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Review #1, by circinusphoenix Owls with mail

19th January 2007:
You gave me so many wonderful reviews, I had to come here and read some of your stories. This one caught me as a good starter.

The beginning is really nice. I like how you put Hermione in the meadow with the flowers. I can imagine Hermione's mother would have wanted her to be outside more, 'cause she'd probably be inside a lot reading and other things.

The owl showing up, I was expecting them to be a bit more surprised, if not worried or scared. An owl just showing up in your window would cause many people to reach for a broom, and try and swat it away; worried it would get in the house and they'd never be able to get it out. Getting the letter . . . well, I think for Muggles, they wouldn't send just the letter. I would imagine someone would come and deliver the letter personally, to explain it all. Having an owl deliver it would I think confuse people a lot, and they'd proabably think its some owl-trainer's kind of joke.

Still, I can imagine Hermione would be very excited about it all. I mean, we all know how she was on the Hogwart's Express that first ride in the Philosopher's Stone. I don't think Hermione would really be worrying about finding a purpose with her life, or her role in the world . . . although she's super smart and very mature, she is only 10. Oh, speaking of that, you say her birthday is soon, but her birthday is in October (from what JKR has said). She wouldn't get her Hogwarts letter then, and flowers wouldn't really be bluming them I think (at least in a meadow).

The flower spoke back? Well, that's an interesting touch. I mean, a magical flower isn't totally out there, but it would have been nicer I think if you just had it as a regular flower, that at the end (at the end) would maybe do something that could hint at it being concious of things (like when she would tell it she's going to Hogwarts, and she left to go back inside. Perhaps you could have it bloom more, or turn colour all of a sudden to give the idea its sad to see her leave). Of course, having it talk is a bit out there . . . and I do have to ask how a flower can smile? That kinda stumped me a little.

But a nice little story of Hermione getting her letter. Just a few things like her age or the time the letter comes that seem a little out. Good job!

7 / 10

Author's Response: lol, this was close to one of the first I wrote, and its riddled with odd errors, I haven't actually gotten around to editing it yet...looks at the window.

But as for a flower smiling, it curls its petals upwards.

And sometimes I really like to mess around with details, I should probably edit the mom's reaction or the whole families, but I think I will keep the letter thing, maybe add Dumbledore saying...oh yes...sorry our mistake we thought you were pureblood, which *plot bunny* leads to another story in my head.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #2, by Liadan Lightflower Owls with mail

13th January 2007:
Heh...the flower talking made me think that Hermione was on a nice I know weird. This was bit lacking. I wanted to see more emotion from her mom and the fact that Hermione was a witch. It seemed too perfect. I mean I'd be freaking out or analytical about the whole situation. The flower thing was cool and had me laughing for all the wrong reasons. ; )

Liadan Lightflower

Author's Response: lol, thanks, I haven't actually gotten around to editing this one yet, sigh...such a long process I'm slowly editing everything thats in my space...erm, myspace.

Maybe Hermione's tripping? but if she is she started young.

And I'll look at her mom's emotion again...I think I have a few ideas.

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Review #3, by Meganelf Owls with mail

18th August 2005:
oh! yay! how cute! I always fall for the fluff! yay!

Author's Response: Oddly enough so do I, sometimes reading the really corny stories are better.

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Review #4, by HarryPotterFanFictionReviewers Owls with mail

11th August 2005:
We liked this story, one thing you might want to change is that hermione would already be 11 when she got the Hogwarts letter since her birthday is Sept. 19. There were a few spelling mistakes as well, but all else was great! Keep writin'

Author's Response: ...I'm always stuck on details thanks for the notice!

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Review #5, by Hiduras Owls with mail

3rd May 2005:
Sorry I forgot one thing... I am not an expert in British... but when Hermione talks she should say mum instead of mom.... that just jumps right in the eyes...

Author's Response: Theres my Candianisms again, lol, I didn't even think of that.

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Review #6, by Hiduras Owls with mail

3rd May 2005:
Very different... I am looking forward to see where you will take this! I noticed that the flower made it self ready to travel already, Hermiones birthday is in September, so it wouldn't be for another 11-12 months that she would really be preparing for Hogwarts... just a thought... It is also a bit confusing that you, sometimes, refer to the flower as 'it' and sometimes as 'she'. It would be better if you chose one!

Author's Response: I think its more of Hermione deciding what to call her, before she knew the flower could talk it was an it, but once the flower started talking it became a she, does that make sense? I think I might revise and say that Hermione celebrated early...hmm, I suppose that could work.

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Review #7, by webby Owls with mail

30th March 2005:
nice beginning , I can not wait to read more.

Author's Response: Well thank you so much.

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