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Review #1, by tinkerbell817 Not Today!

1st March 2007:
Not bad, a little vague and lacking in detail, but not awful either. It could have been longer.

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Review #2, by Kerryanah Black Not Today!

18th October 2005:
Lol uor story made me laugh alot but i felt you can do it alot more justice. it was kinda rushed and too short. but still very funny, it just could be funnier

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Review #3, by ivoryangel Not Today!

26th September 2005:
haha, liked it and it almost made ginny seem more "human" to me. good job!

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Review #4, by _alechia_ Not Today!

2nd August 2005:
owch, and i thought my first one was bad...

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Review #5, by psyche7537 Not Today!

3rd June 2005:

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Review #6, by InsaneLeprechaun Not Today!

11th May 2005:
HAHAHA!!! Very funny, but I feel very bad for poor Ginny. Similar thing happened to me.

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Review #7, by malynnda_malfoy Not Today!

16th April 2005:
omg this was really good. i didn't think that i would like it at first but it was wicked funny!! ::MM::

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Review #8, by aikakone Not Today!

9th April 2005:
I read this at FFN, but I'm reviewing over here. Your story surprised me very much because I expected an entirely different kind of red monster. You wrote the teen meanness and teasing quite well, unfortunately for Ginny.

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Review #9, by curlz Not Today!

6th April 2005:
I like it! It's Funny! I wonder if I would ever have the gryffindorness to do that???

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Review #10, by IMNMLE2 Not Today!

5th April 2005:

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Review #11, by Mirro Not Today!

2nd April 2005:
ha ha. It gave me a chuckle. Every girl's worst fear.

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Review #12, by Jesszzz Not Today!

2nd April 2005:
Cute and funny! Also very creative I would never had come up with that in a million years dispite being a girl.

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