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Review #1, by tomfeltonisdeadsexy The Girl who LIVED

24th November 2007:
Hey, I really like your banner and I was wondering if you would consiter making one for me. Email me at amazingbewilderment13@hotmail.com. Thanks.

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Review #2, by kiwicream Worried About Her

28th May 2007:
i love this story but u take so lonnngg to update

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Review #3, by heart_Candy Worried About Her

22nd March 2007:
hello, its me again. i dont know whether you update regulary... but i really hope you do! so yah, update!!

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Review #4, by heart_Candy Private Lessons from the Master

22nd March 2007:
i just stumbled across this story, and its really good!! well... hehe ill just keep reading now...

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Review #5, by angelrosieMD Pasing Finals

20th December 2006:
love it. update soon.

Author's Response: thanks! I will!

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Review #6, by bubbles Pasing Finals

12th May 2006:
hurry up and update!!

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Review #7, by katie Pasing Finals

10th April 2006:
aww that was sad, the last part :( hey would u lookie there an update wohooo make sure to come out with another soooooooon
and then another
and another
and another
and so on and on and on :)

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Review #8, by Mrs. Potter Pasing Finals

26th March 2006:
oooh! Update soon! Great story!!

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Review #9, by beeferoni Love Deceives

25th March 2006:
great story!!! update soon!! I really like it!!

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Review #10, by Haley_Pitter Love Deceives

22nd March 2006:
I can't wait 'til your next chapter! PLEEZE write more!:)

Author's Response: I've just added a new chapter! I'm sure it will be ready soon!

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Review #11, by griffindor_girl The Girl who LIVED

17th March 2006:
is it neva yet?

Author's Response: omg.. I keep forgetting!! sorry!!!

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Review #12, by hpreader120391(katie) The Girl who LIVED

6th March 2006:
Guess who’s back… back again... Hehe totally feel like breakin out into eminem, even though I don’t like eminem.. But anyways im back :) did ya miss me?? Do u even remember me?? It’s been like since May of last year that I was on hpff. I also was such an awful person that I abanded my story’s. My mom has put some program on my comp that that records every time I touch the key bored, none of my thoughts are private unless i use the symbol on Microsoft word. But no excuses for me cause I hate excuses, :: hangs head in shame and holds out hand for slapping:: But I am back here for now, hopefully maybe im not sure yet, I need to finish the school year… SoOoO anyways onto TIA J who’s character I missed sooo much J I went back and read it all I know and decided to leave you this lovely loooong review just to tell you I read it all, and also that u need to hurry up and post, the last time before Tia was deleted you had up like what was it 20 chapters?? Hmm come on now J <3katie

Author's Response: awww! thanks!! you sweetheart! yes well Tia has been on hold for some time! I suppose the reasonjing behind this is because I really really dislike it! and I've been writing original stuff, etc. lol I'll try and update real soon :P -love ursh

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Review #13, by griffindor_girl The Girl who LIVED

12th February 2006:

Author's Response: I'm a very busy person! don't hassle me or it will never happen

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Review #14, by griffindor_girl The Girl who LIVED

18th January 2006:
hey me again i have a couple new stories i want u to read cya mwa

Author's Response: pk! I'll get there at some point

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Review #15, by griffindor_girl The Girl who LIVED

27th December 2005:

Author's Response: I will!!

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Review #16, by griffindor_girl Love Deceives

29th October 2005:
i have a new story

Author's Response: ooooooooook

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Review #17, by griffindor_girl Love Deceives

28th October 2005:
my new chapter is up

Author's Response: ok

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Review #18, by griffindor_girl Love Deceives

9th October 2005:
my new chapter is up

Author's Response: ok cool! I'll check it out when I can

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Review #19, by griffindor_girl Love Deceives

4th October 2005:

Author's Response: sure................... I'll try to get around to it!

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Review #20, by griffindor_girl Love Deceives

2nd October 2005:
its me play girl 7 except i got a new user because i useto share with my sister so please check out my story please

Author's Response: ok I will!

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Review #21, by monkey man (s.l) The Girl who LIVED

13th September 2005:
WOW U GOT 100 REVIEWS!!!! well, now 101. wellll done urshie pooos. KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC WORK, U WRITER ! (told u, u were better then me, hmph)

Author's Response: sure whatever you want to think....

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Review #22, by Billy A Secret Sorting

11th September 2005:
oops my reviews havent bein workin...

Author's Response: oh? Oh well! Thanks for the reviews!!

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Review #23, by Billy Love Deceives

11th September 2005:
Noooo update!! NOW!!

Author's Response: I can't right now.. but I will at some point

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Review #24, by Billy The Girl who LIVED

11th September 2005:
Awesome first chappter... yuor ione of tghe best riters on this site!

Author's Response: really? Thanks billy! that was a really great review! ~ Ursh

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Review #25, by monkey man (s.l) The Girl who LIVED

6th September 2005:
how did u know it was me??? do i really give it away THAT MUCH????

Author's Response: (s.l) ? you strange girl! lol I think mark's going to break up with me *cries* EEKK I so freaked out, he said he needs to talk to me I was like cool! Ok! and he was like no it's not like that, and I kinda realised that this is not good AND HE'S GOING TO BREAK UP WITH MEEEEE AH! :'( ~ Urshie

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