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Review #1, by Oneirik The Red Pepper Rebellion

12th July 2007:
I laughed so hard while reading this I am now tending a surprised and indigent nose which water has just passed through. Thank you for this story. It's funny, witty and incredibly funny (yes, I know I mentioned 2 times. It's just that funny). Looking forward to reading some more of your work!! ;)

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Review #2, by Girl With a Pearl Earring The Red Pepper Rebellion

31st July 2006:
Well done! With just the right touch of fluff, humor, and chaos, I'm pretty sure this is now my number one Draco/Ginny one-shot! Congrads on a fantastic job!


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Review #3, by Sophia Montgomery The Red Pepper Rebellion

23rd February 2006:
' The angles were perfect, beautifully planned, and marvellously accurate – reaction following reaction. ' Wow. Loved that sentence. And you actually helped me like a D/G story Amazing. Wonderful first chapter!

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Review #4, by IntoxicatedReflections The Red Pepper Rebellion

16th August 2005:
Absolutely f***ing brilliant. Yes, this deserves one big f***ing brilliant. I'm surprised I can even type this review, what with how hard I'm laughing, and how much that book thrown by my roommate hurts...anyway, this has to be quite possibly, the best thing I've read on this site. Bloody awesome, friggin hilarious, I love, love LOVED it. Nuff said. ~*Skye*~

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Review #5, by lime flavoured bertie bott The Red Pepper Rebellion

21st June 2005:
a wonderfully written, fun story! two thumbs up!! haha

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Review #6, by Claire The Red Pepper Rebellion

11th April 2005:
Hahahaha! loved it! Eggshells can be very sexy! ha...good work, i thuroughly enjoyed it!

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Review #7, by ball_of_fluff The Red Pepper Rebellion

5th April 2005:
This story was hilarious. (And I mean like...laugh out loud funny.) Anyway, good job, I only have one complaint. The ending. It's not bad or anything, but it seemed a bit rushed and awkward. Maybe that's just me. But it doesn't take away from the first part of the story--because that part is excellent.

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Review #8, by steaminpoptarts The Red Pepper Rebellion

5th April 2005:
This story is too damn hilarious to explain in words. It is just fanfrickingtasic...yes that is the word for it. Absolutely amazing. I loved the part about Harry and the Red Pepper...that was just...i don't know...unbelievably awesome. Ideas and stories like this are a rarity, a must read for the WHOLE world.

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Review #9, by Angelgrl185 The Red Pepper Rebellion

30th March 2005:
Hahahaaha, that was pretty funny. I almost peed my pants when Harry was playing with the "voldie" pepper and looking at cherry tarts around Draco's head. Good good! I do however feel you focused so much on the humor and movement of the plot that you really didn't develope the Draco/Ginny aspect. It kinda just happened at the end. I guess it was just OOC for both of them. *shrugs* I really liked it though!

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Review #10, by misspinky The Red Pepper Rebellion

29th March 2005:
AHH!! I ABSOULETLY LOVED IT!!! I laughed the whole time! It was absoulelty brilliant. Harry drunk... that was too good! I loved this story! This is going to my faves for sure!!!

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Review #11, by sarah The Red Pepper Rebellion

27th March 2005:
this was a very good story. i really liked the amount of detail and the length. i was waiting a while for the draco/ginny part to show up but i was glad when it came up at the end. good story...:D

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Review #12, by rachel The Red Pepper Rebellion

17th March 2005:
that was pretty good.

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Review #13, by kalliopi lily The Red Pepper Rebellion

15th March 2005:
i luv it!!! ur an amazin author n dis was rly funi!! keep up the good work!!

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Review #14, by Kristen The Red Pepper Rebellion

15th March 2005:
Wow, a long long chapter!! Love that!! Continue writing!

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