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Review #1, by mudbloodgirl123 Chapter Three

20th December 2005:
i could have told you that god she's slow! i really like the story anyway but it seems a little rushed you.

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Review #2, by Elizabeth Ruby Red and One Sore Head

6th September 2005:
Please continue this story, because it gets better and better each time you update new chapters.

Author's Response: Computer...crashed..too lazy..start again

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Review #3, by Draco&Hermione4evr Chapter Three

8th August 2005:
WOW! *staring at computer screen with mouth open* i'm in awe.i definately didn't c that coming! great story though!!!

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Review #4, by ikissedharrypotter Chapter Three

31st May 2005:

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Review #5, by Ginny Riddle Chapter Three

19th May 2005:
Ahhh Interesting....

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Review #6, by kacee Chapter Three

11th May 2005:
u need 2 finish the story please

Author's Response: I need to... But I'm not writing stories until I've finished all my school stuff.

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Review #7, by newlove-4 Chapter Three

3rd May 2005:
it has a good plot but just isn't written very well sorry luv & good luck

Author's Response: It's my first fan fiction written with my three best friends.

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Review #8, by cadbury Ruby W and Love Trouble

2nd May 2005:
hm...okay...i guess but W is not POtter.

Author's Response: But it could be Wotter!

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Review #9, by sammygrl1020 Chapter Three

1st May 2005:
o yes... she's sooo good at keeping secrets. lol. it's alright , at times it's alitle confusing and i dont mean to be mean. it's good and u should keep going.

Author's Response: You don't mean to be mean? *Cracks up laughing* You crack me up with your mean-ness!

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Review #10, by wickedwitch92 Chapter Three

30th April 2005:
Good job.

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Review #11, by brokenwings Chapter Three

29th April 2005:
This sounds really good so far. I wonder who that Gryffindor is. This story is really different from others I've read, but I like it a lot and cannot wait for you to update!

Author's Response: I wonder too, brokenwings. I wonder too.

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Review #12, by Stacey Chapter Three

28th April 2005:
why is she mad about finding out who her parents are? hmm i wonder... good chapter... could've been more detailed... update soon

Author's Response: Stacey, you may think I'm not detailed enough but you try living with a computer that critizes everything you do! *Breaks down crying* ANYWAY she is angry 'cause I told her to be angry, joking. You'll find out in the next chapter when I get around to starting it after I've done a chapter for the rest of my stories.

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Review #13, by elle_est_belle Chapter Three

28th April 2005:
AAHH!!!! ohhh myy! ok cannot wait until the next chapter! this story is soo super awesome!! i love it! keep up the amazing work!

Author's Response: I'll start typing as soon as I've finally finished the second chapter of Ron Weasley's Guide to Muggle TVs. OK? OK.

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Review #14, by luna45 Chapter Three

27th April 2005:
love it

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Review #15, by Ingrid Ruby W and Love Trouble

25th April 2005:
Well this is kind of confusing. It is all going very fast. Also what does Ruby look like?

Author's Response: In the banner for the story I've got a picture of Mischa Barton. Ruby kind of looks like Mischa.

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Review #16, by Tinkerbell76 Ruby W and Love Trouble

21st April 2005:
Write more!

Author's Response: I did write more! I got the third chapter rejected! I'll write more when I get to my main computer!

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Review #17, by Kimberly Ruby W and Love Trouble

16th April 2005:
nice chapter. Update soon.

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Review #18, by Stacey Ruby W and Love Trouble

14th April 2005:
when are you going to update? i was waiting for soo long now!!!!

Author's Response: They rejected the third chapter so now I have to wait to get back to my main computer, OK?!

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Review #19, by Iluvharrypotter234 Ruby W and Love Trouble

12th April 2005:
who? Which Gryffindor is she allowed to date? I hope its Harry! :)

Author's Response: *Shakes her head* Well, duh! I'm not completely hopeless!

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Review #20, by Iluvharrypotter234 Ruby Red and One Sore Head

12th April 2005:
OoOoOo this is goOoOod so far! Love it! Is she a Weasley?? :)

Author's Response: Nope.

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Review #21, by Garwai Ruby W and Love Trouble

4th April 2005:
Keep up the good work!

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Review #22, by luna45 Ruby W and Love Trouble

2nd April 2005:
love it

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Review #23, by thewayshesaidLA Ruby W and Love Trouble

2nd April 2005:
I still stay with my last review, and this one was VERY fast-paced and it was sort of odd when all of a sudden Draco wanted to ask her out and she had already started liking Harry.... I didn't like this chapter all that much because of those things, but I'll be around for the next chapters.

Author's Response: I don't like the chapter either. I'm going to change it and get rid of Draco. Plus I'm not good at slow only with running.

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Review #24, by PlatinumBlonde Ruby Red and One Sore Head

1st April 2005:
wow, exellent story, keep it up!

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Review #25, by elle_est_belle Ruby W and Love Trouble

1st April 2005:
oooh interesting!! i liked it!! please update again soon!!

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