, it was ok, just sad. i'm more the fluffy type. good job though, very angasty ^*tear*^

Author's Response: Well, I do have a story out that is MUCH more fluffy than this one. It's called Reaching Beyond Fear and is like a drama, romance, fluff, and a bit of angst just not as much as this. Well, I'm glad you liked it! Sorry it made you cry!

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Review #9, by amber_angel The Battle

24th April 2005:
That was so sad! But now Ron and Hermione are together!Not that it's a good thing that tye're dead, but yeah...

Author's Response: I get it! Thanks for the reveiw! Glad you liked it!

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Review #10, by andharrywokeup The Battle

23rd April 2005:

Author's Response: ??? What do you mean?

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Review #11, by andharrywokeup The Battle

23rd April 2005:
Mist and Shadow Cloud and shade!!! Pippin right?! Oh how much I love that film!!! That song makes me cry in fact that film makes me cry…I cried what four times in it!  Interesting interpretation of the last battle…w8 that sounds to LOTR…how bout the final ballle? Oh that song how I love it!

Author's Response: I know! ROTK made me cry like 10 times! I still cry when I watch it! Even though I knew what was going to happen when I first saw it, I sobbed! Especially when Frodo told Sam to leave! I was like, NO!!!!!!!!! GO BACK SAM! GO BACK!!!!!!! Thanks for the reveiw!

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Review #12, by Loki10125 The Battle

16th April 2005:
Mugglenet are a bunch of fools for not accepting this fic. It's a great one shot, though it is a down ending... I hope you write a R/Hr with a happy end next time. Cheers, Loki

Author's Response: I did write a happier ending for Reaching Beyond Fear! Well, actually it will be a happier ending. Thanks so much!

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Review #13, by KimMalfoy The Battle

13th April 2005:
Awwww no!! Not Ron and Hermione, god, I can't stop crying! Listening to the song while reading the story just made it even sadder... *runs away to dry my tears*........ *comes back* Great story, sad cause two of my fave characters died, but great! I liked it!

Author's Response: Sorry I made you cry! I kept crying as I fixed it up because I love Ron and Hermione! I'm glad some people have finally been able to read this fic because MuggleNet wouldn't accept it! I wrote this in December and no one has seen it until now. I kept getting so angry at MuggleNet. I have another story that either is out or will be about Ron and 'Mione called Reaching Beyond Fear. I look forward to anyone's reviews! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE AMAZING REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #14, by Sarah The Battle

11th April 2005:
This is sooooo good! i cant believe hermione and ron die but at least they're together what song was that in the story? one again i loved it !!! keep writing more stories!

Author's Response: The song is from The Return of the King, if you've seen the movie it's the one that Pippin sings while Faramir and the Gondorian soldiers are on horseback going to the river. Thanks for the great reveiw! Finally SOMEONE reviews! *starts bowing down and worshipping Sarah* lol!

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