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Reading Reviews for Come back to me
13 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Kassie_Granger marry me?

10th February 2006:

Author's Response: um...ok....thanks for reviewing.

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Review #2, by Trainee Auror lost and found

23rd November 2005:
You reviewed my story, so I reviewed yours. As Quentin Tarentino would say in American Idol, "You made me forget that I didn't like OC fics as much! Brilliant work!"

Author's Response: um..thanks? lol. i didnt really like how this story turned out but im glad u liked it...i think.

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Review #3, by TakeMeAway lost and found

6th August 2005:
Ooops, ignore that!!!! Really good fic, you should carry on! plz r/r mine, thanx!

Author's Response: lol. thanx. im thinking of rewriting it, or maybe doing a sequel. maybe both! and ill try and read urs. im a little busy but thank you for the review!

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Review #4, by TakeMeAway lost and found

6th August 2005:

Author's Response: okay...

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Review #5, by ikissedharrypotter marry me?

2nd June 2005:

Author's Response: i know! but it was my first fic! so yea. thanx for reviewing.

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Review #6, by Kimberly marry me?

29th April 2005:
Good chapter.

Author's Response: thanx. again i didn't think anyone would like it.

Author's Response: hey im thinkin about rewritting this fic. same idea yet different things. i might do that but maybe a little later. so keep a look out.

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Review #7, by Kimberly always there for me

29th April 2005:
That was fast work.

Author's Response: yea sry.

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Review #8, by Kimberly i do not love Harry Potter

29th April 2005:
Great chapter.

Author's Response: thanx! i didn't think anyone would like it

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Review #9, by Sheeep i can't stay here

4th April 2005:
it's getting exciting. Why don't you get a Beta reader? It would help with the occasional mistake. Update soon

Author's Response: thanx for reviewing

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Review #10, by Sheeep DADA

4th April 2005:
Very good work, maybe you should try to slow it all down a bit. It all seems to happen very fast. Try copying it all into Microsoft word or something similar to correct a few spelling mistakes. Carry on with the good work. I can't wait to hear what happens next

Author's Response: am i really that bad at spelling? lol ok i'll try. ty for reviewing.missx

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Review #11, by Sophia Montgomery lost and found

24th March 2005:
Good story, but I would have less lines (The ones like -----). Also, having a space after each time someone says something might be a good idea. Other than that, good job, and keep up the work!

Author's Response: i know i couldn't figure it out. i'll try to fix the lines. ty . missx

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Review #12, by Sheeep lost and found

23rd March 2005:
I can't wait for the next chapter, where was Harry for a year? Maybe you could have more description in the story. Write more soon.

Author's Response: hello. to answer your question, Harry was training. sorry if i didn't put that in. but now you know. ty for reviewing. missx

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Review #13, by Kimberly lost and found

22nd March 2005:
Great start. Update soon.

Author's Response: TY soooo much. chap.2 in limbo so plz be patient. missx

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