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Reading Reviews for Married To A Death Eater
15 Reviews Found

Review #1, by sweet on snape Ch.13

18th August 2011:
i like the premiss of the story but it was hard to follow at times. actually took me alot longer to read cuz I had to keep reading different section to understand what u were saying and who was talking and how it connected. lookin forward to reading the next part but do hope its easier to follow

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Review #2, by tEar_leSs Ch.13

7th August 2009:
Hey! i just love your story! its so cool with all the spy stuff :) can't wait to read the sequel!!!

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Review #3, by BROKENSMILE Ch.1

11th March 2007:

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Review #4, by Slytherin_Born Ch.6

13th February 2007:
Whoaaa.o.O what happened to the happiness between Draco and Liz/Anastasia o.o

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Review #5, by Cindy. Ch.13

28th January 2007:
Hello. So I read your story today and I just think it's absolutely amazing. It sucks that this is what you call "the season ending" I don't know if that's exactly what you said but yeah. You are a great writer and oh hmm since I don't know when you will add the next part hm you should like email me or something.


or if you have like AIM or Yahoo.

Cindy thinks

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Review #6, by coolkitty Ch.6

4th October 2003:

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Review #7, by cheetahgirl Ch.4

4th October 2003:
love it!

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Review #8, by sexmachine Ch.3

3rd October 2003:
sooooooooooooooooo cool!

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Review #9, by Celesten Cariter Ch.1

1st August 2003:
She\'s not a kid...at least, not to me. When I have conversations with her it amazes me she is only 15. She\'s already working with a large Corporation where she constantly travels with her Father. Only a few weeks ago she was at a Charity Ball for the Animal Hospitals in , oh I forget, but she planned the whole thing and it came out really nice. She looked so beautiful too. Oh you have got to talk to her. It\'s almost scary when I look at her while listening. It\'s freaking me out right now. Am I over complimenting? Hehe...well, I guess I should stop. :) Okay, buh bye, Slashybabe Celesten Cartier

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Review #10, by Julia Ch.1

19th June 2003:
^.^ Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! Lovely story, Portia. Absolutely, lovely. I\'ll have to force people over here to read this. Hehehehe. Anyway, I haven\'t had the time to reach the sequel, but I promise too! Which reminds me. As I was rereading Married to a Death Eater, an idea struck me. However, I\'m not too sure if it\'s original...but it\'s about an Auror falling for a Death Eater as she helps him hide from the grasps of the Minsitry of Magic. ::shrugs:: The plot is still a little weak, but hopefully it\'ll get stronger! Ranting on again...::groans:: Great story! Hehehe...even if it was the 100th time I read it! :-D

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Review #11, by Ashley Ch.1

19th June 2003:
it has to much kissy stuff, in it. but everything else is good. you\'re only a kid get real!!!

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Review #12, by ashley Ch.1

19th June 2003:
sorry about my last reveiw, i hadn\'t read the other parts. your story is great, i can\'t wait ot read the remaining of it!!!

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Review #13, by kennieb Ch.1

18th June 2003:
Writing in the first person is hard to keep readers. Try writing in the third person it makes stories more understandable to readers. I think if you tried rewriting it in that perspective you would have a great story on your hands that hold exsight people to read. kennie b\'

Author's Response: If readers are having a difficult time, then so-be-it. I really don't want to write this story from third person, because no one would understand where I was going. Best hear it from the horses mouth. That's the way I write.

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Review #14, by Chelsey Ch.1

7th May 2003:
Oh don\'t get frustrated! I love your story!! Keep updating because it\'s hard to follow when it takes like two weeks for it to be updated again!! You\'ve got a great idea and I\'m glad you decided to follow someone other than Harry, Ron and Hermione!! Keep updating!

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Review #15, by LizPsky Ch.1

18th April 2003:
Interesting Idea. I hope you continue, and buck up about reviews. Don\'t worry, you\'ll get some. Just keep asking! lol. Also, why don\'t you try to space is out a bit more? I like this idea. I haven\'t seen anything like it. ~liz

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