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Reading Reviews for Mission Impossible
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Review #1, by Harrypotterfan18 Early Humans

20th July 2007:
I need the next part of this. I need to know what happened to Pansy. Please hurry up with the next chapter.

P.S. I couldn't stop laughing through the whole thing. HA HA HA

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Review #2, by Xin Sabajo Did it Work?

13th January 2006:
Better. I like anything involving a whoopee cushion. Great.

Author's Response: yay! thanks for the review

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Review #3, by Xin Sabajo Time Multiplication

13th January 2006:
That was really short and... kind of crappy... but it's a lead right so... good job. Oh, just for future prefferance (you can ingnore this if you want) I hate it when you shorten Hermione's name. Why should it be 'Mione or Herm? Are people to lazy to write out the whole 'Hermione?' Come on people!!!

Author's Response: :{ thats my "nyeh" face. well... thanks for the honest review though... i know the first chapter was crap... it was my first attempt at a fan fic... ever. and yeah... i am a bit lazy and i write these fics whenever i have time around cross country, track, school, friends, homework, and art classes... but i will be the first to admit i am lazy-er than hell *-* heh heh. once again thanks for your honest opinion! i really do appreciate comments like this

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Review #4, by holly Early Humans

2nd January 2006:
omg im laughing histericly soooo funny plaese update soon

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #5, by Bubblechimes Early Humans

14th October 2005:
Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry! I forgot about this story! :o( Please forgive my ignorance . . . sorry . . . but anyway, this chapter is really good! I love the "beer belly and body odor". . . . that's really funny. Again . . . I am SO sorry.

Author's Response: LoL... to tell you the truth I kinda forgot about it too... my parents took away my computer rights for a while so i have to update on my friends computer.... ugh

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Review #6, by Opera Ghost Early Humans

9th October 2005:
Lol, i thought it was funny.... but it would be greater..[[word?]] if you turned crabbe and goyle into the olsen twins!!! heh heh.... anyways, it was still brilliant and i love your story... and your frieds sotry and that other one, so yeah.. keep it up!!!!

Author's Response: olsen twins.... damn.... maybe you should right the story. why couldnt i think of that!?

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Review #7, by SummerFrost Time Multiplication

28th July 2005:
Lol, looking good so far.:)

Author's Response: why thank you :D

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Review #8, by peeperduff Revenge is Sweet

26th June 2005:
great job. can't wait for the next chapter

Author's Response: :D thanks!

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Review #9, by Merry Witch Revenge is Sweet

26th June 2005:
omg! OMG!! I totally LOVE it!!! so much!!! can't wait til you add more!!!

Author's Response: thank you! :D I'm glad you like it but the next chapter might take a bit longer.... I'm a bit stuck

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Review #10, by Kristina Revenge is Sweet

23rd May 2005:
Hahahaha :D funny :D I especially liked the Snape part :D

Author's Response: LoL my sister... shes a crazy one

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Review #11, by sssweetie Revenge is Sweet

16th May 2005:
very very funny!

Author's Response: =D glad you thought so!!

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Review #12, by Jatkinso3546 Revenge is Sweet

3rd May 2005:
LMAO!! oh the last bit is hilarious ^_^ Jac

Author's Response: why thank you =]

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Review #13, by Bubblechimes Revenge is Sweet

29th April 2005:
That was wonderful. You are brilliant. I loved that line about, yo know, leaving it to my imagination . . . me+this+story=WWWWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOONDERFUL! My brother Ben loves this story too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: thanks again! I'm very glad you liked it =]

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Review #14, by tori Revenge is Sweet

27th April 2005:
thats great and really funny. anyways please update soon =) tori

Author's Response: ugh, i'm trying but my parents and my computer are being stupid ... ugh

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Review #15, by anime_potter Revenge is Sweet

27th April 2005:
OMG!!!! this one was funny! post more soon!

Author's Response: =D

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Review #16, by Lavender Patil Revenge is Sweet

27th April 2005:
ouch...burn! i like the way this stry's goin, tho i must say it wud suck for them if it turns out that the potion didnt work! =)

Author's Response: hmmm...... *strokes chin*

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Review #17, by dansgrrl Revenge is Sweet

27th April 2005:
Ha Ha! could you wring out some of your hair? we are having a oil crisis! Ha Ha! that was funny!

Author's Response: thanks... that was my little sister's idea! Shes 8 =)

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Review #18, by Mirro Revenge is Sweet

26th April 2005:
Haha, oh comic relief is good.

Author's Response: i agree!

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Review #19, by scdrumlinepit Did it Work?

23rd April 2005:
ROFL!!!! that's good!

Author's Response: why thank you =]

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Review #20, by canadian chikita Did it Work?

21st April 2005:
Poor poor malfoy! ha ha ha! loved it. hope to see more....soon

Author's Response: glad you liked it =]

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Review #21, by anime_potter Did it Work?

4th April 2005:
I LOVE THIS STORY!!!!!! post more soon!

Author's Response: yay! i feel loved !!

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Review #22, by Mara_Moo Did it Work?

3rd April 2005:
thats...bloody excellant that is..you should right a new one and then hand it in for the writers duel

Author's Response: thanks for the compliment but I dont really like compititions....

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Review #23, by Jatkinso3546 Did it Work?

3rd April 2005:
lol. there's more to come i assume? I think he needs more...hurtful pranks....coughwedgiecough...^_^ Update soon!! Jac

Author's Response: LoL thanks for the suggestion... maybe I will..... hmmmm *strokes chin*

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Review #24, by sparkycobalt Did it Work?

2nd April 2005:
hahahaha. i like it. keep going!

Author's Response: thanks! chapter 3 should be up soon... I hope...

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Review #25, by sparkycobalt Time Multiplication

2nd April 2005:

Author's Response: thanks!!

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