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Review #1, by Shari Harry Potter and The Sister Unknown

5th June 2006:
Great fic cant wait to read the next chapter

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Review #2, by Yui Harry Potter and The Sister Unknown

5th June 2006:
oh pls pls you have to continue with this story i think that it is coming along really good i just loved this chapter i i would like to know what happens afterwords so can you pls pls continue writing this fic ? i just totally love it and the fact that the first chapter ended with a cliffy drives me insane in a good way though im one for a good cliff hanger so pls pls continue this fic i promise to review every chapter that you write

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Review #3, by 'Mione Harry Potter and The Sister Unknown

15th March 2005:
Loved it!! PLEASE!! write more.

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Review #4, by rebecca Harry Potter and The Sister Unknown

3rd August 2003:
write more soon pppppppplllllllllllleeeeeeeeaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i really like your story

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Review #5, by Hawk Night Harry Potter and The Sister Unknown

3rd June 2003:
Tell me what happens next! TELL ME! TELL ME! TELL ME!

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Review #6, by christie Harry Potter and The Sister Unknown

17th May 2003:
good story so far. is lillie a witch, or a squib? please post soon

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Review #7, by MadisonFelton Harry Potter and The Sister Unknown

8th May 2003:
omg i luv this story!!! u must *pleads* must must must post more! PLZ!!! ok enough begging stuff. Plz do review my stories, me pen name is MadisonFelton! WRITE MORE! tootles! ^ ~

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Review #8, by Jessie Harry Potter and The Sister Unknown

25th April 2003:
OMG!! It\'s really good so far! Wish i could write at all. *sigh* Please continue. :)

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Review #9, by unknown Harry Potter and The Sister Unknown

12th April 2003:
^^; Nice story please continue !

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Review #10, by Willow Harry Potter and The Sister Unknown

5th April 2003:
Keep writing great start!

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Review #11, by LizPsky Harry Potter and The Sister Unknown

4th April 2003:
I have a question, and this goes to all the H-Twin fans. How is it possible for Harry to have a twin? Even all the memory charms in the world couldn\'t keep at least one person from knowing... As you all know JK won\'t give Harry a twin either, it just wouldn\'t make sense with the books. Now, credit to you guys because it is an interesting idea and I like to see how it is written. A lot of the stories vary so much. Also, has anyone noticed Harry\'s twin is almost always a girl? To the author: Very good so far... I want to see where this goes... Do you have the plot figured out? It\'s got a good start for a good fic... Advice: Maybe space it out a bit... (unless u did and I don\'t remember... I just remember the plot sometimes... lol) Also, I\'m writing the 12th chapter of \"New Faces, Old Friends\" right now, so watch out for that! Chapter 12: Warmer than the Christmas Fire> Summary: Jennie and James spend Christmas Eve together... Things begin to get a little more involved... Also, the turning point is coming up!!! Yay! Two more chapters and then I can finally write it! Yes! Sorry, I try to keep myself on schedule so I won\'t stray from where I want the story to go...

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