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Review #1, by dracosfavorite87 Chapter One

31st January 2007:
hey you should continue with this cause I think it's very good. Followed one of your stories from quizilla, and I have to thank you for that otherwise I'd have never known about this site!

Author's Response: Hey, thank you - glad you like it. =) I'm not able to continue it here, but I might continue with it on my other site, lol! And you're welcome - it's a great site, isn't it?

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Review #2, by cecilia Chapter One

5th June 2006:
wth? rules? why cant you write that? pffft... thats a silly rule then...*rolls eyes*

Author's Response: Aw, hehe, thanks, cecilia! I know, but the rule is that you can only have a certain amount of copyright material. And, as I'm writing Draco's view of events in HBP it'll be impossible to continue on here. *dabs eyes* lmao!

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Review #3, by elle Chapter One

18th April 2006:
aw cute draco luves harry! that salute he gave him was so funny, i luv this fic, it's funny! :):):)

Author's Response: Ah, yes indeedy, Draco does have *ahem* feelings for Harry - I wonder if they'll be returned, lol? Glad you like the fic, elle (hugs, hugs, hugs)

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Review #4, by Cassandra Chapter One

13th March 2006:
I like what you have written so far, I'm sure what is to come next will be even better! Keep up the good work Emmie, you're a wonderful writter.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Cassandra -- I'm so glad you like what I've written so far. *hugs, hugs, hugs*

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Review #5, by Emmerz Chapter One

16th December 2005:
This story is rather....diffrent the the other one I've read..I've yet to read the other other one...so I shall do that...

Author's Response: lol, thanks Emmerz. Hope you enjoy the other one.

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Review #6, by HiddenstarsfromU Prolouge

18th November 2005:
The ferret Princess seems to have a large task ahead of him and I'm sure you'll write it beautifully. Just dropping by to say hello and read a bit, MWAH! big hugs- Fran

Author's Response: Hehe, Fran. Yes, the princess of ferrets has some very big plans, lol! Aw, thanks for the compliment and dropping by to say hi! How are you? We really don't seem to get to chat much these days.

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Review #7, by brunettesrule Prolouge

28th August 2005:
Oh, and I believe a water hose as well :P

Author's Response: A water hose, huh? Now, what does a waterhose have to do with it, hmmn...

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Review #8, by brunettesrule Prolouge

27th August 2005:
It has to do with lots of sugar (when does it not?), a erm, expensive (oops) glass thing and... yeah it's a long story...

Author's Response: Oooh, sounds intriguing! Did she fall, or was she pushed? Sugar, you say! Hmmn, puts you on a sugar free diet! There, do you feel better now? Ok, I'm rambling! But, it's a good day for a ramble! *hides in a box*

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Review #9, by brunettesrule Prolouge

25th August 2005:
Damn straight! *tries to reach nose with tongue* *it works* YAY! LoL fun!!!! Just try not to fall over like I did when we were helping people move!

Author's Response: LMAO! You fell over - what happened? *giggles to self*

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Review #10, by brunettesrule Prolouge

23rd August 2005:
nothing... well... gah... me so full of chocolate - 4 people and 8 hours stuck in a room full of food. You do the math. So... damn.... full... *eyes chocolate* mmmmmm...... LoL yay I've found someone else who likes it! Are you moved yet or what's happening?

Author's Response: *moves away from the crazy person slowly, taking some choccy with her* No, we haven't moved yet - it might take a week or so before we do. I'm typing squashed between boxes, lmao!

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Review #11, by brunettesrule Prolouge

16th August 2005:
*nods* *attempts to clean face with tongue* is that all gone now??? *brunettesrule still has a pizza full face* *brunettesrule gets distracted* OOOH I LOVE THIS SONG! *listens to James Blunt 'You're Beautiful happily* No slagging please I KNOW it's cheesey but I LOVE it...

Author's Response: lol - No slagging needed - I LOVE IT TOO! Oooh, cheesey songs and cheesey pizza's - what more could a gril want?

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Review #12, by brunettesrule Prolouge

14th August 2005:
Damn it my weakness!!!!!! *is happily eating pizza* YAY!!!! OK, your safe, I'm preoccupied for a bit anyway... *notices extra cheese* OOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!!!!! OH, and I read on quizilla you're moving, GL with that! three months? *sob* *pizza distracts me*

Author's Response: There, there - please don't cry! *mops your face with soggy pizza* There, is that better? Do you feel better now?

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Review #13, by Squidderz Chapter One

14th August 2005:
Jeez Emmareth!!! How good can you write?! I wish I could write like this! Unfortunately, my brain doesn't quite work that way and It makes me really mad! I loved the Chapter!!! It's so uniqe in the writing, ITS AMAZING!!! -Squidderz/Cornie (other nickname from my friends)

Author's Response: Hey Sguidderz, thanks so much - I'm glad you liked it. I'm sure you write just fine - the trick to it - is just to take your time when writing. Re-read it - and just go over things to make sure words and things seem to fit. *gives squiddy a big hug*

Author's Response: Hey Sguidderz, thanks so much - I'm glad you liked it. I'm sure you write just fine - the trick to it - is just to take your time when writing. Re-read it - and just go over things to make sure words and things seem to fit. *gives squiddy a big hug*

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Review #14, by brunettesrule Prolouge

12th August 2005:
Could I interest you in a whack over the head? Or perhaps a dramatic sigh? Lol yeah SURE I believe you - that's why all the Draco likes have been walking around with bad backs for months...

Author's Response: O_O You don't believe me! Well, um ... er ... *changes the subject* would you like somw extra cheesey pizza?

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Review #15, by brunettesrule Prolouge

10th August 2005:

Author's Response: um - sort of, lol! The brain isn't working at the mo!

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Review #16, by brunettesrule Prolouge

8th August 2005:
*gets very interested* ooh very stylish if you merged them indeeed... *watches your failed attempts with much amusement, Draco style* Hee hee... *tries not to look like a perv* *both of us are failing horribly and Draco is just getting more amused by the minute*

Author's Response: *innocent face* *hides handcuffs behind her back* I'm not a perv, honest! *secretly smirks*

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Review #17, by brunettesrule Prolouge

7th August 2005:
LoL oh you poor doat! Too many stories?! Yeah you do actually sorry, couldn't resist that though... and everyone (inc. me) loves your Malfoy and Mudblood story so I could understand why you'd tend to update that before this. Lol *tries not to be a perv* that's not the only thing you like getting into... Hehehe okies sorry that's my sense of humour... It was an excellent story... one shot or series? I'm too lazy to go look!

Author's Response: lol - MOI! A doat! Well, yes, I have too many stories. But when I've finished up on quizilla I should have much more time for updating here. Actually, all my stories, except this one, are pretty much all planned out. But, I somehow want to merge this one with the Redemption one. lol, you perv - are you suggesting that I want more of Draco than his mind. *tries to look innocent, but fails*

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Review #18, by brunettesrule Prolouge

5th August 2005:
That's not what it's for! Oh well... I think you've scared them all off with your draco antics anyway! But yeah yum... *puppy dog eyes* is this ever going to be updated???? And I read Draco Malfoy and his Quest for Redemption and loved it! How did I know another Draco chapter! But it's good and it's interesting to see what he might be thinking in that lil head of his...

Author's Response: lol - it will get updated I promise. I've just got to finish a few other things off first! I've just got too many stories, waaaaaaaaaaaah! Oooh, thankies - I'm glad you liked it. lol, I like getting into his head!

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Review #19, by brunettesrule Prolouge

3rd August 2005:
*hands you pineapple* *gets odd looks* hey it's more effective...

Author's Response: Oooh, a PINEAPPLE! *eats it* yum, yum!

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Review #20, by brunettesrule Prolouge

31st July 2005:
Uh oh.. houston, she's getting protective.. Emmie-proof stuff please! But still a hug! *hug!*

Author's Response: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Stop with the hugging! WATCH WHERE YOU PUT THOSE HANDS!!!! *starts throwing tomatoes*

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Review #21, by Radcliffe123 Chapter One

29th July 2005:
*starts chant again* DIE PANSY DIE!!! hehe, good chapter (as always). Update soon! And here's a hug for you! *gives hug*

Author's Response: *holds out arms for the hug* Yes, Pansy must die!!!! Let's spork her!!!! And, big thankies!

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Review #22, by brunettesrule Prolouge

29th July 2005:
But... it's worked since I was two... BIG HARRY POTTER GROUP HUG!!! *Draco gets amused as everyone fights over him*

Author's Response: HEY, HANDS OFF MY DRACO!!!!!!! *glares at people with the wondering hands*

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Review #23, by JessieRaye Chapter One

29th July 2005:
Yet another WONDERFUL story! :D

Author's Response: Double YAY!!!!! lol, Thanks again, Jessie! xxx - xxx

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Review #24, by brunettesrule Prolouge

28th July 2005:
*hears them coming up stairs* er.... *puts hands over eyes* IF I CAN'T SEE THEM THEY CAN'T SEE ME!!!!!!! *covers head in handy duvet cover*

Author's Response: erm ... I don't want to alarm you - but I think they can see you underthere!

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Review #25, by Iolanthe Chapter One

28th July 2005:
Another brilliant story, the way you write actually makes me feel like I'm there, in the story. That's the sign of an excellent writer.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, lolanthe. I'm so glad you enjoyed the story.

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