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Review #1, by gigi Professor To You

19th February 2017:
I can't believe they're not getting paid for this teaching gig. I mean, its not the same as teaching a student club.

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Review #2, by entropy Farewell to Hogwarts

10th September 2011:
Thanks for the unique story. I think the blended 2nd person & 3rd person perspectives worked effectively, once I got used to them.

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Review #3, by weaslygirl8418 Mail of Many

9th August 2011:
OMG! He's back from the dead

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Review #4, by A reviewer James and Lily

26th July 2010:
I know u wrote this quiet sometime back, but again to cheer you up, here is a review.

I feel you have totally grown since Part1 and your writing has substantially improved. Please do keep it up.

take care

Author's Response: ah, well, thanks...

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Review #5, by screaming_madman Ron and Remus

7th February 2010:
It's one thing to pretend to date Malfoy, if she were to remain faithfull to Harry while she was doing this. But willingly kissing Malfoy while she is playing this game once again proves her lack of loyalty to Harry. Just pointing it out.

Author's Response: At this point she feels like she's so lost in the situation that Malfoy is literally all she has- a friend, a confidant, somewhat of a love interest. After all, Harry really does hate her with a passion at this point in the story because he truly believes she has turned to the dark side (Star Wars, anyone?)

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Review #6, by screaming_madman Frantic Search

7th February 2010:
And now she has just proven that she cares more about Fleur than she does Harry.

Author's Response: Shoyte happens.

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Review #7, by screaming_madman Boxing Day

6th February 2010:
That was a very well written chapter, even for you. It seems that you must have been particularly inspired when you wrote it. It flows perfectly, and at no point did I have to go back and read anything over in order to attempt to understand the emotion behind the words.

Writing emotion is something that most of us struggle with. It's all too easy to sit down and try to convey thought or actions, but when I try to convey a feeling it often comes off flat and I findy myself writing over and over to try to get it right. You have done very well with it, bravo.

Author's Response: Thank you, I suppose. I try to get most chapters to flow like-so.

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Review #8, by screaming_madman Paradox of the Hearts

5th February 2010:
OK, you made it a little better. I still say she has loyalty issues and Harry has trust issues though. Still enjoy your writing style. I will now stop this ranting and move on.

Author's Response: Of course she does, she's a woman. Most of us have trust issues. I said MOST! For those of you who will read my response to this and try to flame me. MOST! NOT all!

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Review #9, by screaming_madman Meeting with Malfoy

5th February 2010:
I gotta tell you, I don't like Amalia at times. Harry may have some trust issues, but lets face it she has been known to lie to him and keep things from him in the past. He may have trust issues but she seems to have some loyalty issues. From my perspective she has chosen to take the side of Draco over Harry. She is keeping him in the dark about this and that in and of itself is reason for him to doubt her.

If someone I was involved with was spending time with my worst enemy, someone who should also be their worst enemy because of all things a rape, and then was doing it behind my back and keeping it from me, I would not trust them. Loyalty is very important, and she seems to not be a very loyal person.

Now for the good. You are an excellent writer. Your style is easy to follow and you form your ideas clearly. A lot of stories on this site are hard to follow, choppy, and absolutely full of grammer issues. You genuinely seem to have taken thte time to ensure that your writing is thought out and makes sense. Although at times I find myself disagreeing with the direction you take the characters, or what I perceive to be your opinion of who is right and wrong in a situation, I enjoy the story.

I have not reviewed anything else, but thought this was a good point to start. You have not lost me, but at the moment I am a little curious as to where your characters sense of loyalty will ultimately lie.

Author's Response: In honesty, I don't either. It's interesting how once a character develops, they do rather have a mind of their own. As for chosing Malfoy over Harry, it all has to do with the fact that Harry's mind, at any time, can be "read" by Voldemort, therefore her careful plans to thwart Voldemort have to be kept from Harry in order to make sure they remain secret. Sh*tty, yes, but a necessary evil.

I am not sure if you read 6th year or not (I haven't recieved any reviews from you on that story) but what happened with Draco in the molestation situation was, he would either do it because his father told him to, or he would be Imperio-ed and forced to kill a lot of people as punishment (then likely Imperio-ed and forced to molest her anyway). Draco is literally one of my favorite characters, because he comes from such a dark past and he wants to overcome it but finds he often can't. Amelia is his way to overcome his evils, to help the good guys even if they don't know it. It's all rather complicated and dramatic, but I assure you that Draco is a good guy, the same way Snape was as written by JKR.

As for the story as a whole, I know that by this point you have finished the trilogy and am letting you know that I am actually going to be posting in the near future a third installment of the trilogy, one which moves into the future and observes their lives as adults. Not nearly as much drama, I promise, but some interesting things will happen.

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Review #10, by Trogo Of Silver and Sand

2nd January 2010:
I don't get the color joke at the end, enlighten me please? :D

Author's Response: *blink* how sad is it that I had to go skim thru the last part, its been so long since Ive read it... Anyhoo, not really a joke, just Hermione losing her temper and forgetting that melia and harry can't have a real out-in-the-open relationship anymore.

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Review #11, by Sydnie Farewell to Hogwarts

30th October 2009:
Again I say, amazing. I have nothing further to add.

Author's Response: :) thank you

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Review #12, by CMC Telltale Tears

14th July 2009:
You keep using the word "venerable" and I can't help but think that you mean "vulnerable". It just fits better.

Author's Response: it's possible.

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Review #13, by BrannPhoenix Dreams of the Prophet

20th March 2009:
whts with the 'you' thing? i dont get it

Author's Response: Everyone complains about the point of view. That's just how it came out when I was writing it.

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Review #14, by Rachel...Pennname: Turtle The Talk... Well, Sort Of

28th January 2009:
Before I read the next chapter I must say this: you are a brilliant writer. I would love to know if you have any actual novels out and if you dont then you should! I hope my fan fiction turns out half as good as yours. I can only rate a 10/10 but I give you so much more than that.

Author's Response: Awwh, thank you love! It all comes with practice, really it does. Ive been on this site for like 6 years now. Not as faithfully as I used to be but. that's what happens when you go to college I suppose. I have been working on a few actual books for about... I don't know, 8 years or so on and off and I do have one that I am certain I could get published were I to ever actually finish the d***ed manuscript. We shall see in time!

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Review #15, by awwwwwwwww. Farewell to Hogwarts

31st October 2008:
this story made me laugh, cry, and was just amazing!
keep writing,
and awww, the dorm part was so sad :(

Author's Response: I know... kinda makes me sad too...

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Review #16, by Chadwell Frantic Search

9th April 2008:
I HATE YOU FOR KILLING THE BABY!! I love your stories this is the only one I have not read!!! :D

Author's Response: i promise it will take you forever!

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Review #17, by Emerald_Gryffindor Farewell to Hogwarts

10th February 2008:
I LOVE YOU AND THIS STORY! gosh it seems so long ago when I started reading the first part of the series you wrote and now im onto the last 1.good job your writing seriously rocks ever thought of becoming an Author? I have like thirty un-finished stories I want to post on this website but never have the brain to finish one of them.I couldn't even imagine trying to write as much as you have so well done =] and keep writing you have an awesome imagination to think all this up

Author's Response: i hate to sound cheesy, but if you put your mind to it you can do it!!!

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Review #18, by babygurl1012 Farewell to Hogwarts

6th February 2008:
oh my gosh!! it so happy but so sad at the same time. i love how you manipulate my emotions like that. it just means that you are a fabulous author. i just keep reading this trilogy over and over again. now for the fifth time I'm about to go read the last one. again.

Author's Response: oh wow!!! thank you!!!!!

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Review #19, by Megan Farewell to Hogwarts

7th January 2008:
*sniff sniff* that was beautiful! you are such a great author. i really get into the stories! im rereading this and the entire trilogy for the 7th time. i just can always feel what is going on and i just kinda become part of it.

Author's Response: 7th?! O WOW!!!
You're my new favorite!

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Review #20, by Alikat Temptations of the Occult

30th December 2007:
You know, I really love these stories. The only thing I don't care for, even though I really don't mind characters that aren't originally HP, as I have one myself that I made up, is the fact that all these story center on Amelia. Sure others are mentioned, but she is the only one with extra powers and those powers not known, etc. I just wish you had not written this in the second person, and made it more of a story about everyone. HOwever, I do like it so well, that I will finish reading them all. You are a very talented writer! Kudos!

Author's Response: well i did that because this is amelia's story, she just happens to share it with harry, you know?

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Review #21, by full_moon Farewell to Hogwarts

2nd December 2007:
I love your stortys. You are an mazing writter. I don't thinkn i could ever write as good as you do. Again i absolutly love it and keep it up!
=0P megan

Author's Response: It just takes practice is all!

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Review #22, by michelle Wizard Wedding

30th November 2007:
If Bill is 22, then he's only 5 yrs older than Harry and would've been at Hogwarts with Harry for his first and second years. Bill should be 25 because Percy is 4 yrs older than Harry and Charlie is two years older than that and Bill is one more year older than Charlie.

Author's Response: And here's me.... without a timeline... and no way to know all that when I wrote these stories....

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Review #23, by 1MysteriousSoul Professor Loves

10th November 2007:
What the ? They act like they are embarassed er What is up with Ron and Hermione?

Author's Response: ron and hermione.... what a complex relationship...

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Review #24, by 1MysteriousSoul Harry's Hero

9th November 2007:
Haha You go Amelia!! I hope she sticks it to Fudge too!

Author's Response: Haha :P

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Review #25, by nymphadoralupin21 Farewell to Hogwarts

20th September 2007:
I LOVED it! CocoapuffShooter, you are a genius. I can hardly wait to read 'Full Fledged Auror'.

Author's Response: Thank you, darling. :)

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