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Review #1, by Xin Sabajo Alakazam, I Mean, Opps

31st December 2005:
Wow... how gay was that? Ha, wow... I'm amazed... freaking gay... as in bad dude/dudet

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Review #2, by holly Alakazam, I Mean, Opps

25th September 2005:
wholy crap lol i love it !!!

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Review #3, by Hope4tomorrow7890 Alakazam, I Mean, Opps

25th May 2005:
WOOT! that's funny so far...keep updating!!

Author's Response: I've done the second chapter but now I need to change one little thing and resubmit it.

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Review #4, by hpchick13 Alakazam, I Mean, Opps

1st April 2005:
If you still need it then just copy and paste it into your summary. It should work.

Author's Response: Hpchick13 I happen to help people do that on a different site, so I kinda already know how but thanks for telling me :)

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Review #5, by Garwai Alakazam, I Mean, Opps

30th March 2005:
Great story Lilly LiL Li! Lokking forward to more.

Author's Response: I'm lokking too!

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Review #6, by hpchick13 Alakazam, I Mean, Opps

29th March 2005:
Funny and creative. Keep it up. Also I decided to make you banner if you still needed it. Hope you like it! I'm trying to get better at them so I can make them for other people. Tell me what you think plz! Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Author's Response: I still need it! I still need it!

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Review #7, by Kait Hobbit Alakazam, I Mean, Opps

27th March 2005:
LOL! That will be a laugh... Salem Meets Ron and Harry. *snickers* Update soon! and maybe erase that ex from girlfriend for ronnikins, jk, Update soon!

Author's Response: Yeah...funny...right. It might disappear Kait.

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Review #8, by Darkheart Alakazam, I Mean, Opps

27th March 2005:
great story very original in my opinion, but I have one suggestion: please space a little bit more it makes it easier on the us to read other then that it was good!

Author's Response: I'll change it ASAP

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Review #9, by Jesszzz Alakazam, I Mean, Opps

23rd March 2005:
I LOVE THIS STORY!!!!!!!! I can`t wait to find out what happens I love Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Harry Potter and now there together (smiles really big) this is going to be interesting.

Author's Response: YAY! Someone likes the story! I'm going to have a great time writing the next chapter!

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Review #10, by SusantheTrumpetslayer Alakazam, I Mean, Opps

22nd March 2005:
Oh this will be good! I think I am going to like this story!

Author's Response: You think you'll like it? *Cries*

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Review #11, by melly potter Alakazam, I Mean, Opps

22nd March 2005:
write more, i beg.

Author's Response: I am writing more even without you begging. No fingers crossed at all!

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Review #12, by Charmed Ravenclaw Alakazam, I Mean, Opps

22nd March 2005:
I've never read a Harry Potter/Sabrina the Teenage Witch before. Very interesting concept. If U want a banner, U can go to Iced_Cherriez, she make wicked banners.

Author's Response: It will most probably have more shows in it than Sabrina the Teenage Witch in it and I know a few people who do fantastic banner too!

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