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Review #1, by Leesie Difficult Choices

11th October 2010:
NO! Don't stop there! I need more this is my IV, my life line! Please update SOON!!

~Yours Eternally~

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Review #2, by AppreciativeReader Difficult Choices

19th October 2007:
Came upon the story. After a long time read something so intriging and wanted to let you know the plot is excellent. You have a great way of writing and keeping the story moving.

I would like to request you to continue the story, it will be really nice to know how it goes.

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Review #3, by siriushpfan Difficult Choices

14th February 2007:
a tad far-fetched but most definately intriguing, i am anxious to read more!

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Review #4, by Christy86 Difficult Choices

10th September 2006:
i really like your story i hope you update soon keep up the good work

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Review #5, by anamaxandrya Difficult Choices

22nd August 2006:
i love this story!!! hurry and update plz!!!!

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Review #6, by Maolee A hard hit

19th January 2006:
this story is on until capter 8. The author have not update since august 05. dont know what's going on...

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Review #7, by Arinonna Difficult Choices

11th January 2006:
hey can't wait for next chapters and end of story

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Review #8, by adriana Difficult Choices

19th October 2005:
seriously why no update. i love this story. please please please.

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Review #9, by Vegas Chick Difficult Choices

16th August 2005:
i so wish you would update...cause this is a really good story and i have been wait for you to update this again...i hope this messagfe you get and try and update this great story soon!

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Review #10, by fairgirl Difficult Choices

12th August 2005:
wow...really great plot, great story, i'm glad that your computer is ok right now, so you can update very soon, i guess don't you think?(lol)update very soon please!!!!

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Review #11, by twosiix Difficult Choices

3rd August 2005:

Review #12, by malfoyssweetie420 A hard hit

12th July 2005:
i really wish youd update soon! i check all the time and its disappointing to see that it hasnt been updated!

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Review #13, by SusanTheTrumpetSlayer A hard hit

12th July 2005:
A beleivable start! Very impressive!

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Review #14, by blackrose978 Difficult Choices

6th July 2005:
nooooooooo, I need to know what happens!!!!! lol, Your story's awesome. I can't wait till you update.

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Review #15, by DracoGirl159 Difficult Choices

22nd June 2005:
Update pLease its sooooooooo good

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Review #16, by darcy Difficult Choices

22nd June 2005:
This is a pretty interresting idea for a story. New. I like it. You have carried the story events well so far and I am curious to find out what happens next. When do we find out who this "ex-wife" character is. Is it Ginny!? Please write more. I look forward to the next chapters.

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Review #17, by kittiehula Difficult Choices

21st June 2005:
Wow!! This is totally different from all the other fanfic's I've read, but I like it! Can't wait to read more...soon...*hint hint*

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Review #18, by Elle Difficult Choices

20th June 2005:
Love the story. Update very soon. Its a shame their going to use her amnesia like that. Thats oing to really piss her off when she gets her memory back.

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Review #19, by restless soul Difficult Choices

19th June 2005:
this is a nice story. Looking forward to update…

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Review #20, by Natalie Difficult Choices

17th June 2005:
Cool story!!! Please update soon!!!

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Review #21, by Hermione2005 Difficult Choices

8th June 2005:

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Review #22, by volition112 What's a man to do?

7th June 2005:
Oh, I love Katherine, She is sooo cute!! I love that Draco can't resist his little girl!! Great chapter!!

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Review #23, by volition112 Diagnosis

7th June 2005:
Oooh, very nice!! I still love it!!

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Review #24, by volition112 A hard hit

7th June 2005:
OMG!! This story is GREAT!! I'm hooked after the first chapter!! I love the way you write, it flows, its easy to read and understand!! I Love it already!!

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Review #25, by chrissy Difficult Choices

4th June 2005:
that's what i wanna know too...who's the ex-wife... luvin it!!!

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