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Review #1, by Pat Missing Persons

12th June 2013:
Sorry to see that you don't think this story is interesting. I have been enthralled since finding it, very interesting in my opinion. I started wondering how fudge could do such a complete about face in the course of Rowlings books, being able to read the situations from his perespective, well apart from a certain prejudice though denied on his part. (Who doesn't deny their own prejudice?) It really helps bring an understanding to the stories. I do hope you may take further interest in the project and continue with the work, i'll certainly be sharing the web site with my potter fan friend's. And thank you for what you have done so far. Are there any other side stories about other characters?

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review. I kind of got a bit stuck at that point, since Fudge plays so large a part in the latter part of Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix that it is very hard to write the events from his point of view without plagiarising, which is why it kind of got abandoned.

That's pretty much why I started this story - the way Fudge seems to change so suddenly at the end of Goblet of Fire from a rather incompetent but ultimately kindly figure to a completely corrupt character who allowed an underling to essentially abuse children. And then at the beginning of Half Blood Prince he seems to change again. His admission there that he was bound to lose his position after what happened seems in contrast to his previous lack of self-awareness.

I have written some other stories about minor characters, although they are mostly one-shots. I've written a story about Regulus Black called "The Road to Hell" and one about Greyback called "The Deadliest Dare".

Thanks again for your review.

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Review #2, by water_lily43175 Missing Persons

4th May 2006:
I think you should carry on with this one. I mean, it might take a lot of work, but you should take your time with it. And it's a really good story about a character no one seems to know much about. As for having no reviews beging you to update...

*gets down on knees* Pleeeease update!!!!

Is that okay?

But seriously, I think you should continue. *snickers* I'm just gonna turn round now and say to reread the last review you left me. The one where you told me to carry on. Please continue!!!

Author's Response: Okay, I will try to update. I'm just not looking forward to doing the Order of the Phoenix part, as Fudge has a major part in that book. I am sort of looking forward to bringing Umbridge in though.

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Review #3, by water_lily43175 A Worrying Sign

4th May 2006:
It's interesting to see that Fudge just sits around and sends other people out to the campsite, then when he finally gets there, he hasn't a clue what's going on. And I can see how Bagman's being annoying. I'd probably end up killing him out of desperation if I were Fudge. Yet I can't help liking him.

Author's Response: Yeah, I'd probably end up killing Bagman if I was his boss too. I've worked with some people (and taught some people) sort of like him. They are good fun and you can't help liking them, but when you need them to work...HELP. It can be rather frustrating.

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Review #4, by water_lily43175 The World Cup

4th May 2006:
I love Romilda!! *hugs Romilda* She's just cool. And Claire O'Donovan, she's nice, too. It's great to see Fudge's view on Bagman, and what he thinks about the World Cup.

Author's Response: Um, yeah, Claire O'Donovan-that's kind of called bias. I had to give us a nice Minister. Seriously, I just thought "hey, how come the Bulgarian Minister gets to come into the book and the Irish Minister doesn't?" We did win the match after all. Our Minister should surely have been around somewhere. So I decided I was going to create one for us.

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Review #5, by water_lily43175 An Embarrassment for the Ministry.

4th May 2006:
Snape's very sly in this chapter, and Fudge seems to be worried yet again about himself and his position in office. And he's still very biased when it comes to Hagrid being half-giant, although it's nice to see that he feels sympathetic towards him.

Author's Response: Well we all know what Snape is like!!! And yeah, Fudge is anti-giants. I wrote a chapter on him for this collaborative fic about Prefects who Achieved Power (you know, the book Percy was reading) where I give a reason for that. It's posted under the author H_J_Granger on this site, and each chapter is written by a different author. Basically, the reason is connected to the giants supporting Voldemort in the first war.

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Review #6, by water_lily43175 No Success.

4th May 2006:
It's nice to see the Fudges getting along with Carla, although I'm curious about what Romilda's life's like in Tunisia. And it's interesting to see that Dumbledore's blaming the Dementors for Sirius's break-in. It never came up in the book, and even though we know how Dumbledore feels about Dementors, it's interesting to see how he feels about them after the break-in.

Author's Response: It just struck me as the reaction he would take, seeing as he dislikes the Dementors so much. I had to make up a certain amount of the attitudes, particularly in the earlier books, as the adults were hardly likely to tell the kids exactly what they were thinking.

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Review #7, by water_lily43175 The search for Harry Potter

4th May 2006:
The Fudges are so obsessed with pure-bloods. Preferring Carla's mum to be a pure-blood instead of a muggle? There's nothing wrong with being a half-blood. Once again an example of how stuck-up Fudge and Alyssa are.

Author's Response: I got that from a comment Dumbledore made-I think it was at the end of Goblet of Fire about Fudge allowing his pure blood prejudices to blind him.

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Review #8, by water_lily43175 A challange for the Ministry.

4th May 2006:
It's interesting to see Fudge's view of Sirius, and his thoughts about what to do with Hogwarts. I don't see how shutting Hogwarts would cause that much of a disaster, though.

Author's Response: *whispers* I had to come up with some reason why he didn't order its closure. Sorry if it's not very convincing.

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Review #9, by water_lily43175 The Chamber of Secrets

4th May 2006:
Well, Fudge is being really annoying now. In the books, he always appeared like a nice guy until OOTP, but in this story he's caring more about himself than anyone else. And Alyssa's just as bad, showing off about her husband being Minister, and her son's success, too.

Author's Response: I had a bit of a balancing act to manage there-that Fudge seemed like a nice guy for the first 4 books and then seemed really horrible in book 5, so I am trying to show how the whole thing makes sense in his mind.

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Review #10, by water_lily43175 Careers

4th May 2006:
Alyssa is a right stuck up prissy git! Just because her only daughter isn't doing what she wants her to do, and she ignores her! If Romilda died or something, I bet Alyssa would feel so bad for not treating her like a daughter, and ignoring her.

Author's Response: Agreed. I really don't like Alyssa. I have come across people like her though, who basically want to dictate their children's entire lives.

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Review #11, by water_lily43175 Romilda's Future Plans

4th May 2006:
Fudge's fatherly streak is coming out now, and it's nice to see that he's backing Romilda in whatever she does. Alyssa, on the other hand, appears to be obsessed with popularity, wealth and success when it comes to both her husband and her children.

Author's Response: It was one of the things I could make up totally-Fudge's relationship with his family, and I kind of liked the idea of a wife who was sort of "the power behind the throne".

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Review #12, by water_lily43175 The Problem with being Minister

4th May 2006:
Fudge appears to think that the work of a Minister involves slogging around, ordering everyone else to do the work, and firing thise he doesn't like. He disregards Mr Weasley so much just because the Weasleys are poor and Mr Weasley has a fascination with muggles. The episode with Scabbers was rathr amusing, though, and I can highly imagine that Fudge's speech was the most boring. I feel extremely sorry for Romilda, though, not being able to spend time with her father. He should try to spend more time with her, I think, otherwise she'll refuse to talk to him.

Author's Response: Yeah, the impression I am trying to get across is that he doesn't exactly dislike Mr. Weasley; he just doesn't really consider him of much importance. And I just thought that Scabbers thing sounded like Fred and George.

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Review #13, by water_lily43175 Possible Allies

4th May 2006:
If you ask me, Alyssa's after the publicity of being the Minister's wife. Now Fudge is Minister, she's after all the limelight, and she definately won't be leaving him or anything like that now, even if she wants to, just because of the publicity she's gonna get.

The Malfoys even now are definately coming into the story as a family that Fudge respects. And Fudge's view of Mr Weasley seems very unfair, but we as readers have learned that he's a great guy, whereas Fudge, especially now he's Minister and in a much higher position than Mr Weasley, seems to regard him as inferior to him. Also, the animosity between Crouch and Fudge is coming out strong, and Fudge's dislike of Bagman's laziness and disregard for the rules. A really well written chapter. :D

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm glad you liked it. Absolutely about Alyssa. The only question is what she'll do once the book 6 situation kicks in and he loses his job. I just thought Crouch the sort of guy who wouldn't appreciate coming second to anybody. I couldn't see him taking it well.

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Review #14, by water_lily43175 The Wife and Family

3rd May 2006:
I think this is a good story, Margaret. I haven't actually read one about Fudge before, but this is cool. His pompous power-loving streak is really coming out.

Author's Response: Thanks Ellie. Yeah, Fudge seems to be under-represented in fics. *wonders why people are so anxious to write about the likeable characters* I find the not-so-nice ones far more interesting. Nice people are boring-to write about, I mean, not in real life.

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Review #15, by Entropy Missing Persons

2nd September 2005:
I really liked that. Good job on creating Fudge's character, and how he thinks through things. He's not a corrupt person, just someone who doesn't have the full picture, and very hard to convince of the full picture. I think you did an astounding job at creating reasons for how he acted, and incorporating it into the events of the books.

Author's Response: Thanks for the reviews. I am glad you like my interpretation of Fudge's character. I kind of got interested as to why he seemed quite nice, if a bit stupid in the first 3 books and then so nasty at the end of Goblet of Fire and throughout Order of the Phoenix. He always struck me as more foolish and a little arrogant than really bad.

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Review #16, by Entropy The Problem with being Minister

2nd September 2005:
I really like the talk with Dumbledore, and how most everything was useful, except for his prejudice against the Malfoys. Very nice.

Author's Response: Glad you are enjoying this.

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Review #17, by Hallie Dove The World Cup

27th August 2005:
Good chapter! I forgotten some parts in GoF, lol. Onto the next!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it.

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Review #18, by Hallie Dove An Embarrassment for the Ministry.

31st July 2005:
Awesome chapter again. Yet, something's bugging me. You mention Cornelius understood how Mr. Weasley felt, not wanting his children close to another child that was in danger. But, wouldn't he care about Harry's safety enough to want Ron close to him, to keep him safe? Just wondering and sorry if I'm confusing you.

Author's Response: No, you're not confusing me, but I don't really remember what point I was making to be honest. I'll check in a moment. I think it might just be Fudge getting things wrong as usual and assuming that Mr. Weasley wouldn't care about Harry's safety. I'll get back to you once I've reread the chapter.

Author's Response: Ok, I've reread it. Yeah, Arthur wants Harry to have company, in order to keep him safe, but he is also worried about Ron and Ginny-and Harry too- because they are in such danger. But Cornelius just thinks that if it were his children, then he would just want them out of danger. He wouldn't worry about Harry.

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Review #19, by Hallie Dove No Success.

30th July 2005:
Well, I'm happy Romilda likes Carla, lol. Funny that Alyssa liked her too. She does seem hard to please. Awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Yeah, Alyssa is hard to please. But Jovian is the "good" child who always pleases her. Romilda is the one that she always disapproves of.

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Review #20, by Hallie Dove The search for Harry Potter

29th July 2005:
Awesome chapter! Onto the next.

Author's Response: Glad you are enjoying this. I really ought to get on with it.

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Review #21, by Hallie Dove A challange for the Ministry.

28th July 2005:
Sorry I'm not signed in. Great chapter though. I liked your discussion between the ministers. I think it goes along with book six pretty well, don't you?

Author's Response: Yeah, I actually have to change a few things, to fit in with what we learned in book 6, like changing the apparating to flooing. He did just appear though, so I don't have to change it TOO much. Glad you liked the chapter.

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Review #22, by Hallie Dove The Chamber of Secrets

13th June 2005:
Haha! Should have done some more detective work, shouldn't he have? Awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Yeah, I'm almost sorry for Fudge sometimes. He's just always wrong! No matter how hard he tries, he always seems to end up making a mess of things. Thanks for reviewing. I'm glad you're enjoying this.

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Review #23, by Hallie Dove Careers

5th June 2005:
Ooo, Africa. How exciting! And Alyssa needs to get over the fact that he family isn't perfect. What does she do anyway? Maybe I read it and didn't notice. Awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Alyssa? I think she just stays at home and criticises everybody else. I don't think she'd work, because then she wouldn't be able to accompany Cornelius to any fancy functions!! She's a trailing spouse, I guess. Glad your enjoying the story.

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Review #24, by Hallie Dove Romilda's Future Plans

5th June 2005:
Haha! She's outnumbered, lol. Awesome chapter and I was shocked to find she chose to be a translator. It does seem reasonable though, to be truthfully honest.

Author's Response: Yeah, I had to think a lot about what she might do. I wanted her to do something that would annoy Alyssa, but I couldn't see her doing something like work in a shop or a restaurant or something ordinary. Then I though of her going somewhere different and had to think what she might do there.

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Review #25, by Hallie Dove The Problem with being Minister

3rd June 2005:
Well....Remember when I said I liked Romilda? I still do, but she needs a major attitude adjustment. I guess I would be mad if I rarely got to see my dad, but come on!!!!! He's minister and has priorities to his job. Awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Yeah, I see what you mean. She will improve later on though. Glad you enjoy the chapter.

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