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Review #1, by pottergal Of Mysteries, and Mystic Occurrences

19th May 2007:
wow y did u ababndon this!! nooo its really good! plz try agen! :)

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Review #2, by dracos_serenity Of Partys, Pets, and Peril

15th July 2005:
love the story keep them flowing

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Review #3, by j Of Mysteries, and Mystic Occurrences

21st October 2003:
dammm good

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Review #4, by FroBoy Of Mysteries, and Mystic Occurrences

16th October 2003:
Great story!!! Only one problem. Its like reading The Order of the Phoenix, but after chapter 4, the book is over! ARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!! Plz update so I can find out what happens in the rest of the story!!!!! PLZ!!!!!

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Review #5, by Lex Potter Tuono Parvulus (Lightning Child)

23rd August 2003:
this is great! i LOVE extra-poweful harry stories cant wait for more!

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Review #6, by BlazedWolf Tuono Parvulus (Lightning Child)

19th August 2003:
This is a great story. Plz write more! I really want to see What happens!

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Review #7, by Corrie. Tuono Parvulus (Lightning Child)

18th July 2003:
I liked this story it was interesting. a very well thaught out plot so far well done.

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Review #8, by brion Tuono Parvulus (Lightning Child)

15th June 2003:
This is really good hope u update more soon plz

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Review #9, by Willow Tuono Parvulus (Lightning Child)

29th April 2003:
Really good please keep writing! You have talent!

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Review #10, by Caroline Tuono Parvulus (Lightning Child)

20th April 2003:
Absolutely brilliant. Hurry up and finish it. I can\'t wait to find out what happens!!! Caroline

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Review #11, by Anon Tuono Parvulus (Lightning Child)

12th April 2003:
this is great i can\'t wait to read more!!! when\'s the sequel?

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Review #12, by Jenny Tuono Parvulus (Lightning Child)

4th April 2003:
I love this!!! This is really great. Fictional but realistic in Harry\'s terms. Keep writing. I can\'t wait to find out what happens! Oh, and... are you going to add any romance? I don\'t know if that would be a good idea.

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Review #13, by LizPsky Tuono Parvulus (Lightning Child)

3rd April 2003:
Hey! I\'m trying to sound as happy as possible but alas, I\'m not in the nicest of moods after losing a softball game and having the winning team spit on their hands and call us some pretty foul things. Let\'s just their are five things I hate in life. 1. Losing/Failing 2. Sore winners 3. When no one reviews a fic you worked hard on 4. A boy in my grade (eeeew! POOF lol, Cousin!) 5. When I have a bad hair day (which is VERY often, I\'ve got VERY thick hair) lol Anyway, now that I\'ve given that list... I would like to congradulate you! so... ::CLAPS:: I really like the fics about Harry\'s Summer, especially when Sirius is involved! Sure, I\'ll be your beta-reader! Email = LizPsky@msn.com I also really like the title. ~Liz

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