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Review #1, by dramionelovver02 One Sweet Day

17th July 2013:
Loved it!!! I would write a longer review but I need to read a certain sequel!!

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Review #2, by dramionelovver02 Prisoner of Azkaban

17th July 2013:

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Review #3, by dramionelovver02 Dreams Falling Apart

17th July 2013:
I think I hate you again.

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Review #4, by dramionelovver02 Before Your Love

17th July 2013:
Ahh!! OMG!! I am SOO about to cry right now!

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Review #5, by Dramionelovver02 Forgive and Forget

17th July 2013:
Yay, now I don't hate you anymore!!! Lol!! ;)

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Review #6, by Dramionelovver02 Filthy Mudblood

16th July 2013:
It's too late. I think I already do. I will read the rest of your story but only because I want to get them back together.

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Review #7, by janepotter One Sweet Day

8th July 2013:
I thought it will be happy ending. But I was wrong :'(

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Review #8, by jp One Sweet Day

29th May 2013:
oh my god aaah! i loved it and now the suspense is killing me!!!

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Review #9, by WillowDragon98 One Sweet Day

10th May 2013:
addictive story! thanks so much for sharing! there are quite a few things in the story that frustrated me a bit though like lydia getting into diagon alley to pick up becky (i always thought muggles couldnt get in without a witch or wizard accompanying them?) looking forward to the sequel!!! x

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Review #10, by Tia Before Your Love

6th April 2013:
Do you even know what 'sneered' means?!?

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Review #11, by Crystal Martinez When Two Become One

8th December 2012:
It was dead sexy! This is my what fifth time reading this
story. It never gets old!

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Review #12, by Crystal Martinez When Two Become One

18th September 2012:
It was neither of those four options it was SEXY!

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Review #13, by HarryPotterManiac Before Your Love

27th May 2012:
I loved the ring, and you are right, it is a symbol of eternal love.

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Review #14, by HarryPotterManiac The Nightmare

26th May 2012:
Your favorite chapter? Really?!

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Review #15, by VeeKAY One Sweet Day

26th December 2011:
this is a beautiful story :) however, you seem to use the word 'sneer' a lot, and sometimes even right after the character laughs. Sneering and laughing are completely opposites, and Draco should not be sneering anymore...since he seems like he's changed. Maybe you can consider editing...but otherwise, this is amazingly well written and has a great plot-line. (can be a little gory, but meh...) GOOD JOB

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Review #16, by MrsRonaldWeasley Before Your Love

9th November 2011:
PS sneered is a derogative smirk on someones face... people dont sneer in nice situations... eg. "Mudblood!" Sneered Draco. That was proper use of the word. you use it in nice situations, like 'Dont thank me; thank him. He wrote it, Keliandra sneered and gave Draco a quick stare before she embraced Hermione.' thats like saying that Kelli was angry that Draco wrote it or something. just so you know. thanks :)

its an amazing plot though, i love it!

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Review #17, by Rosy One Sweet Day

7th March 2011:
Very very good, had me caught from the first paragraph. I've been reading quite a few of theese HPFF stories non so far have managed to top yours. :) Keep up the writing and who knows where it will take you. XX

Author's Response: Aww thank you so much! It's so overwhelming that One Sweet Day still gets reviews after five years. I have just recently started working on a new story and I hope you will want to check it out. Thanks again for reading and reviewing! xx

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Review #18, by Adelle Goetemann The Wedding Party (part two)

15th November 2010:
For making Cho out to be that lying little attention seeker she always has been!
The beginning of the end!
You are great.
Your story seems like it's a continuation of Harry Potter and I cried when Cho kissed Harry, because that's what she does! She corners him and makes him feel awkward or upset or sad!

Author's Response: Hahaha I think this is one of my most favorite reviews ever!! xD Thank YOU!!

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Review #19, by Fleur_Weasly  No Way Out

20th June 2010:
the pix fits and it creeps me out

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Review #20, by Kayla Solaris One Sweet Day

24th May 2010:
Absolutely amazing really good story!!

Author's Response: Thank youuu!!

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Review #21, by adahpfan Million Dollar Smile

1st October 2009:
brians not clever, why was he in ravenclaw?
v. v. good!

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Review #22, by Lbree19luvsdraco The Naked Guy

14th August 2009:
OMG. i loved this!! it was amazing (:

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Review #23, by missymalfoy Bridal Magazines

30th July 2009:
third year, not third grade, lol.
just little things like that irk me, but other than that the plot is great ^^

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Review #24, by Jane_Volturi One Sweet Day

8th July 2009:
That was a very sad ending:(
Oh well, it was still a great ending none the less, i'm over joyed to hear you wrote a sequel, just made my day lol:)
Ok, i think i'll summarise my view of this whole fic because i do have a lot to say but obviously cannot write it all down cos you'll get bored of reading. Basically you have a very very good writing style, it could be developed a little bit so that your writing sounds better. i dunno, perhaps you could have one long sentance or a few long sentances then add a few short sentances on after. i know i'm just babbling but trust, me it works. Also descriptive writing is very important, even best-selling authors can forget about it so only consider if you wnat to go that extra mile, basically whenevr we enter a new place we wanna know what the main character can see, what they can hear, what they can smell, what they can feel and sometimes even what they can taste, trust me, detail is needed with that. Imagery and metaphors are also very important, they make your writing more interesting.
Now you may not think it but dialogue also plays a very big part in your writing, i've noticed that the dialogue you've shown is average but it can be improved, improve it so that you get the emotions in to the speech, for example, lets look at twilight0-bella and edwards dialogue, though i love twilight i myself, a big fan have to admit their dialgue is very bad, especially edward's, it's so bad he doesn't even sound like he has a personality, where as look at harry's dialogue in harry potter, we already know how he's feeling because the story is told from his point of view but even if we did not we'd be very sure of his emotions through his dialogue.
Another important one you may want to consider is punctuation. I've noticed you use it well but it's still very basic, i'd try experimenting with semi colons and colons exclamation marks and so on.
Also your spelling, i know you probs already know how to spell the words and most of the misspelled words i've come across are probably just typos but it's always could to double check for spelling anyway, just incase.
Jopw my constructive critisism helped for future writing, and again, great fanfiction 10/10!

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Review #25, by Jane_Volturi The Only Way

8th July 2009:
Oh my gosh, that wsa so beautifully written, seriously, it was amazing, i'm such a great fan of this fanfiction now, i cannot beleive there's only one chpter left though, i had a great time reading through the fic and now it's nearly finished:(
I'm feeling pretty down now, i suppose i'll reda the next chapter anyway!

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