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Review #1, by Kity.A The Blood Rites of All Hallows Eve

22nd December 2006:
i thought that this story was very good and VERY FREAKY.if you read it at night you'd have wet your pants in fright!although it was not wrote by j.k rowling i thought it was good.if you changed the characters, made the story longer and added illustrations it would be a best seller!!!

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Review #2, by jay The Blood Rites of All Hallows Eve

4th June 2005:
i liked it

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Review #3, by Everett Scott The Blood Rites of All Hallows Eve

12th April 2003:
I just thought I\'d let you all know a little bit about this story, and some of my other ones. I have two major trilogies, Seven Years at Hogwarts and Malfoy Family Honor, but a lot of the times I find it hard to stay focused on them for more than a few months at a time and take side trips. Most of these side trips are random ideas that come to me and wouldn\'t work in either of the series. I\'ve written about six of these short fics now and have just come to realize that although they span a thousand years, they are all interconnected and are nearly another series in itself. This story is somewhere in the middle of the series, which I don\'t know how many parts will be once finished, I suppose it could be indefinite, but the way I\'m going there will be limited characters to work with. There are six stories that accompagny it right now, and there ar another three on the way. Most of these shorts are H/H and very romantic, this is really the only one besides The Slytherin Challenge that has a lot of action in it. I\'ve always loved well written short stories because when you\'re in the mood for a quick dose of HP they do the trick. It takes 30 minutes at the most to read anyone of them, and at the end you feel refreshed. Sometimes a long and drawn out fan fiction just isn\'t the way to go. I hope you enjoy the story, and will take the time now and again to stop back and read another of my short fics.

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