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Review #1, by Lily Evans Freedom

8th April 2005:
Good job. I really like the ending by the way, you did a really good job and I think that this was written pretty well. The length was a little short but other then that I thought it was very good! :)

Meril smiled at the memory of that first flight. She had been studying the animagus lately and had learned a few shapes, Mother Earth had sent her a guide to show her all the different things, a small orb of light. The watchers still looked at her every so often but as she became more free she learned more of her own powers and they found it more difficult to find and keep a watch on her. Meril put her sunglasses back on and walked out of the quaint cafe into the light. Passing by the boy who saved us all, Harry Potter, he looked at her for a moment almost realizing who she was but shook his head. They were both heading into the beginning of freedom, of a life without boundaries.

I think that was actually my favorite paragraph. =) Anyways good job and I really think you wrote this really well.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, I think thats my favourite chapter too, I'm thinking eventually I might give Meril a fic on her own, where she's discovering her powers, and the conflict with the other watchers...but its still in my head, coming to fruitation!

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Review #2, by Avena Freedom

3rd April 2005:
That was very enjoyable, it was a refreshing take on the final battle, beautiful descriptions. Again, great job, Meg. :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

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