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Review #1, by DeathCabForCutie Mark My Words

1st January 2007:
Nice interguige

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #2, by Sophia Montgomery Mark My Words

22nd May 2005:
Hooray! Lily and James! :) Good chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'll be updating quite soon, so look out for that.

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Review #3, by MellowMusic07 Mark My Words

21st May 2005:
Oooooh snap! Pretty flippin sweet chapta! Write more, i say, write more! I predict that lily will have to eat a really big gross muddy toad...

Author's Response: that's quite a good prediction! though I'm hoping that perhaps she'll make james eat the toad instead. He would totally do it for her.

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Review #4, by trixytonks Mark My Words

21st April 2005:
hey! i know i read this before and meant to review, im such a doofus. great start, it really shows the personalities of james and lily very well.

Author's Response: thank you, I appreciate your mention of that. i'm glad you enjoyed this story, and I'll try to update as soon as possible.

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Review #5, by Rebekka Mark My Words

13th April 2005:
I must say this is a good story. I especially loved the part where James tried to "protect" Lily and tailed her like a dog. :) How sweet and cute. I liked your dialogue and the flow was nice too. It was easy to read and easy to enjoy. I only wished that there would have been a bit more action, something going on, some plot looming in the background. Now it was pure fluff... :) But yeah, loved it. And I liked your writing style.

Author's Response: Thanks! I know, I know, I personally hit myself in the head for not having enough action in the first chapter, but I promise you that the action will come (second chapter). I've never tried writing a Lily and James fic, so it was a bit of a new experience, thus I overlooked the most important element. But yeah, thanks for pointing it out, and for your review.

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Review #6, by AppleBz Mark My Words

7th April 2005:
Or WAS it? Well?!! I really liek your story so PLEASE update soon!

Author's Response: Ha ha, thanks for liking my story and I'll update ASAP.

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Review #7, by lauren Mark My Words

7th April 2005:
Cool... i must say.. pERETTY cool...

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #8, by FaymosAmos Mark My Words

6th April 2005:
Cute first chapter! I really liked the part where James was asking Lily if he could walk her to class - so adorable!

Author's Response: Thanks! That's my favorite part too! I think James is just the cutest thing ever..but, yeah, well, look who his son is. Thanks for your review!

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Review #9, by steaminpoptarts Mark My Words

5th April 2005:

Author's Response: I heart you too steaminpoptarts. ESPECIALLY the chocolate chip kind. My fave! Thanks for your review!!

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Review #10, by bloodyrose978 Mark My Words

4th April 2005:
Haha, Great job! =] I've begun a new obsession with Lily and James fics. They're just so adorable.

This chapter looks great, but I might want to suggest making the paragraphs more visible.

Keep up the good work! ^.^

Author's Response: Thanks, I'll try, but as you know, it is rather hard to format stories on this website. I think someone should do something about it. (like indents), etc. I appreciate your comments, thanks again!

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Review #11, by Alexus Dracius Mark My Words

4th April 2005:
Hey! Wow! This story is really proving to be a hit with me so far. I'm loving Lily's absolute denial of her liking of James, it's making me wonder how they'll get together - try not to put it down to Lily crying because she's confused and James comforting they ultimately profess their love for each other and kiss. Lol. Sorry, but there are SO many of's a little cliché of the couple now - and of the authors. So, that aside, I await your next chapter with anticipation! Oh, but not before I add you to my favorites! :) ~ Alexus Dracius

Author's Response: Thanks! And about the whole getting together thing, darn! That's what I was planning to do. (Ha ha..not) Actually, I have a totally different approach to them getting together, but let's just hope it doesn't end up being similar to that.

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Review #12, by nancy Mark My Words

4th April 2005:
update soon

Author's Response: i'll try

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Review #13, by ley Mark My Words

3rd April 2005:
love it update soon

Author's Response: will do.

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Review #14, by lilflo Mark My Words

3rd April 2005:
great, i hope you continue with it ! you do james and lily very well. good luck with the rest of the story !

Author's Response: thanks for the review, and thanks for the luck!

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Review #15, by firstflier Mark My Words

3rd April 2005:
Hey! Loving it so far and I'm the first reviewer? I can't believe it. This is a really well written story and I love James' character. Definately how I thought he would be like, but not many people are able to capture him in the same way you have so, congratulations from me! ^^ Anyways, I really want to know where this story is heading so please update soon and once again, well done! xD

Author's Response: Aww, thanks for the wondeful comments and I'll keep in mind that you are my first reviewer. James' character was kind of based on someone I know, so it was a little easier to write for him. Ultimately, we all know where the story is going to end, though I'm not sure right now of how exactly I am going to get there.

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