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Review #1, by Crookshanks Girl Demonstration

11th January 2008:
It's not very Harry Potterish. As for all the spelling and grammer mistakes, you want to consider getting a beta to check over your work. Make it someone close to you who loves Harry Potter and they can check it over. I love the storyline, though!

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Review #2, by Jatkinso3546 Demonstration

24th November 2005:
Woah! Impressive stuff ^_^. Kepe up the great work and update again soon! jac

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Review #3, by Jatkinso3546 Loose Ends

24th November 2005:
Yea!! lots of fluff! Excellent chapter ^_^ jac

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Review #4, by Jatkinso3546 Padfoot's Portrait

24th November 2005:
lol! fantastic chapter!^_^ jac

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Review #5, by JAM Demonstration

18th July 2005:
WOW! Voldemort better watch his back! Poor Harry. Ron and Hermione must be freaked! What will they say to Harry about htis?

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Review #6, by sandstar Loose Ends

11th June 2005:
truer words have never been spoken. summer school stinks! please update! and come review mine too!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading. I will check our your story. Hope you like the next chapter!

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Review #7, by JAM Loose Ends

31st May 2005:
Awsome update! This is cool. YEA!!!!!!! A good DADA teacher! Finally! “Well I guess it is all how you look at it, one way of keeping an eye on you would be to deny you information…another would be to figure out together how you are stopping unforgivables with you bare hands and covertly investigation the new dueling instructor. Dumbledore wasn’t too specific on how to do my job.” Remus said nonchalantly. That is my favorite part it is funny and sweet. So is there a seperate class for Dueling or is in DADA?? POst More SOon!

Author's Response: Thank you. I should be getting to the meat of the story pretty soon. Hope you like the next chapter. I just submitted it for review.

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Review #8, by Prince Padfoot's Portrait

15th May 2005:
i think your stories are awesome plz keep writing them

Author's Response: Thanks...just submitted my next chapter for review by the site...keep reading and reviewing!!

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Review #9, by hpfn Padfoot's Portrait

29th April 2005:
wow keep going I love ur story

Author's Response: Thanks...I will try and update before the week is over...

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Review #10, by JAM Padfoot's Portrait

28th April 2005:
The ending was touching and sad and funny! Sirius may be dead but his spirt is sill alive! Post More Soon!

Author's Response: Thanks...sorry I have been late in replying...finals followed by a boot camp training course can cause delays...I will try and update soon.

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Review #11, by phoenix_fire Unresolved

24th April 2005:
This is a good story so far. i really like it.

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Review #12, by Jatkinso3546 Godfatherless

24th April 2005:
awww. That's really sweet. Well, I think it is. ^_^ jac

Author's Response: I am glad you thought so =) ... thanks for reading and reviewing

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Review #13, by JAM Godfatherless

20th April 2005:
That was really good. The chat between Remus and Harry was heart felt and sweet. Post More Soon!

Author's Response: Thanks...I will try and post some more by friday.

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Review #14, by JAM Bloodied Hands

18th April 2005:
It isn't his fault!!!! It is the Phrophecy?!??! Wil he remember! This is getting really good! Post More Soon! Wondeful dream sequence!

Author's Response: Harry just needs some time...the last 7 chapters have been in a 24 hour period so it has been a little traumatic...hope you like the next chapter

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Review #15, by JAM Assisted Apparators

14th April 2005:
The ending, FABULOUS! It was funny and yet had alot of information too. Did ginny get to spy on the Order meeting? Did Hermione and Ron both get caught?? Post MOre Soon!

Author's Response: These questions are answered next chapter which I can finally say I just submitted for review, so when it gets validated I hope you like it.

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Review #16, by JAM Peter and the Port Key

14th April 2005:
Aswome Chapter! you mentioned alot about a spy, is there one or is there going to be one? reading next hapter now.

Author's Response: There is going to be a spy, but it will be addressed later on...Thanks for reading!!!

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Review #17, by Jatkinso3546 Peter and the Port Key

9th April 2005:
hmmmm, interesting, a little confusing, but interesting. Good chappie! ^_^ jac

Author's Response: Thanks for the review...I will try and make it less scattered.

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Review #18, by Amanda Peter and the Port Key

7th April 2005:
I am intrigued. Neat power to give Harry, though the pain it causes him is a definate draw back. Looking forward to more.

Author's Response: Thanks...yes the power is both a blessing and a curse.

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Review #19, by Wolf_girl Blood of a Wolf

4th April 2005:
Good. Keep it up.

Author's Response: Thanks, will do.

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Review #20, by JAM Blood of a Wolf

3rd April 2005:
OMG! THis was such a good chapter as was your other one. Blood of a wolf, ver ycreative, Post More Soon!

Author's Response: thanks, I had a lot of fun writing Blood of a Wolf, just submitted the next chapter which should answer some more unresolved questions.

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Review #21, by JAM Unresolved

3rd April 2005:
Awsome, now im reaqding ur next chapter.

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Review #22, by Jatkinso3546 Blood of a Wolf

3rd April 2005:
ohhh, intriguing. Can't wait for more! It's a really good start to the story, you've got my attention ^_^ jac

Author's Response: Thanks for the review...hope you enjoy the next chapter!

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Review #23, by Girl_Interrupted22 Inferno

31st March 2005:
noooooooo that was just getting to the interesting stuff and what the hell is going on harry just somehow found a portkey or no i simple dont know so all the remains to say is up date soon lovin it :)

Author's Response: Thanks for reading, I hope the next few chpts will answer your questions. They should be posted within the next couple of days. Thanks a bunch for the review!!!!

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Review #24, by harry-misses-siruis Inferno

30th March 2005:
WHY DID YOU KILL REMUS(writes with anger voice. good story though.

Author's Response: Thanks...things are not always as they appear...wink wink

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Review #25, by JAM Inferno

29th March 2005:
AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! more suspense!! EVIL!!!! SOOOO good! I love it. Post More Soon!

Author's Response: Already submitted the next chapter for review by the site. Thanks for reading!!!

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