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Review #1, by Tameka Absolute Freedom

15th June 2009:
What I don't understand is that Josephine can recall her memories. I was under the impression that ALL her memory was gone. Dumbledore performed the charm himself and he is the greatest wizard of their time. So if Josephine is recalling memories then Dumbledore didn't do a good enough job (which I'm finding hard to believe).

It is sort of like picking a couple of grapes off a large bunch and eating them. They're gone even though you knew they were once there. You can't recall them and eat them again. That's it, they're gone.

These bits about recalling memories just doesn't make sense to me. It sounds like you are questioning Dumbledore's abilities as a wizard and JKR as she created the theory behind memory wiping and memory charms.

Hmmm. Leaves you thinking a bit doesn't it??

Author's Response: It's a good point. I went with the idea that something might have gone wrong and that even though memory wipes in the magical world are so very successful in completely wiping out memories, there are always outliers. Sasha just happens to be an outlier. She has some sort of residual memory that allows her to remember bits and pieces and eventually everything.

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Review #2, by MarcuslovesAido "You let them out in the real world...and it all goes to hell"

8th June 2009:
well i am going to say first that i LOVE IT!!! im sad its the last chapter though *Nina wiping away tears* It was cute when oliver handed her present!!! I love it so much!

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Review #3, by Ciara512 Alexander Riley

6th April 2009:
Wow, just found this story, really like it! Hope you finish it, I really want to know what happens! :D

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Review #4, by Rilley0405 Past Tense

25th January 2007:
what the heck is it with sasha and finger thing now(claps her hands together) what abut chapter 4 I give it a 10

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Review #5, by Meggie Past Tense

16th December 2006:
I loved it! I can't wait for more!!

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Review #6, by abby As Time Goes By

26th October 2006:
put the neixt chapter up

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Review #7, by ABBY As Time Goes By

4th October 2006:
I will bug you untel you put the nexgt chapter up

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Review #8, by abby Enemies All Around

29th August 2006:
Hi I just whated to say I love your story can you put the 2th chapter up love you :)

Author's Response: i am sooo sorry! i'll get it up as soon as i can!!

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Review #9, by abby Enemies All Around

8th August 2006:
I love the story can you put the next chapter UP!!!!!

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Review #10, by sarah Enemies All Around

23rd June 2006:
i like this story. It's like another point of view...keep up the writing and update soon!

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Review #11, by psychokitten Enemies All Around

21st June 2006:
oooh i like the new re-write. good job!

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Review #12, by kcm16 Enemies All Around

8th September 2005:
hey...great story so more REALLY soon...

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Review #13, by Adhar Enemies All Around

3rd April 2005:
i liked it. im off to read the others now...

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