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Review #1, by jada.caron Chapter I & II

3rd May 2012:
yah,you need to write more

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Review #2, by mione Chapter I & II

9th February 2007:
That was ausome I loved how i ended with harry getting hermione and draco losing

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Review #3, by potterlove Chapter I & II

1st January 2007:
i really do like that story.they wre all wearing hott clothes.please write more stories like this.i really like harry/hermione.keep up the good work.i'm so going to add this story to my favorites.

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Review #4, by mrs_potter_13 Chapter I & II

3rd December 2006:
HAHA Draco left all alone

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Review #5, by hpluver627 Chapter I & II

18th September 2006:
i thougt it was suppose to be a draco/hermione story?.... pretty good anyways. i am getting a car for my 16th bday... hopefully a ferrari!! or BMW!

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Review #6, by DracoFerret11 Chapter I & II

28th August 2006:
lol this was pretty funny, lots of descriptions (which is good) but too bad Draco lost.. oh well.. good job

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Review #7, by jocie9 Chapter I & II

17th August 2006:
how do u make those banners?

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Review #8, by hannah186 potter Chapter I & II

1st August 2006:
I loved the story and i tihnk it is very intresting why don't you make it into a novel. I'm sure to read it. Keep up the good work, i just wish i could writed like you do any tips for me? LOL see you around.

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Review #9, by kittykow Chapter I & II

20th July 2006:
aww i fought der woz gonna be more chaptas explainin de holiday it wud be kl

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Review #10, by Um.Yeah Chapter I & II

16th July 2006:
It was an okay story, but I didn't really get some of it, but maybe I'm just a little slow. I think you should have put in why they were going on the trip and why only those seven people got to go. And is Draco like on the order's side now? or is this before what happened in HBP? Also, Hermione was a little too ooc for me.

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Review #11, by xdarkestxsecretsx Chapter I & II

9th July 2006:
why do you have the pairing to be hermione and draco if harry gets her in the end...?? Kind of caught me off guard in a bad way. :(

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Review #12, by junior_death_eater Chapter I & II

6th July 2006:
that was great...and i have one thing to say....yes i know it is random but i want to say it....when Dumbledore says "ACT LIKE MUGGLES, ALL O YOU!" it made me laugh. Was it supposed to be funny? oh well either way it made me laugh, once again good job!

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Review #13, by visiter Chapter I & II

26th June 2006:
great story, but, i'm confused. has draco switchied sides in this fic? i don't have anything against it i'm just confused! other than that awesome

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Review #14, by Hp/Hg_luver Chapter I & II

24th June 2006:
Loved that Harry got Hermione, but what an odd way to find that out. Seems a little unfinished to me. good job!

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Review #15, by Crave4Draco Chapter I & II

21st June 2006:
Awesome ending!!! Luv Draco

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Review #16, by draco-is-mine Chapter I & II

20th June 2006:
you will never take him from me

p.s.were getting married in the winter

Mua ha ha ha ha ha ha

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Review #17, by shell10150123 Chapter I & II

20th June 2006:
im sorry,

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Review #18, by Omg Chapter I & II

14th May 2006:
That was stupid and it made no sense why don't you actually make a real story rather than make a stupid paragraph and for your info Harry is hotter than Draco will ever beSure it was cute but it wasn't very good at all!!

Author's Response: Again, flaming. I do wish you people weren't so immature. Yes, this story doesn't make sense, but I am steadily improving. Thank you for your insight.

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Review #19, by witchgirl Chapter I & II

19th April 2006:
I think this should be at the Hermione/Harry catagory. Just to let you know.

Author's Response: Oh. Maybe I should put it in... But the whole thing has changed since then.

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Review #20, by Snow_Beauty Chapter I & II

15th April 2006:
erm but y was that in the draco and herm catagory that wasnt a draco herm story it was a harry herm confused

Author's Response: Sorry I suck at category-ing.

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Review #21, by Malfoys_Mistress Chapter I & II

24th March 2006:
Lol, nice i like it.

Author's Response: Yeah! Glad you do. I've gotten mostly flaming reviews ;).

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Review #22, by rosie Chapter I & II

16th March 2006:
gr8 story

Author's Response: Thanks! Short and sweet!

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Review #23, by DM_SS Chapter I & II

12th February 2006:
good story... but I was sort of confused at some points in the story. Anyway it was good

Author's Response: Thanks - I'm sorry, this isn't one of my best stories.

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Review #24, by Draco Is da Best Chapter I & II

25th December 2005:
draco loses??? no way!! haha

Author's Response: Lol. I was a Harmony fan at the time *Smacks head against wall and shakes head.* Dramione forever!

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Review #25, by Amanda Sachtleben Chapter I & II

17th December 2005:
hey It is good but why is she such a muggle? but ya its good

Author's Response: I wondered that too, after re-reading it. Too much MTV *winks* Thanks for your review!

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